Sunday, July 5, 2020

Week 9: Training for the Hawk 50

I love doing the sentence per picture posts but I have so much to say this week for my mental health that I need to do more of a traditional post.

Monday:  Rest day.  Backstory time.  I had boarded the dogs at our local vet clinic.  Apparently Stella and Deuce who were in a pen together got out.  Stella looked like she had eaten an entire bag of cat food when I picked her up, but they assured me she had not.  I am not kidding, she waddled when she walked.  They were nervously laughing about it and it is SO Stella to escape.  Between my kid's separation anxiety and her separation anxiety I have much anxiety.  They all came home and put themselves in the bed.  I am not joking at all.  I came home to check on them at one point and they were all so dead asleep that i got in the house and back out before they realized I had been there.  Boarding must really, really stress my poor dogs out!  

Tuesday:  8 miles.  This is where the going gets tough.  Yes, I have a treadmill in my house and a gym membership  that also has treadmills, but I want to be outside.  My race is outside so I need to train outside as much as possible.  The good news was I hadn't seen my running partner since last Friday (although like all of my running partners we talk a million times a day via messenger), so we talked incessantly the entire run.  I didn't take any pictures but got the above when I got home.  It's already WAY too hot to take the dogs, even at 4 am :(

Wednesday:  8 miles.  Again, feels like 87 at 4 am.  Sigh.  Storms to the north of us that didn't look like they would be through till 7:30.  Met Robin at 5:00 am to get started and was greeted with high winds and sprinkles.  We decided to stay close just in case and check our radar for lightning constantly.  We also decided to split our mileage up a little and do 6  on Wednesday and add 2 miles to our 4 the next day.  It's just too ridiculously hot to push it, even at 4 and 5 am.   We got our 6 and only had a little bit of rain to deal with.  

I want to pause a minute to say a HUGE happy birthday to my running partner Robin!  Robin started out my running journey with me post Andrew and trained for my first half with me (she was training for her first trail 25K).  We have run several races together and we are both running the Hawk with her running the full and me running the 50.  She is also always there for me when I need a sympathetic/empathetic ear and is my coaching buddy for Girls on the Run.  I love her and I am glad we celebrated with a nice long run :)

Thursday:  8 miles.  The name of the game is watch the radar.  Got up to a storm south of us producing some good lightning.  Decided to go back to bed and wait an hour to see if it would move on.  Woke up the exact same radar picture.  Huh?  It was like the storm had just parked itself on top of poor Alma and wasn't moving at all. It had a ton of lightning so again, went back to bed to wait an hour.  Rinse and repeat x 2.  Finally got up around 7 ish and had breakfast.  Since my parents are here for the 4th and my boss is my hubby :) decided to be late for work and see what we could get.  It was still hot and humid, but it was overcast with a breeze, which meant we could get at least 6.

Much post running, Tony and I headed into Manhattan for some yummy fine dining.  We have this place called Harry's in this old historic building that has been our go to for years for celebrations.  They announced after many many years they were closing their doors due to the financial burden the virus had put on them.  We had over 200 bucks in gift cards, so I quickly made reservations when I heard they were closing.  I am so sad to see it go, as it truly was an icon in Manhattan but not a place we could afford on a regular basis.  Above is a picture of Bulldog Oatmeal Stout they had on tap, and is one of the best stouts I have ever had!!!

Their appetizers are legendary. Our favorite is the goat's cheese and bruschetta plate.  It's a meal in itself.

We normally get prime rib, but they weren't severing it that night, so we had filet mignon instead.  It was like cutting butter.  SO flavorful and tender!

And of course we had to have dessert.  I had some sort of chocolate and vanilla cake while Tony had some coconut cheesecake.  Both were heavenly.  

I so hope someone buys the place and keeps it around.  It truly is an icon and a legend in our community.

Friday: 10 miles.  I was hoping we wouldn't have storms again.  I woke up to storms on the radar, but no lightning.  We decided to try and get what we could before the storms hit and watched storm after storm go around us.  The temps stayed manageable and the humidity wasn't horrible, so Stella got to go and stay with me.  We did stop a few times to water her, but she handled it well.  Normally Friday would be a rest day, but I wanted to enjoy the 4th and stay up for fireworks, so switched my days around.  

Saturday:  22 miles.  We had played around with getting up at 3:30 am to get on the road by 4:30 am so we would have at least 30 more minutes of sun free fun.  It appeared according to the free weather app that I had on my phone that the temps would actually be lower the later we waited and it was suppose to be cloudy.  Well, it lied big time.  The humidity was at 97%, so oppressive is a great word.  We did 10 miles as an out and back and got back to the house to refill bottles with some ice cold water, drink some coke for me, and to get more fuel.  We went back out for another 10 mile out and back, but on the way back there was an airplane on the run way so we couldn't do our little loop, and then we both ran out of water so we had to head back to the house no matter what. When we got back to the house, both of us were super done but we didn't want to give up. 

More coke, more ice cold water, some Popsicles and boob ice got us back going to try and finish up.  I don't love running up and down our streets, but they are tree lined and are quite shaded during the day for the most part.  We ended up visiting our favorite BBQ place for some more boob ice and finally finished.  My knee started hurting about 7 miles out and continued on and off till we finished.  It felt like that bone needed to be popped on the outside of my leg.  I have a chiro appointment for the upcoming week, thank goodness. I am hoping that 5 days straight of running is the only culprit and I can take a couple of days off and it will get better.  

Post running and clean up we hung out, ate food, and shot off fireworks.  Here are some of my favorite. I am a huge lover of pretty fireworks not loud fireworks.  I loved the train, the tank, and the fire hydrant.

Sunday:  OFF.  Slept till 9 am.  LOVED IT!  Last day with my parents.  Clean up day from all of the fireworks.  We may not have had our normal huge community fireworks show that we all love, but we ate BBQ from our local BBQ joint, lit fireworks all night, and just hung out as a family.  That I love more than anything.  

Have a great week!  Another big mileage week for me so pray my body holds together.  

Monday, June 29, 2020

Week 8: Training for the Hawk 50

How about a sentence or two per picture post for this week?  I love these because I usually get lots of great photos on race day and during my runs.

Donny Reed takes amazing photos.  This was right before Andrew passed both of the top cars to take first.

Porch beers with my BRF and Ebby to finish out a rest day while the boys are at football practice.

4 miles to start out the running week and I think I broke him.

WE FINALLY GOT A TRAILER!  Now we can all travel in the same car to races and take BOTH cars!

6 miles before my BNI meeting at 7:30.  What a beautiful sky!

8 miles on Thursday and we had a friend!  Stole Robin's photos because mine sucked!

Did my long run on friday so I could have the weekend free.  2 miles with Rockin Robin who is doing the 4 x 4 x 48 to celebrate her upcoming birthday, the rest on my own.  Let me just tell you, not getting enough sleep AND not eating a real dinner the night before made for a very painful long run.  

Post run I was super grumpy and hungry so I took myself to breakfast and had some breakfast beirocks on the patio at The Friendship House. 

Took a car from this....

To this in just a few days.

Cars loaded, now time to load all of the STUFF!

We borrowed an RV for the weekend and while driving it was scary with the Kansas winds, having AC and food and drink at our fingertips was SO nice.  Plus, we didn't get done racing till super late saturday night,  so having a bed right there to collapse in was again super duper nice rather than driving an hour.

New car, no practice, NO PROBLEM!  4th in the heat with 5 laps of practice and 3rd in the feature!  Still have lots to do to get this car ready but SO thrilled with him going out and trying and doing something hard.  Not his MO at all!

Post race fireworks and scootering.  That is what it is all about!

Exhausted.  No one wanted to get up the next day :)

Day 2!  Let's do this!

Trading cards.  This pretty much happened all weekend.  LOVE IT!  Making new friends is super important to me.

Struggling with nerves all weekend, but managing some smiles and some good times. We got a 7th out of 9 in the heat and a 6th out of 9 with two passed cars in the feature for his Jr Honda car.  I am looking for small victories since we are dealing with some nerves.  Didn't finish the heat in his Jr Animal car due to a broken part, but thanks to the track dads for figuring out what was broken and putting it back together so he could attempt the feature.  Ended up lifting (two tires coming up off of the track out of a turn) multiple times, and it scared him so he pulled himself off.  Nothing wrong with self preservation even though he only had 6 laps to go.  We will work on it and be better next time!  

HOME!  Exhausted and hungry, but home and unpacked:)  I was suppose to get an 8 mile run done but by the time we got home and settled there was no way I was going back out in the heat for 2 hours.  Not crying over split milk this time.  Resting, getting ready for some high mileage, and a week of family.  

Monday, June 22, 2020

Week 7: Training for the Hawk 50

Monday:  Rest day + rehab exercises.  I had to cancel my chiro appointment because I was still covered in welts/red rash.  I still didn't feel like it was poison ivy as it didn't itch or ooze.  I sent pictures to my chiro and she said let's cancel until we figure out what it is.  I didn't feel like I needed to go to the DR since it didn't itch, but I did do some asking around of ultra friends and once again, I guess it's pretty common to get this kind of rash during the hotter part of the year.  I don't know why it hasn't bothered me till now (I've been running in the KS heat and humidity since 2009), but oh well.  If it gets worse I will be going to the DR, but for now I am just going to watch it and get some cream and some allergy meds to take.  

Tuesday:  4 miles.  I know i have said this before, but boy does my brain and body need this lower mileage start to the week.  Took boom since it was manageable outside temperature and humidity wise. Of course the killdeers all have their nests right now so they were ALL out over the roads trying to entice our dogs, making much pulling and gnashing of teeth.  If you don't know what a killdeer bird is, find a video and watch it.  They are SUPER annoying and i don't know how they have evolved as a species.  They basically lay their eggs on the ground and then have to defend them by acting like they are dying away from the nest so you are drawn away from the babies.   They are great at doing pitiful acts of being hurt and dying and the dogs eat it up.  My stomach also revolted not once but twice, but I did drink 2 beers the night before, and I am not sorry because they were amazing.  If you can get Shiner Sea Salt and Lime GET IT NOW!  It is going to be my summer jam this year for sure.  

Wednesday: Had to take stella ella on the 6 miler no matter what.  Humidity was in the high 80s and the temp was in the low 90s, but there was a cool breeze blowing.  Apparently she howled like a banshee the entire time we were gone Tuesday, waking the entire family.  I really do not want to run with both her and boom as they get competitive and try to kill each other to be in the lead, plus I let Stella be loose most of the run as she stays right with me, but boomy still need work in that department.  We stopped for two potty stops for me (dang wonderful summer beers) and several water stops for her.  If the sun would just stay low for just another hour, we would be golden. No calf or Achilles or hammy pain. Knocking on a HUGE piece of wood that this continues.  

Thursday:  8 miles.  I was kind of dreading this run just because I have been SO tired lately, but we got up and got it done and honestly we both had so much on our minds that we just talked the miles away.  Please do keep my running buddy Rockin Robin in your thoughts and prayers.  Her brother in law is missing under very strange circumstances and we are all sending prayers up that he is found safe and sound.  

Friday:  Rest + Rehab. Kind of slacked of my desire to log and get my exercises done so trying to be better. I know one or two days missed isn't big but I want to keep up at least 6 days a week with 2 days of just exercises.  I also got to finally go to Target!  My hubby had been the one doing all of the outside shopping to protect Andrew and I but we felt like as long as we took lots of precautions, that we could venture out and be part of the real world once again.  I was kind of shocked that they only had one cashier open and that the self service was booming (are they cleaning anything between people ????).  Granted there weren't a TON of people there like normal but there were a fair amount and the line to the one register was pretty dang long.  People were for the most part doing a great job of distancing themselves and there was hand sanitizer everywhere.  Most of the shelves however were pretty bare, even the toy aisle where my kiddo wanted to purchase some Legos.  I knew things like toilet paper and cleaning supplies were low but Legos????  We did wear our masks as well as we are trying lots of different styles to see what works for when Andrew hopefully goes back to school.  So far our Boco masks are the favorite!

Saturday:  20 miles.  The weather played tricks on us.  According to every weather man and EVERY weather app, we were suppose to get rain all day Friday, all Friday night, and all day Saturday.  We decided to adjust our times of running since we were worried about morning storms.  Instead of our usual 5 am start time, we decided a 6 am would be okay as it would be cloudy/rainy and lower temps.  We also decided to forgo trails due to bad muddy conditions.  Sigh.  I should have know when I woke up at 3 am and it was not raining that we had made a mistake.  

Oh well, got 2 more hours of sleep before getting up and fueling, which I probably needed.  It was cool but humid and the clouds came and went pretty quickly.  Our group decided to do two 10 mile jaunts and use the houses as our aid stations.  Stella started with me, but I decided since we were in full sun to not take her back out for the rest of the run, and I am so glad we did.  It quickly heated up and seriously if it weren't for a slight breeze and an occasional cloud, I would have been in trouble.  My newly acquired heat rash came back with a vengeance, I was sweating buckets, and I kept having to ask for an additional minute of walking with our 1 minute we were already doing on that final 10.  We finally finished in 4 hours and some change and I spent much time on the porch just sitting trying to exist.  Finally got up and got my day started, but a few hours later I laid down and took a 2 hour nap. I am NOT a napper so this was big for me.  

Sunday:  10 mile and RACE DAY.  I was SO excited for Andrew to finally get back to racing season but I was not excited to do 10 post 20.  My nap the day before, as expected totally threw off my sleep and even though we were in bed by 9 pm, I was in and out of sleep until I finally got up at 10 something and took some melatonin.  Once again we were suppose to have cooler temperatures, but it was 69 with 88% humidity at 4 am, making it a hard choice on taking the dogs.  I decided to take Stella with the understanding that we may have to go back at some point and drop the dogs.  Once again, no rain, no clouds, but we have the cover of darkness for long enough to keep the dogs safe.  Post running I immediately got showered and headed to Topeka.  We had a long day of racing ahead with the first race, dues due, new rules, and new people.  We had several families come down from Tulsa as well to join us so it was extra fun!  

I could write a whole post just on this race but I will try and just summarize.  We voted to eliminate one of the heat races, so now we just do one longer heat race and one longer main.  Other than the first day, it will make things move along so much better.  Anyway, Andrew's race was third up and he had 9 cars in his field, one of the biggest fields.  Right before Andrew was suppose to go out, he had a HUGE panic attack in the car.  

Of course I was in the tower, so I was of no help and couldn't tell what was going on in the hot chute.  Apparently several parents tried to calm him down and it ended with him being pushed on the track.  He went out and raced his HEART out and got a third place.  He lead several laps and passed several cars and I couldn't be prouder.  This was his nemesis last year, as he would get behind a slower car and get stuck.  Main did not go as well, he started 3rd again and they had lots of cautions due to new rules about passing on the beginning and staying above the passing line.  

He had gotten stuck behind a slow car and several cars passed him, but he was coming back when a kid hit him and his chain came off.  The dads tried valiantly to get the chain back on in the 5 courtesy laps but they couldn't get it back on in time, so we didn't get to finish the race.  

He ended up 8th out of 9 in the points for the day, but we ended with a smile on our face and I will take it.  I think his hard work in practice is paying off and his confidence is slowly getting there.  As for the panic attack, my mom heart hurts, but we are seeing anxiety in all areas of his life and are not sure what is going on.  We are working with my BRF who is a school counselor to develop techniques to help him get through this.  I will of course keep you posted.

SO excited to have a big mileage week and be on the back side of it!  Have a great week y'all!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Week Six: Training for the Hawk 50

Two more build weeks and then a cut back week!  I can't wait!

Wish I could nap like that at work!

Monday:  Walk around like a zombie day. I was SO happy we didn't have a run planned because I got yet another late night from driving back from racing in Tulsa which gave me only about 5 hours of sleep.  Many can live on this kind of plan, however I am not one of those people.  I am a big sleep hog and need to be in bed by 8:30-9:00 pm, and that had not been happening the past few nights thanks to running and racing.  I did get to the chiro and got an adjustment and some scrapping on my lower leg.  My calves felt good and we introduced some new exercises into my list.  I wish I could nap like my hubby can anywhere at any time!!!  

Tuesday:  4.  I am SO glad that every week only starts out with 4.  Mentally I need that easy mileage to ease into the week.  We still had hot and humid weather, but it was just cool enough that the dogs could come with and be safe.  We took our handhelds anyway to make sure the dogs had water just in case, and we stopped and watered them once.  My right calf muscle was a little sore and complained a little bit towards the end of the run, which means I may need more padding in my right shoe than my left.  Go figure.

Wednesday:  Woke up to gusty winds and storms.  Went back to bed to try and catch up on much needed sleep.  It's amazing how just one more hour can help SO much.  When it was time to run, it felt like the temperatures were nice, however the wind was super gusty from the North and West making running feel like you were standing still at times.  We stopped a few times to water the dogs, since we were in full sun, but they handled everything quite well.  I had some pain in my right calf again, but it went away around 3 miles.  

Thursday: 6 miles in glorious 50 degree weather!  This was an amazing run and I wish we could have more mornings like this.  I took Boom since it's his second birthday.  He did really great till we ran past a yard full of pugs coming back into town, and he lost his ever loving mind. Still won't drink while we are running, but will get into water to cool off and I feel like he would even lay down in water to cool off, unlike miss Stella.  

Friday:  REST DAY.  Andrew's 8th birthday.  I was really worried that he would be sad without a birthday party, but boy was i wrong.  We had gotten him several small things, and I had wrapped everything (in Christmas paper, don't judge), so he had lots of things to open.  Several of my friends also got him fun things and hand delivered, which made him SO happy!  We had spaghetti at his request for dinner, and then cake, and then presents.  

His big present was an electric scooter and once again, he scares me half to death on this thing.  One of his good track friends had one at the track last time we were there, but the batteries were almost dead so it went pretty slow.  As you can see, the batteries were fully charged in his new one, and he was zooming all over the place and giving me a million heart attacks.  

Saturday:  18 miles at Clinton Lake.  We made a hard decision to leave the pups at home to get some trail time in the heat.  With an hour drive time and temps already in the high 60s/low 70s when we got up, it just wasn't safe to take them with us and hope they would be okay for 6ish hours on on the trail. 

I am not going to lie, this was a tough run, as it should be.  It took me about 6 hours plus some pit stops as we used the car as an aid station.  We did a 5.5-6 ish mile loop that took us about 2 hours to complete.  The heat wasn't great, but it didn't nail us like it did last long run thanks to the tree cover.  Robin almost stepped on a copperhead (no pictures too freaked out), and we both almost stepped on a HUGE black snake (maybe rat snake or King snake?).  

I am glad for my trail time, but wish I could run a little bit faster than 3 mph. It makes for a long day, but I am just not a gazelle and respect the rocks/roots/ruts.  My hydration was on point, my snake spotting skills were on point, and while I super missed stella ella, there is no way the heat and lack of water for her to get in was safe.  This was Rockin Robin's longest run to date and we celebrated with giant tea/diet dr. pepper from Quick Trip.

I should add that post run I got huge welts all over my body.  They don't itch and they look horrible but honestly don't bother me at all.  Not sure what they are, nothing has changed in my diet or with soap or laundry detergent so will chalk this up to maybe heat rash?

Sunday:  10 miles.  Again, did not get in bed as early has i had hoped.  It's so hard to go to bed at 8 pm when it's still full sunlight out and you have a million things to do.  Let's just say 4 am hurt and 10 miles hurt, but we got it done.  It was hot but low humidity so the doggos all got to go and they were SUPER happy.  She always smiles when she runs, even when she is a little hot!  Plus I was smiling in my new gypsy runner pink flower shorts.  I needed some pretty color in my life.  

Have a great week!  We are having a BIG mileage week and then a cut back week so pray for us :)