Gear for running with dogs

Being a runner with dogs, I have tried a lot of different gear over the years, and I have a few favorites I would like to share.  I also have some go to for clothing and shoes, but realize that these are all just my favorites and my suggestions, and you might need to go to a speciality store (both for running and for dogs) to get the best for you.  Our running store carries some dog/running products (mostly stunt puppy) and one of our outdoor stores also carries dog running/hiking products (ruffwear).

Hands Free Leash:  Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner.  Years ago I went to a group run and witnessed my first hands free leash. I had been using a longer leash and either tying it around my waist or holding it in my hand.  I had even used a flexi  (GASP NO) for some runs with Harley, who was my resident marker and sniffer extraordinaire.  All of these options were not great for enjoyment of running with my dogs, and commonly got me injured due to bruises and burns.    I immediately asked the lady did she like the leash she was using and where she got it from.  Lucky for me, our local running store carried them, but I have since ordered several more from their website.  The quality on these leashes is amazing and they are made here in the USA!

Let me start with the waist belt.  The comfortable, yet sturdily made waist belt is very adjustable.  I can make it fit my waist (size 30) or my hubby's waist (size 40) very easily.  The material the belt is made of is durable, yet soft to the touch, and easily slides on my running clothes fabric as the dog changes position.  I love the fact that my dogs can be where they need to be for their comfort.  Most of the time they like to be out in front, but sometimes they like to draft off of me or be beside me, and this leash gives them the freedom to be where they like to be. 

The leash material is also very durable, and has bungee give that allows the dog room to roam.  There is also a traffic handle that makes the leash very convenient when you want to reel your dog in a little bit or hold them close in a race.

I love the fact that the leash has bull snaps on both ends, so you can have the bungee at the top and the leash at the bottom or vice versa.  I also love that the leash has enough give that it goes from 35 inches to 51 inches easily.  I feel like this give saves your waist or hips from any bruising, as there is give in the leash.    I love the colors and i SUPER love the Go dog Glow version for early morning or night runs.  My hubby says he can see me out running with the dogs on their Go Dog Glow leashes about 4 blocks away when the headlight hits the leash material.

Now let's talk about harnesses.  There are SO many options out there from many great companies, but I super love the Padded Y harness from a company called Hurtta.  They are based in Europe, but they have a North American office as well.  I got my first padded Y harness from a dog agility show that had a distributor, and then found my second one on Amazon.  Now that they have an American distributor, it should be easier to get all of their products.  

 What impressed me the most about this harness?  Well first off, the fact that the Y function prevents any inhibition of shoulder extension.  This is VERY important to my dogs and probably would be to most dogs.  Most harnesses go across the chest and this bumps the dog's shoulders as they go into full extension at the trot and gallop.  I had one dog that would literally run a few steps and then stop due to the harness  I use to use causing issues with shoulder bumping.   The padded Y goes comfortably on the chest, between the two front legs and joins a girth.  I do wish the girth was padded as well.  Since my dogs have a fair amount of hair, chaffing has never been an issue, but I would love to hear how other less hairy dogs have faired from the lack of padding on the girth.

As you can see, the harness goes between stella's front two legs
As always, fit is vital to any dog gear working for you and your dogs so be very careful in that you get your dog measured and fitted correctly.  Hurtta has a very informative guide on their website that assists you with getting correct measurements.


I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the reflectivity that is stitched into the harness and the durability. I have had my harnesses for over 5 years now, and other than some mud on them in the pictures, they look brand new.  Not a stitch out of place and no notice of wear and tear.  We do all kinds of runs in these harnesses I should add!

I know there are TONS of dog/running products out there, but these are my favorites and what works best for my aussies and me.  I know since buying both pieces, both companies have made several upgrades and added products that I can't wait to try!  

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