Sunday, May 28, 2017

Recovery week

The best part about doing multiple races?  You get multiple recovery weeks!!!!  I took it easy this week yet again, with some biking and some walking before I got back to some low mileage.  After much thought I have decided to take the plunge and make my goal race the 6/12/24 hour race in wichita in November.  To get the 50K belt buckle, I will have to run my 50K in 6 hours or less.  I really think I can do it on an easy course and this is a 1.33 mile loop.  While mentally I think it will be challenging,  I am hoping with my hubby's help as crew, I can get it done.  SO this means chicago will just be a dress rehearsal for the timed race.  I need to maintain an 11:35 mile per mile pace the entire 6 hours to finish and get that buckle.

Speaking of sports, we are done with T-ball clinic for the second year!  Next year, we get to do the real thing!  Overall, much better this year with him staying on the field and participating.  If a drill was not the best, he would get very distracted, but who wouldn't.  I really liked that they did more game specific drills this year to prepare them to really play.  I have indicated that I am willing to coach next year and i hope tony agrees to coach as well!

We also celebrated Tony's birthday this week with some cake (hello 540 calories in one little dessert).  It's always fun when we are the same age for a few months!  Andrew and I got daddy a new Royal's shirt.  Hoping it will bring them luck!

I did attempt a sort of long run saturday morning.  I had no clue it was suppose to storm and I woke up to this radar picture above.  It appeared to be heading due north and looked like it would completely miss us.  I was hoping the radar tracking and timing was right, as I fueled and got ready.  I spoke with lindsey in manhattan to see what it was doing there.  I also made the executive decision to go ahead and run earlier than I normally would post eating.  I got about a mile and a half out and looked back to see this.

Let's just say my easy long run turned into a mad sprint for home post picture of course :).  As I was walking in the door, the bottom fell out, and I finished up the 2.83 with 0.2 on the dreadmill and called it good.  

I tried for my sort of longish run again on sunday.  Luckily, I woke up to nothing on the radar, BUT I totally forgot I was out of my breakfast fuel for long runs.  Oh well, another experiment I guess.  Other than the humidity, it was a good run.  The dogs enjoyed the giant puddles left over from the rain the day before.

We also had our new normal of arrow coffee pre grocery store and then walked around the university gardens.  I wanted so many of those roses and irises for my house!!!  So beautiful!

No filters just pure beauty!

Also for some final news, I am going to get to pace my first race with a professional group!!!!!  I have paced people individually in races before, but never as part of a group.  My good friend Lindsey over at has been pacing for a couple of years now and has been trying to get me to throw my hat in the ring for pacing.  After having so much fun at the Bill Synder and seeing so many of our local runners as pacers, I decided to just ask and see if it was too late for fall races.  Low and behold, I got chosen to pace the KC half marathon in the fall! I also am a back up for another half in Lawrence in the fall and am SO excited!!!!  I am pacing the 2:45 group and can't wait to help people finish their race and finish strong!  Pacers have helped me hit my goal for my half marathon PR and got me to a respectable time at my first marathon in Chicago and I am excited to give back.

Have a GREAT rest of your weekend and Memorial Day!  Remember the Fallen!  I may not run Monday since it is a rest day but I will more than likely bike some miles in remembrance.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week 2 of the in between. Goals for Chicago and a confession

I am really at a loss as to what goal for Chicago and my coach is pressing me to decide.  While I do want to run a 4:30 marathon someday AND Chicago is the place to do it, I know I really, really struggle with speed work in the heat and humidity of Kansas summers.  Quite honestly, I like walking during my run too.  I like walking a tenth of a mile every mile, especially when the humidity is high, and i know in doing that, I am not going to get to a goal of a 4:30 marathon, so decisions, decisions.  I also have a confession and need help with accountability.  My weight has spiraled out of control.  I have a number that if I see on the scale or a size I reach in my clothes that causes me to immediately cinch down on my eating.  I for the most part eat healthy, but my weakness is sweets post meal, and lately I have been partaking at work on my coffee breaks, before sports, and sometimes even after dinner or ALL THREE!  These are things that I am not eating because I am hungry, so easy to get rid of.  Hold me accountable next time you see me picking up that piece of chocolate or getting whipped cream on my coffee.   I am going to track my food for a week and see where I am at macro nutrient wise and calorie wise, and then figure out a strategy.  I am also buckling down on my mindless sweet eating this week.  I knew it was getting bad by the way my clothes were fitting, but seeing that number on the scale snapped me back to reality.  I want to be a successful ultra runner (successful = finishing LOL) and I can't do that as well with extra weight.

Monday:  Rest day.  T ball week 3.  The best week thus far.  Other than bumping a smaller boy a few times and then actually pushing him down, things went well.  All the boys in his rotating group were being handsy and pushy, and while I wanted to go out there and fuss at him for being too rowdy, I kept my mouth shut and let the coach deal with it.  They got to bat, run the bases and work on throwing.  No tears = success!

Tuesday:  5 miles.  Well, this was a weird day.  Woke up to storms bearing down.  Thought they would be done by 6 am, so went back to sleep and woke back up to more storms.  Instead of getting up and on the mill, I went back to sleep.  I figured I could go out post my first PTO meeting post working.

Well, we met at the bar and rest is history.  I am not going to turn down beer if it is right in front of me.  Decided to not feel guilty, but instead enjoy the company and take and extra rest day this week.

Wednesday: Cross training and strength.  See above day for explanation :)  Got in my five that I was suppose to do Tuesday morning.  Hello humidity.  96% at 5:45.  Bleh.  

Thursday:  4 miles.  Whoops.  So i accidentally looked at the wrong week and thought I needed to do 5.  Ended up doing 4 because the race is this weekend.  

Friday:  Suppose to be shake out run, but did it early and 2 more miles than was suppose to be done.   Since Coach Jenny changed my plan during the week, I think that the emails sent out and the stuff on my final surge calendar actually got mixed up, which takes my brain off the hook for going haywire.

Saturday:  The Bill Snyder Highway half!   Recap here.

Yep that is me being silly. I just saw the photographer right after I had taken a huge bite of my honey stinger waffle

Sunday:  Recovery.  Not as sore as I thought I would be.  Ask me if I am sore monday though.  Part of me really wanted to go for a short run today, but I am technically still in recovery mode from the 50 K and now this race.

I am really excited that I finally got to run the Bill Synder as we all call it or "The Bill".  I really enjoyed one of very few point to point races that i do.  I am looking forward to taking a few weeks to relax and run some slow and easy low miles before Chicago training officially kicks in.  I also am pleased at how I did for the week eating wise.  Yes, I did have a beer a couple of times this week, but not the every night that I have been doing with dinner.  Yes, I did have some chocolate candy, but no mindless eating of sweets during the day, at home, and then after dinner.  I am getting way too much fat in my diet and not enough protein, so need to work on that. Overall though, stayed under my calories and have a plan moving forward to work towards more protein and less fat!  

Have a great week! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Bill Synder Highway Half Marathon

Okay, so I have always wanted to do this race as it is 1) local and 2)is a big fundraiser for some awesome charities (much like Wicked), and 3) a great way to meet THE Bill Snyder, as he hands out awards and mills about taking pictures with people.  Plus bonus, the race is a point to point race at which you are bused out to the start and then finish at the football stadium, which I think is one of the most gorgeous stadiums ever built.  The first year I was doing too many races to run it, the second year I had a booth for the Wicked (and was also doing too many races in a row), so this year was the year!!!!  Plus, a friend was selling her bib and needed someone to take it so she didn't just loose her money.  I really took it as a sign that it was meant to be.  While I couldn't and shouldn't technically race it since I am still totally in recovery mode, I felt like I could do it, have fun, and take it easy.  Plus bonus, rocking robin was running with me, so I could ride with her to the start and then we could run together!

Got up around 4:45 am, which is super early, but around my usual time for getting up and running.  Robin was by shortly to pick me up and head to the start.  Coffee and belvitas for me.  I did make a flat michelle the night before, but totally slacked and did not get a pic.  The weather was suppose to be cloudy but 55-60, but just in case, I wore a tech T with my gypsy runner arm warmers, pro compression calf sleeves, my gypsy runner shorts, my new headsweat's hat (now being carried by gypsy runner), and my brook's jacket.  I also decided to carry a drop bag (provided by the race) and coat myself in Trail toes,  because I am still being brave and wearing my Juno Moving comfort bra that seriously use to chafe me bloody.  When we left Wamego, it was drizzling and COLD.  I like cold, but I am not a fan of cold + rain, and was having huge flashbacks to my 50 K yet again.

When we reached the buses, we quickly got on the first bus in a line of multiple buses.  Robin made a comment that maybe we should have gotten on the last bus to avoid standing outside in the drizzle and cold, but I just wanted to get to the start.  I hadn't, um, cleaned the system yet, and I knew once I got there, my nerves would kick in and I wouldn't have an issue.  Plus, I had my jacket and some gloves in my drop bag that i could use till time to stay warm.  The bus ride took us out onto I77, near where you get off of the interstate, to a nice area with a field and a bank of porta potties.  No lines for the porta potties yet, so I immediately got in one.  No go.  Sigh.  Anyway, it was pretty cold and windy and still drizzly, so huddled under the tent till we had about 10 minutes to go.  I did have success after the second try in the potty and still didn't have to wait in line, but right after I got out, WOW, the lines were LONG!  

We headed to our pacer that we had decided would be our guide for the race.  Since I had NO goals for this race and wanted to FINALLY do a full race with Robin, we picked the 2:25 pacer.  Her previous PR was 2:30, so anything under that would be awesome.  Plus, we had me the guy while we were huddling and he seemed super cool.  I honestly had no clue what my body was capable of post marathon and post 50 K, plus it has been a LONG time since I have done ANY speed work, but 2:25 seemed like a good safe idea.  Okay, so I had been hearing this was a huge down hill course over and over again. I will admit, I don't mind uphills, but down hills scare me.  My hip still isn't 100 percent and I just don't like going down.  I know, I am weird.  Anyway, while there is a nice down hill at a point in the race, there are still some pretty big rolling hills.  Duh, I should know this, I have driven on 177 numerous times.

I felt like it was a good idea to hold back and darn it, I have never been able to start slow.  We were both good till I saw the porta potties at mile 2.  Gulp.  Yep, that familiar feeling of needing to pee came back. I am seriously going to start peeing in my pants.  I am getting so sick of having to stop.  I really think it is a mental thing, even though I did indeed go and go and go when I stopped. All i had prior to the race was a little bit of coffee.  That is it.  No water and I didn't over hydrate the day before, like I have done in the past.  I made it to mile 4 where I HAD to stop.  I told Robin to go on and actually sprinted a bit ahead of her to get to the bathroom quicker.  Unfortunately, there were only 2 porta potties, and at least 4 people ahead of me for both.  Bummer.  I honestly wanted to go squat behind the cars that were parked there of volunteers, but I didn't want to risk having  something else come out  if you know what I mean.  So i waited.  The funny thing was the front 2:25 pacer also stopped to pee and he was behind me in line.  He was super fast running wise, so I knew he would be able to catch back up, and I was hoping i would as well.  

Look at mile 5.  That is where i stopped and waited.  Then look at mile 6 and 7.  In fact my watch told me I had a new record for the mile, whoops.  In my defense, I am pretty sure that is where the down hill started and I just let gravity do it's thing. Honestly, despite the hills, if the weather were cool again, this would be a GREAT course to try and PR on.  But we all know how weird spring in KS is.  We could have cool, or insanely hot and humid.  Today we cool and drizzly, and I will take it and not complain one bit.

The course meanders through town and campus and I just loved it.  Again, I don't mind hills and the big downhill was actually fun.  We went down 177, around the mall, down poyntz (down town), around city park, through aggieville, all around campus, and finished up by the stadium.  It was nice to not do loops or out and backs for once.  Unfortunately, I lost Robin  for a while, and when I caught up to her around mile 7, she was really struggling and was walking.  I went on without her, and now totally regret it. I had NO goals, so walking was not an issue, and it probably would have helped her to walk with her, but I just took off like an idiot.  I ended up catching up to the 2:20 pacer, who I think thought I was previously part of his group, and was cheering mightily to get me to catch up to him.  I complimented him and told him how awesome he was at motivating, and while I had no time goal thanks to my previous ultra and marathon, that he really spurred me on to catch up.  He really was a good back pacer, and I got in at 2:20 on the dot, which amazes me since I started out much further back, and stood in line at least 10 minutes in the line for the porta potty.  Yeah for that 8:55 mile LOL!!!!

After the race, we headed out fairly quickly, since we were all cold and tired.  Both of my traveling partners, Mel and Pat had great times.  Pat got a PR and fourth in his age group, and Mel was under 2 hours with a 1:55 and change.  I had to ride back with them because post running, Robin had a wedding to attend.

I did have time to change out my race shirt, which was women's cut and waayyy to small at the size I had requested, got some chocolate milk, which I spilled all over myself, and a water and a banana.  We also stopped at the coffee shop where I got my well earned grasshopper mocha WITH whipped cream.  I would definitely do this race again and highly recommend it!  I know the weather is fickle this time of year and we got lucky this year, BUT the scenery and the point to point course makes it well worth it, even with less than ideal weather!  Thanks Manhattan Running Company for putting on a very awesome race!  I hopefully will be back next year to race again!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week 1 of the in between

Not sure what to call this.  I am doing another half marathon, one that I have been wanting to do for a while now.  The Bill Synder half is in Manhattan, which is 15 or so minutes away, and most of my friends run it every year.  It never has fit into my schedule of races and last year Andrew and I worked it for the Wicked race as ambassadors.  This year, I decided to take the plunge when a friend was selling her bib.  I most certainly will not be racing it, just mainly hoping to survive it on some weary legs.  This week is more about continuing my recovery and staying injury free!!!  While I admit, I am jealous of all of my ultra friends who are already back racing or running major mileage, I know my body and I know that I need more time to recover than most.

Monday: Rest glorious rest.  Round 2 of t ball clinic.  Much better this time. Tony went out and warmed him up,  as most of the other parents were doing.  Post that, Andrew instructed me he wanted me to stand at a hole in the fence and watch, so I did so.  He came off of the field three times to "rest" and get a drink.  In his defense,  the thermometers were reading 90 at the bank, but it didn't feel that hot.  I like the fact that this year, they are doing some good drills that actually get the kids ready for games and incorporate basic skills like throwing and catching.  Last night had a drill where the second baseman was scooping up the ball and throwing to first, so they all got to play two positions.  No crying and post t ball, he ate like a horse, eating a whole plate of sweet and sour chicken (with the sauce on it), and most of a cup of egg drop soup!

Tuesday:  5 easy miles.  While it wasn't super hot or humid, it was much more than I have previously dealt with,  so my body was hating me.  Legs still felt heavy and body still feels a little tired, but overall, glad to be back in the saddle again.  Stomach was pretty not happy by the end of the run, so there was lots of clinching and praying that last half of a mile.  The glorious life of a runner!

Wednesday:  bike ride/strength training.  I am trying something new.  Since after work is jammed packed with activities with andrew including track club and t ball now, I have to start getting up and getting my work out pre-work.  I tried doing strength before work previously, but it just didn't stick.  Fortunately, the sun is coming up earlier, so there is enough light for me to hit my bike and head out on the gravel pre-work.   I tried getting up about 5:30 and fueling before heading out around 6 am.  I didn't get the 10 miles in I wanted to, but it gives me a goal to work towards.  I think I ended up with 9.69 miles in an hours time.  Strength I can do at any time, even right before bed, so not going to worry about that for now.    

Thursday:  easy 4 miles.  When we awoke at 4:20, there were angry storms about.  We decided to call it quits and run later.  I woke back up at 6 am and it wasn't raining, so I decided to get a quick four by myself.  Of course a mile in, it started to down pour again and I didn't have my phone in a Ziploc, but I decided it was probably water proofed enough in my gypsy runner shorts.

It stopped raining a few times, long enough to snap some pics of my crazy dogs!  Stella's hair is growing back finally, YIPEEE!  Maybe soon enough she won't look like the bad gremlin from the movie gremlins.  Later on that night, this happened.

I can't believe it is already kindergarten time!  I will make a separate post of all the pics and videos, because we took a bunch!  I didn't cry though, so be proud!  I figured I would be a blubbering mess.

Friday:   Got in another bike ride with Rocking Robin.  We got in 12, only because I took the day off and mom was there to watch andrew.  We gave andrew the choice of what he wanted to do that day and he picked donuts, zoo, and walmart.  Didn't make it to walmart, but did make it to the zoo.

It really was the perfect day for it, except for the fact that EVERY LOCAL SCHOOL was there.  I am not kidding, I have never seen so many buses in one parking lot.  

This was the only animal pic i took.  My high school mascot was a cougar so SHOULD HAVE BEEN A COUGAR was going through my head the whole time he was sitting there.  Yes, there is glass between us.  How majestic is he/she?  Look at those paws!  May I never ever meet one of these guys in the wild!!!!

Of course we had to hit up the kid's room in the museum, and we had to play with the legos for quite a while.  He even picked out a lego giraffe for his toy at the end of our visit.  Kind of like the lego phase, but sad to say good bye to the Thomas phase.  One more year of day at the Thomas and then no more :(

After our day at the zoo, we decided to stop at the Russell Stover's factory outside of Abilene.  I am blown away by how much candy they had there!!!!  Plus, they had ice cream that they made sundaes with that included the chocolate that they made the candy with.  Holy moly that was the best sundae EVER!  They even have a room with discounted chocolates and let's just say you could drop a major amount of money there and have enough chocolate to last for years!  

Since I wasn't sure if my hubby had gotten me anything for mother's day, I got me and my mom some chocolate.  I had previously ordered a new trucker hat for running and it came in when we got back from our trip, so I let my hubby off of the hook and said he could count that as my mother's day present.  Pretty excited to try out a headsweats technical trucker hat and really excited that gypsy runner may start stocking them so I can get more!

Saturday:  Long run.  6-8 miles.  Just me and the pups.  Mel was racing and Rocking robin was graduating her daughter from college.  I am not going to lie, this run plain sucked from start to finish.  I had had two beers the day before, plus a whole bunch of bad food.  I struggled from start to finish, but I got 7 miles in and called it good.  

It was so humid, which didn't add to the fun.  I am not ready for humidity in the 90s.  Bleh.  


Was treated to doughnuts in bed sort of (had already gotten out of bed by that time) and coffee.  Put off my running till after the doughnuts were digested.  Decided to make it a family affair.  I was hoping andrew could make it with me for the full three miles, riding his bike of course.  He almost made it to mile one before he petered out.  Luckily Tony was tailing us so he caught up and took him for me while I finished my run.  I only did 3 miles as I am really, really sore.  I am not sure why I am so sore actually.  I am hoping that I am just getting old and that I am not on the edge of injury.  Sigh.  

Post my short run, we headed to topeka to have mother's day lunch.  My mom and I enjoyed our cracker barrel and then afterwards we hit up a putt putt golf place we had never been to.  Let's just say I had huge flash backs to our little local Jackson gooney golf place that went out of business years ago.  

Many of the obstacles were the exact same.  SO many nights and weekends playing with friends on that course.  Sigh.  Those were the good old days!  Afterwards we played in the arcade and won some tickets.  Andrew left with a blow up guitar which makes me laugh.  Of all the choices, that was what he wanted.  

Hope you had a great week and hope you have a great upcoming week!  I am getting super excited to run the Bill and run with Rocking Robin.  Hoping too to continue my streak of getting up early and to get back to strength.  

Class of 2030

Here are the pics and videos from Andrew's 2017 graduation from pre-school to kindergarten!

I had to laugh.  Andrew said he wanted to be an astronaut pre the ceremony and then when it came time to talk on the mic, he changed it to farmer.  Either way, I would be super proud!  I am also proud that I didn't cry.  I figured I would be a mess of crying, but I was more worried about him diving off of the stage.  

This is Andrew's future wife.  She is a class younger than him and she adores him.  She has been planning their wedding for a year now and has more details planned already than I did for my real wedding!!!!  She is super cute and she had to come to the ceremony to watch andrew.  While he was up there doing his songs and talking, she kept telling her parents that andrew "just shined".  So cute!

Class of 2030 in the house!!!  Watch out world!