Sunday, May 14, 2017

Class of 2030

Here are the pics and videos from Andrew's 2017 graduation from pre-school to kindergarten!

I had to laugh.  Andrew said he wanted to be an astronaut pre the ceremony and then when it came time to talk on the mic, he changed it to farmer.  Either way, I would be super proud!  I am also proud that I didn't cry.  I figured I would be a mess of crying, but I was more worried about him diving off of the stage.  

This is Andrew's future wife.  She is a class younger than him and she adores him.  She has been planning their wedding for a year now and has more details planned already than I did for my real wedding!!!!  She is super cute and she had to come to the ceremony to watch andrew.  While he was up there doing his songs and talking, she kept telling her parents that andrew "just shined".  So cute!

Class of 2030 in the house!!!  Watch out world!

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