Sunday, August 30, 2015

A quick announcement

Really excited to announce that I will have some guest bloggers contributing soon.  I have been asking everyone about their first full marathon and how they felt and how it went and I have been getting lots of good stories.  Rather me regurgitate them, I am going to do some guest blogs and let them tell us about their first times.  I am SO ready to run!!!!  Can we just fast forward to the full now???

I know I haven't been blogging much and there are reasons.  I have been super stressed with my job and my hubby's job and other family things going but I haven't felt like airing them out. I know, usually that helps me so much and when some of this blows off, I will get back to using blogs as therapy LOL.

I leave you with Stella's what the heck picture.  

Training week 13, 7 weeks to go till Chicago

Monday: Mile repeats at a goal pace of 9:50-10:00 miles with a mile warm up and half a mile cool down.  400 meter recoveries between each repeat.  Decided to do this run at night, so that I didn't have to wake up at 4 am to run.  As the runs are getting longer during the week, the wake ups are getting super early.  The weather has been slightly cooler, so night running has been a possibility lately, plus the humidity is so much nicer at night.  I had great company in Mel G.  I am going to be honest, I was struggling even to keep that pace, but with her talking about their cruise, I was able to focus on her voice and stories and not think about the struggle.  Ended up with almost 8.5 miles total. Thank God for speedy friends whose slow pace is your fast:)

Tuesday:  Strength training.  A little secret here.  I was suppose to strength train sunday and I opted to do over an hour long bike ride instead.  I was not excited about doing this either and kind of even thought about bailing again and doing another bike ride.  I decided to go ahead with the work out and maybe just do two rounds instead of three.  See the above picture.  I was actually smiling during my work out and very glad I pushed through and did all three rounds.  It was tough, I was tired but I got it done.
I had expert supervision during all exercises.  Her idea of helping is much like andrew's idea, smothering me or sitting on me.  I guess they just don't think I have enough of my own body weight to deal with.  

Wednesday: Tempo run.  1 mile warm up and cool down.  6 miles with 9 minutes at MGP and 2 minutes at easy pace.  I recruited the speedy Mel G for this one again as I figured it would be a tough work out and why not share the fun?  Again I am SO glad she went because I am pretty sure I would have quit.  One interval in and i was wanting to quit.  She kept me talking and laughing and kept me from throwing in the towel, even when I was out of my target MGP during a few of the 9 minute intervals.  I was able to stay in the 10:20s but it was not my target.  I would like to blame it on the heat since it was in the high 80s but I just felt like my body ran out of gas.  I think I am going to have to start fueling on these 8 mile jaunts of speed work.  My brain wants to go but my body is just giving out.  I had nothing left in the tank and had to walk on the 2 minute easy portions a few times.

Thursday:  A day off.  THANK YOU!!!!

Friday:  A very hot and humid 5 miles.  Got up early to run and it was storming.  Decided sleep was more important than running on the mill.  Boy, did I screw up.  It was in the high 80s and super humid after work with dark clouds threatening storms again.  My pure hatred of the mill forced me out.  Let's just say it normally takes me 13 or so miles to drain my 24 ounce bottle and tonight, it only took 5.  Since the dew point was over 70 and it was a recovery run, I took walk breaks every mile for a tenth of a mile.  I was glad when this one was over.  Of course the last mile a huge storm cloud blocked the sun so at least that mile was tolerable.  5 miles and not a tenth more:)

Saturday: 13.1 miles.  I had signed up for a race, a very tough 10 K.  After what happened post the brew to shoe 10 K, I decided that I wouldn't race and just run my long run as planned.  I can't afford to have aches and pains at this part of the game.  I was sad, but I didn't miss that super tough, no shade hill at all this year.

Anyway, got in bed early-ish like I normally do, plugged my phone in to charge and for whatever reason, it didn't charge.  I woke up at 5:19 am for some odd reason and jumped out of bed running.  It takes me several minutes to down my UCAN, so I try and plan to be up and hour before I need to leave.  Whoops.  That wasn't happening.  Then I had to hurriedly get some sort of charged up phone before leaving, because I always run with my phone.  Finally got out of the door a few minutes after 6 and to 90% humidity.  YIKES!  I wasn't even sweating due to the nice cool temps, but I was drenched from the humidity.  I walked every three miles versus every one that I had been doing.  I fueled at mile 8 (full three chomps) and took just one of three I am suppose to take at mile 12, just in case.  Overall, the run was okay, not great, but the humidity is doing a number on me mentally.  I saw some 12s on my watch today, and it is just driving me nuts that my pace continues to get slower and slower and slower.  I can't wait till fall and NO HUMIDITY!!! 13.1 miles because, well, you have to get the .1 in after you have run as many halfs as I have:)

Sunday: strength training

Total miles for the week: 34.6

I may have to switch back to running in the morning.  It has been pretty hot at night past monday and it appears the temps are going to go back to their normal late august 90s self.  Boo.  Kind of liked getting my sleep built back up.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A trip to Rolling Hill's Zoo

Saturday post long run we decided to go to the Rolling Hill's Zoo in Salina, KS.  Well, I take that back. Andrew suddenly wanted to go to see the animals, and there was NO way I was going into Manhattan with it being move in day for freshman.  We decided to head west and have fun at Rolling Hills instead.  I was a little worried about my legs getting tired, but I put on compression socks for the drive down and back, and we rode the tram when we got tired.
 If you haven't been to this zoo, you are missing out.  They have nice, big widespread exhibits that are all connected through wide walk paths.  There is a tram that goes around the zoo and has multiple stops, so you can get on and off at any exhibit.  You do have to purchase a separate ticket for the tram but kids ride free.
 They also have a cafeteria that is kind of pricey but the food was AMAZING!  We had ice cream and hot dogs and fries and it was super tasty.
Andrew loved the big fish pond and fed those huge fish several times plus the canadian geese.  We even got to see a Blue Heron come in and hang out in the exhibit.

 The reptile house was a huge hit as well.  Many of the snakes were being fed or hungry.  This python came down from his perch and slid over to the glass and then proceeded to rub his face on the glass next to andrew's hand. I figured he wanted to eat andrew, but maybe he had good motives.  They also had a very large semi aquatic tank that had everything in it.  They must have just dumped little lizards in, because the snakes in the tank were picking them off for dinner.  We got to see several snakes line up the kill and then take it.

 They also had a really cool playground.  We had to bribe him with ice cream to get him away from it.

He loved the "mingos".  They would come up to the fence for a visit.  He still doesn't have a ton of patience when it comes to waiting for an animal to "do" something, so if an animal was sleeping or just hanging out, he didn't want to linger long.  The mingos and the bat exhibit were probably his favorite.  The bat exhibit was in the big museum that we thought was super cool, but he deemed scary.  We ended up  having to power walk through it since he was slightly freaking out.  

All the exhibits are stuffed animals in realistic poses with sound piped in, but it scared him as soon as we walked in and a lion roared.    It is part of the admission, so if you go, take you time and walk through.  

Overall, this zoo is so worth the drive.  It is perfect for a day adventure.  The prices are typical of what you would see at a zoo, but well worth the price.  We hadn't been in years and they had several nice updates.  They even have times when you can watch a zoo handler feed the animals or do enrichment with them, which would be cool to see.  We will be back for sure when the weather cools off.  It was a bit warm yesterday, and I think that we caught most of the animals napping due to the heat.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Training week 12, 8 weeks till Chicago EEK!

Bow to boat is my friend
This week has been much better although my stomach issues still haven't totally gone away.  I now suspect i am dealing with an ulcer, but until I get the courage to go to the dr, I won't know.  I am trying two weeks of Zantac, as I noticed that was the first thing doctors do for ulcers anyway.  Might as well save some time and money and try that now.  The weather has also been blessing us with some nice cooler mornings with low humidity.  This makes running so much more pleasant.

Monday: Strength training.  I am repeating the same work out I have been doing the past two weeks since I haven't gotten two full weeks of the same work out.  I don't mind, it felt good post 17 miler.

intervals by head lamp
Tuesday:  Suppose to do 1200 meter repeats.  Instead did 1000 meter repeats x 5 plus a mile warm up and a half a mile cool down with some walking too.  A storm was coming and the wind was whipping.  A couple of times I thought about heading home ( I do my interval work out on a the gravel), but I kept going.  My first few intervals were pretty close to my pace range  8:58, 9:01, 9:01, 9:02 but then the wind really got to going and I was headed straight into it so my final interval was at 9:14.  Got home before the storms and that wind while strong, felt nice and cool. 6 miles total

Wednesday:  A rare mid day run.  Got off work early, thanks to my super cool boss.  It was in the 70s, no humidity, and a western breeze.  I set out to do my 8 mile tempo run with 1 mile cool down and warm up.  I had 6 miles sandwiched in the middle with 8 minutes at marathon goal pace, and 2 at easy pace.  I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my watch during the warm up and saw I was already at goal marathon pace.  SCORE!  The weather has SO much do to with what paces I can accomplish.  I really didn't have any problems till I headed back west.  WOW!  That sustained 14 mph wind felt like a wall, a cool wall, but a wall none the less.  I powered through but it was tough keeping pace in the face of that.  8 miles
My first beer in over 2 weeks thanks to tummy issues
Thursday:  A glorious day off.  Wanted to bike but couldn't get a baby sitter while hubby was working out, so settled with playing with little red instead.

Friday: An easy 3 with my BRF.  She is slowly coming back from her surgery.  I can't wait till she is back to doing distance.  It will be nice to taper with her.

Saturday: A long run of 18.   This week was SO much better than last week.  I could totally tell that I had carb loaded successfully the night before and my legs felt strong. I adopted the strategy of letting my UCAN take me the first 8 miles and then switching to my carb every 4 miles post that.  I ended up taking in fuel at mile 8, 12, and 16.  I had no ill effects and was starving post run.  I am going to take this as a good sign.  While i would like to stretch  those times out so I am not carrying so much fuel, I am not sure I am going to be able to and be comfortable.

Sunday: Strength

Total miles: 35

Looking forward to a better week tummy wise.  As the week has gone, the symptoms have improved greatly as long as I stay on top of my Zantac.  Have a great sunday and rest of the week!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Random photo dump

I always have random pics that I download to put into blog posts and then just don't find a way to weave them into the story.  Here are some from recently.

We like coloring, finally.  I LOVED coloring as a kid so I have been anticipating the day when he loves it as well so I can color again.  I am tempted to buy those new adult color books, adult as in, the pictures are for coloring and much larger and not quite as cartoon like as kid's coloring books are:)

They are so attached.  I love them both so much.  My red babies.  So weird that they are so much more so my shadow than my other red babies.  That is why i have so many pictures of them now versus my other red old men.

Cow cookies.  How cute are these?  They were delish!  The friendship house in wamego has the best frosted sugar cookies.  

Love the photobomb.  Silly girl!

Stella thinks strength training is boring.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Training week 11, 9 weeks till Chicago!

I feel like a broken record.  Instead of having a scheduled rest day, I am having to change everything around every week here lately to fit my life.  Oh well, life happens but life, can you stop being so difficult?

Monday: Strength work out.  Had planned on running 5 easy miles but when I woke up, this just wasn't meant to be.  The dew point was at 76, which I have never seen.  It felt disgusting outside and the thought of 5 on the mill just wasn't pleasing.  Plus, Andrew and i had both fallen asleep around 7 pm the night before and both woke up at 4:30 am ready to go. I normally don't do strength first thing in the morning but we were both up and I was feeling like doing something.   I do like doing a strength training work out after a long run as it it kind of a forced stretch:)

Tuesday:  Let me back up and finish Monday.  After dropping a warmish and whiny toddler off at daycare (in my defense i had taken his temp numerous times and he was below normal every time), I headed in to work only to be called a few hours later to come and pick him up. While he ate and acted fine after he got home, I do know something was off and he was not feeling good.  Then fast forward to later in the day when I started feeling bad.  I was super nauseous, had a headache that wouldn't go away, and felt like i had horrible indigestion.  I finally threw up and had to lay down for a while to recuperate.  I had visions of waking up Tuesday morning and feeling 100% better, and that just didn't happen.  While I got a good night's sleep, I never was able to stomach anything for dinner, and couldn't eat anything for breakfast either.  I decided to go ahead and go back to bed after feeding the dogs and taking this day as a rest day knowing that i could do strength on Friday after back to back days of running Wednesday an Thursday.
Wednesday: I was bound and determined to get my 5 miles in even if it meant puking and running.  When I got up, the nausea hit immediately.  All i could think of was dear god, this is kind of like being preggers again.  I am not preggers for the record:).  I had forced myself to eat diner the night before so I would have something in my tummy, so I could just get up and run first thing.  I admit, I had second thoughts about getting up but made myself and got it done.  It wasn't pretty with me burping and farting the whole way, and I did have to make a pit stop in a corn field, but I got it done.  It was SUPER humid out though.  Stella ella looked like she had been running in the rain she was so wet and fluffy.  Plus it got super duper foggy, so I felt like we were running through a fine mist. I had to walk a few times and will myself several times to not throw up, but it is done and I am glad.  5 miles total.

Thursday:  I was pretty excited for this work out for two reasons.  One, I had to skip my speed work last week, and two it was the peak of the perseids meteor shower.  I knew even at pre dawn that I could potentially see a few meteors and that excited me!  I am a star geek for sure.  I woke up hungry, which was a change, so I had to scramble to find something light i could eat and make my tummy happy pre run and not angry during my run.  I decided two belvita crackers was the way to go with my coffee and headed out into the dark.  The run was smooth, other than my watch being a dork. I had loaded the run work out into my watch the night before to avoid any snafus, because I was on a huge time crunch to be done and be back.  Well, for some reason, even though it said it loaded and updated, it was still my old tempo run of 7 min at tempo and 3 minutes easy for 4 miles with a mile warm up and cool down.  My new work out called for 8 and 2 for five miles with 1 mile warm up and cool down.  I also forgot to start the work out when I headed out and was probably over 3 tenths of a mile into it before I realized this.  Oh well, the loop i was doing was going to be close to 7 miles so a little extra would help in giving me a cool down.  The work out worked out well LOL.  I had no problems hitting pace and getting my mileage down. I saw several pretty meteors and got a nice runner's high post run.  While I didn't do the exercise exactly, I did get the full 7 miles in with 5 miles at tempo.  I was so happy my body cooperated.  Unfortunately the rest of the day, my body rebelled.  I got progressively more nauseated and tired as the day unfolded and ended up in bed at 8 pm.  

Friday:  Decided to take the day off from work and just rest.  It was probably the best decision ever because my body decided to throw a new curve ball and give me awesome diarrhea.  

Saturday:  Race day decision made to run. Woke up with diarrhea but other than that, felt good.  Even was hungry so had some light breakfast.  Read the re-cap here.  3.1 miles

Sunday: 17 miles.  It was super ugly.  Since it was cooler outside, I felt like I shouldn't be taking walk breaks.  Told myself I could walk a tenth of a mile every 4 miles, which turned into every 3, which then turned into every mile.  Then i found that mythical wall that i have heard so much about.  I think it is probably from not being able to eat enough last night and then having indigestion issues all night and not getting good sleep.  Whatever it was, it totally kicked my ass.  Even when i was running strong, I was seeing 12s on my watch.  I hit mile 13.5 after refueling my water bottle and just couldn't go anymore. It was the wall and it was tough. I decided I had no choice but finish but I wanted to finish safely.  I decided to head back towards the house and just run loops in the neighborhood so if I felt like i was going to pass out, I could so safely at my own home.  It wasn't pretty but i got it done and stella and deuce both got a chance to run with me.  Stella did 12 with me and deuce did the final painful 5 miles. 

Total miles for the week: 32 miles

I am so ready to feel better.  Every time I think I am, it comes back with a vengeance.  I beginning to think this isn't a viral thing but maybe something wrong with my digestive system.  I hope this doesn't mean I specialists but i think a trip to my GP may be in order.  This  has been going on a week now and is affecting my sleep now.  I cry foul when I can't sleep:)  I seem to be okay in the morning but as the day goes on, it seems to affect me more and more.  I am adding some vitamin C to my diet in the form of airborne chewables after my  long runs or hard runs.  I am still kind of unclear on the dosage (you can take 1-4 but no more than 8 in a day) so just going to plan on taking 4 spread throughout the day.  

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to School Run 5 K-The run that almost didn't happen

As you will see from my recap of the week that goes out tomorrow, I have been battling a tummy bug all week.  I actually took the day off from work yesterday, as we were super slow, and just laid in bed all day watching Orange is the New Black.  I am trying not to binge watch this season, but got through several episodes yesterday.  I had decided today's run would be a game time decision.  If I woke up feeling bad, I would go volunteer instead of running.  When I woke up, I was actually hungry and no nausea at all.  I took that as a good sign.
I had set out a flat me just in case the night before.  My plan was to have fun and take it easy and run with miss stella ella.  
This is a very family friendly race.  There are tons of events for kids to do pre and post race including this year: pic opts, bean bag throws, mask making and capes.  The theme was super heroes and I LOVED all of the super hero stuff.  Next year I am going to have to work on a costume for sure!
Also, since it was so small, I got to have miss stella ella run with me!  AND bonus, the start and finish were just a few blocks from my house.  I got to walk to and from the race and use my own facilities:) 

The course was down hill for a lot of the first mile.  Stella took that as let's run balls to the wall mom.  Well, let's just say that her pulling and me trying to reign her in got is a first mile of 8:31.  That is what I would like to do for three miles when I am feeling good LOL!  I finally got her to settle in and passed enough people to get in a nice pocket by ourselves.  The second mile was also very flat and we did a 9:30 which was more the pace I was wanting to go for the whole race.   The third mile had some up hill but nothing bad.  9:42 for that mile which was good enough for me.  Stella kept locking in on runners and then trying to reel them in.  She has such a great race strategy:).  I could tell I wasn't 100%, so I kept holding her back.  I think she could have pulled me at 8:30 the whole way if I would have let her.  

We had so much fun after the race making masks and taking pictures.  We cheered the kids races on and Andrew proclaimed he wanted to run next year for sure.  They divide the kids up by age and grade and they have a pre K category, so I think we will let him run next year.  I ended up 5th in my age group, but they did every 10 years so some whippersnappers beat me.  Plus a few of the speedy ladies in my category volunteered or ran with their families, but hey, I will take it.  I am excited to actually feel 100% and run a 5 K!  I don't love the distance, but it is nice to see where you are at every once in a while speedwise.  I highly recommend this race to all families.  Tons of kids ran the 5 K with their parents and all kids under 15 got a medal whether they placed or not.  I thought that was pretty cool, because some of those kids were pretty young and still kicking butt.  The PTO did a great job of making the day fun,  even having popsicles after all of the kid's races that even andrew got to partake in.  They had a fun raffle for the kids and the adults that ran the 5 K.  I can't wait to next year and am hoping for better health so I can really push it!  Great course and great job Central PTO!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A long run story 16 miles

Today was my longest run to date!  I am so excited to be getting even closer to 20, which will be my longest run of this training cycle.  I was suppose to long run saturday, but the weather had other plans.  It stormed from 4 am till almost 7 am, so I chose to sleep in rather than go out and try to get 16 in post storms.  

Let me back up a little bit.  My pre long run meal is pizza.  Since I had already had said pizza on friday night, my hubby made some chicken Alfredo to help me carb load, yet again.  I also was bad and had one leine's shandy. I haven't had one all summer, so I figured why not now?

Three of my running friends were going to meet up with me and run with.  I hoped my choice of beer with dinner would not betray me:)  Got up at 4 am after a long night with the kiddo.  He had taken a long nap yesterday, and didn't want to go to bed at all.  I think we finally got him out around 11 pm, which is way to late for me, especially if I need to get up at 4 am.  He also woke up around 3:30 am after having a bad dream.  His dreams are becoming very vivid and he remembers them well the next day.  Last night it was something about bugs, and he didn't want to go back to sleep. I seriously thought about just staying up after we got him back down.  I managed to eek out a few more minutes of good hard sleep before the alarm went off.
After my usual UCAN and coffee, we met up and started out in the pitch black dark.  I think my running partners were a little shocked i ran on the gravel when it was that dark without any lights.  I kind of know that route like the back of my hand:) There were storms to the north of us, and the threat of storms coming.  This also meant it was SUPER humid, even at 5 am.  All of us were dripping with sweat only a few miles in.  I was very glad I brought my Nuun water bottle for stella and I.  The ladies I was running with were super speedy, so I lost them around 4 miles.  I was okay with that, because I really like my walk breaks and had not had one yet.  I managed to get almost 12 miles in on the gravel before I made a trip back to the house to drop stella ella off and refill my water + Nunn bottle.  I did see some pretty slow times on my watch, BUT I knew it was the humidity and i knew the humidity was making me feel pretty tired.  I fueled at mile 8 like usual, and had planned on trying to go the full 16 without another round of fuel, but my tummy had other plans.   I started getting really, really hungry and needed some fuel just to get my tummy to stop rumbling!  I decided rather than taking all three at mile 14 (when my tummy started protesting pretty loudly), I would take one chomp at mile 14 and one at mile 15.  That seemed to stave off the hunger and settle my tummy.  This happened when I did my 14 miler too.  Kind of odd and kind of good in a way, because that means my tummy is still functioning.  I am going to try taking a honey stinger waffle with me to snack on next time to see if that will help.   My coach also suggested adding protein powder to my UCAN, so will have to try that as well.  

I kind of had some brain fuzz as I headed back out to finish the last four without stella.  I was trying to figure out how many miles i needed to go out to finish as I didn't need quite 4.  Math and fuzz brain don't add up.  Turns out that since I figured wrong, I ended up running around the neighborhood, which was nice and shaded, and I found Trevor Brazile was in our hood!!!!  For those of you who don't know who he is, he is  HUGE in the PRCA and has been to and won the NFR many times over in the all around.  All around is a cowboy who can do pretty much all of the timed events like calf roping, steer wrestling, and team roping.  I have NO clue why his rig is parked in our hood, but I had to stop and be a total fan girl and take some pictures.  I saw him walking around the trailer once but didn't make it back over quick enough to get a pic or an autograph.  Will keep being a stalker and try and head down next time I see him out. 
When i finished up finally, the humidity had made it down to a cool 83% (harr harr).  I was so glad to be done.  I was pretty tired, but again, I think it was lack of sleep and the humidity.  I did institute a walk/run after my friends sped off, and I did stop twice for bathroom breaks.  I feel like even though I was tired, I could have easily gone 10 more miles.  I also felt excited for next week's 17 miler.  My leg, while a little tight, felt great.  I wore my compression sleeve, and as soon as I got back and got my chocolate milk, did another round of ice bath.  

I am trying to be very proactive with compression, stretching, icing and elevation with my leg.  The pain has actually moved down into my ankle, which is what it did last time too.  It's like it travels down that tendon, and will eventually hurt at the attachment point at my foot as well.  I  think Doug's massage helped loosen everything up, and I will continue to see improvement as long as I play this smart.  I am still undecided about races.  My long runs are way more important than local races and I don't mind just donating my money to the good causes.  I have a 5 K this coming weekend and a 17 miler the next day, so will have to make some decisions.  I can't run and not race, so I can't just use it as a training exercise. 
 I ended my mileage a lot lower than I needed to, since I had to leave a work out completely out, but it is quality not quantity.  My leg needed the break and i listened and gave it that break.  I am hoping we are past this little speed bump and I can finish out my training strong!  Have a great rest of the weekend and upcoming week!

Training week number 10, 10 weeks till Chicago!

This week has again been kind of wonky since I started having pain monday:

Monday: was suppose to do intervals.  Instead, since the pain started, opted to do my strength training.  It was an awesome work out and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.  You know you have done a good work out when you are dripping with sweat post work out and you feel like jello.

Tuesday: 5 miles.  Still having some pain, so opted to do 5 easy miles versus my interval training.

Wednesday:  Pain still lingering plus soreness from killer strength training.  Opted to just take a full rest day.
Thursday:Another strength training session and a very painful massage with my massage dude.  Substituted squats with the kettle bell for the box jumps to keep my leg happier.  Also tried an ice bath on my leg.

Friday:  Seriously thought about running, but in the end decided to take one more day and let my leg rest.  Biked 11.42 miles in the heat, but enjoyed every minute of it and my leg thanked me when I was done for not running.
calmer skies but horrible humidity!
Saturday: Had planned on doing 16.  Got up at 4 am, storming like crazy outside.  Got up at 5 am, same thing.  6 am, same thing.  I finally gave up and just slept in.  Got up around 7:30 and it was done although it was super humid.  Like 96% humidity.  Like make stella ella a puff ball humid.  We opted for an easy 5 mile run.  Had some pain that came and went on both legs.  I am hoping it was just from the massage.  I ran without compression or a brace so I could judge how it felt.  I am much more encouraged after this run that everything is going to be okay.  I haven't had that dull ache that had been plaguing me all day this week.  I do have some soreness but totally different spots.  Whew.  Back on track.

Sunday:  Long run of 16 miles.  Will write a recap here in a minute!  Everything went well considering we had 96% humidity when we started and 83% when we finished.  I was dripping wet.  It was seriously like someone had sprayed me with a hose from head to toe.

Total miles for the week: 26 running, 11 miles biking

Have a great weekend!  I am ready to hit the road again as long as my leg cooperates!