Sunday, August 23, 2015

Training week 12, 8 weeks till Chicago EEK!

Bow to boat is my friend
This week has been much better although my stomach issues still haven't totally gone away.  I now suspect i am dealing with an ulcer, but until I get the courage to go to the dr, I won't know.  I am trying two weeks of Zantac, as I noticed that was the first thing doctors do for ulcers anyway.  Might as well save some time and money and try that now.  The weather has also been blessing us with some nice cooler mornings with low humidity.  This makes running so much more pleasant.

Monday: Strength training.  I am repeating the same work out I have been doing the past two weeks since I haven't gotten two full weeks of the same work out.  I don't mind, it felt good post 17 miler.

intervals by head lamp
Tuesday:  Suppose to do 1200 meter repeats.  Instead did 1000 meter repeats x 5 plus a mile warm up and a half a mile cool down with some walking too.  A storm was coming and the wind was whipping.  A couple of times I thought about heading home ( I do my interval work out on a the gravel), but I kept going.  My first few intervals were pretty close to my pace range  8:58, 9:01, 9:01, 9:02 but then the wind really got to going and I was headed straight into it so my final interval was at 9:14.  Got home before the storms and that wind while strong, felt nice and cool. 6 miles total

Wednesday:  A rare mid day run.  Got off work early, thanks to my super cool boss.  It was in the 70s, no humidity, and a western breeze.  I set out to do my 8 mile tempo run with 1 mile cool down and warm up.  I had 6 miles sandwiched in the middle with 8 minutes at marathon goal pace, and 2 at easy pace.  I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my watch during the warm up and saw I was already at goal marathon pace.  SCORE!  The weather has SO much do to with what paces I can accomplish.  I really didn't have any problems till I headed back west.  WOW!  That sustained 14 mph wind felt like a wall, a cool wall, but a wall none the less.  I powered through but it was tough keeping pace in the face of that.  8 miles
My first beer in over 2 weeks thanks to tummy issues
Thursday:  A glorious day off.  Wanted to bike but couldn't get a baby sitter while hubby was working out, so settled with playing with little red instead.

Friday: An easy 3 with my BRF.  She is slowly coming back from her surgery.  I can't wait till she is back to doing distance.  It will be nice to taper with her.

Saturday: A long run of 18.   This week was SO much better than last week.  I could totally tell that I had carb loaded successfully the night before and my legs felt strong. I adopted the strategy of letting my UCAN take me the first 8 miles and then switching to my carb every 4 miles post that.  I ended up taking in fuel at mile 8, 12, and 16.  I had no ill effects and was starving post run.  I am going to take this as a good sign.  While i would like to stretch  those times out so I am not carrying so much fuel, I am not sure I am going to be able to and be comfortable.

Sunday: Strength

Total miles: 35

Looking forward to a better week tummy wise.  As the week has gone, the symptoms have improved greatly as long as I stay on top of my Zantac.  Have a great sunday and rest of the week!

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