Sunday, August 9, 2015

Training week number 10, 10 weeks till Chicago!

This week has again been kind of wonky since I started having pain monday:

Monday: was suppose to do intervals.  Instead, since the pain started, opted to do my strength training.  It was an awesome work out and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.  You know you have done a good work out when you are dripping with sweat post work out and you feel like jello.

Tuesday: 5 miles.  Still having some pain, so opted to do 5 easy miles versus my interval training.

Wednesday:  Pain still lingering plus soreness from killer strength training.  Opted to just take a full rest day.
Thursday:Another strength training session and a very painful massage with my massage dude.  Substituted squats with the kettle bell for the box jumps to keep my leg happier.  Also tried an ice bath on my leg.

Friday:  Seriously thought about running, but in the end decided to take one more day and let my leg rest.  Biked 11.42 miles in the heat, but enjoyed every minute of it and my leg thanked me when I was done for not running.
calmer skies but horrible humidity!
Saturday: Had planned on doing 16.  Got up at 4 am, storming like crazy outside.  Got up at 5 am, same thing.  6 am, same thing.  I finally gave up and just slept in.  Got up around 7:30 and it was done although it was super humid.  Like 96% humidity.  Like make stella ella a puff ball humid.  We opted for an easy 5 mile run.  Had some pain that came and went on both legs.  I am hoping it was just from the massage.  I ran without compression or a brace so I could judge how it felt.  I am much more encouraged after this run that everything is going to be okay.  I haven't had that dull ache that had been plaguing me all day this week.  I do have some soreness but totally different spots.  Whew.  Back on track.

Sunday:  Long run of 16 miles.  Will write a recap here in a minute!  Everything went well considering we had 96% humidity when we started and 83% when we finished.  I was dripping wet.  It was seriously like someone had sprayed me with a hose from head to toe.

Total miles for the week: 26 running, 11 miles biking

Have a great weekend!  I am ready to hit the road again as long as my leg cooperates!

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