Saturday, August 1, 2015

Training week number 9, 11 weeks till chicago!

This week was race week so my normal is abnormal so I would be rested and refreshed for my saturday 10 K.

Monday:  800 meter repeats.  Any time I see this work out, I kind of freak out.  They have never been kind to me.  I had to go out extra early because we thought Tony was going back to work. Unfortunately, all of the technology in my life decided to rebel against me.  My watch updated the work out I had created for the day, but then said update for at least 10 more minutes. I finally just got it to cut off and cut back on almost a mile into my run.  Glad I am stubborn and don't give up and like to continually press buttons till something happens.  I luckily had an old 800 meter repeat work out in there, but with the wrong pace.  Fine, it would just have to yell at me for the entire work out that I was not in the right pace range.  My Map my Run app also wouldn't work.  The app had updated at some point, and wouldn't let me log in, at all.  I HAD to get going so I could get back, so was getting pretty freaked out by nothing working.  I just decided to head out and hope that one of my technologies would come through.  My phone finally started cooperating and my watch also finally came back, but I probably wasted 10 minutes waiting on both.  Sigh.  Technology.  I was suppose to do slow jog back recoveries of 400 meters, but due to the weather (dewpoint was 73), I had to walk to be able to make it through my work out.  My first four repeats were good, all around or under 9 minute/miles, but my fifth and sixth were over.   Fifth was 9:02/mile, which isn't too horrible, but my last was 9:52 even though I felt like my effort was the same as all the others.   I had to head back towards the house because i needed to be at the house in time for my hubby to leave. Oh well, it is done and we are moving on!

Tuesday:  Suppose to do strength training, but didn't happen.  The company we are a service center for was in town, and took us out for dinner.  I had a couple of beers, so even when I got home, there wasn't a thought about working out.  I needed this work out.  My stress is through the roof right now thanks to my van being back in the shop and needing another 1 K worth of work done.  Oh well, beer substituted.

Wednesday:  Had planned on getting up and doing my easy 4.  It was storming like crazy.  I figured if I had to run on the mill later, that i could do that at any time and went back to sleep.  Ended up eating out with the company again, so day off number 2.

Thursday:  Got up and did an easy 4.  It was anything but easy.  Took both dogs, which is always an adventure.  It was cool and foggy and we all struggled.  Lots of starting and stopping and dragging.  Got it done even though my tummy was hating and deuce thought he was melting.
Friday: Another unplanned off day.  Woke up feeling horrible, like I was coming down with something.  Decided the race was my main goal this week, not getting in a certain mileage so back to bed for more sleep.

Saturday: Brew to Shoe 10 K.  See recap here

Sunday: 10 miles

Total miles for the week: 26 miles
Total miles for July: 118 miles, YIPEE!

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