Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bad timing

With 9 weeks to go, it seems my old injury from last year is starting to get cranky, even though I work on my PT exercises like a mad woman and swear by the cross training.  I am betting it was from doing the race saturday and then the long run sunday (10 miles), even though we took it super easy.  Oh well, doesn't matter why, just matters that it is cranky and I have to be extra special careful.  I haven't done any speed work yet this week.  In fact, I took monday and turned it into a strength day, ran 5 miles easy on Tuesday and then took yesterday off entirely.  I will also do strength today and then make decisions about the remainder of my runs after my massage this afternoon.  While I surely don't need to be putting extra money out there since hubby has been laid off, I need an expert opinion on what I need to be doing.  Of course at all costs, if at all possible, I can't skip a long run.  I don't mind dialing down the intensity of runs and pulling out of any future races to avoid this situation again.  BUT, I am in the thick of my training so I can't skip long runs unless absolutely necessary.
I have been inside my head for two days now, fretting, worrying, praying, freaking out, being calm.  I need to just remember this is only a small speed bump and play it safe. 

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