Monday, July 17, 2017

2017 posts about Stella and IMPA

Just collecting links for the time line of Stella's IMPA.  Here are the 2017 updates.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 6 Chicago Training

Week 6, just in time for a major heat wave.  Yeah Kansas Summer!!!

Monday:  Rest day.  Home run derby and pasta:)

and time for finding massive worms in our yard!  Look at the dirt in it's digestive tract!

Tuesday:  6 miles.  HOLY MOLY Kansas.  Thanks for the heat and humidity.  77 degrees and 86% humidity at 4:20 am.  I had already alerted my coach that speed work would not be happening.  We had to walk several times just to make it through the mileage we did.

Wednesday:  Cross training and strength.  Post work of course, because I just didn't get up early enough.  I am really enjoying the sets that my coach has been giving me lately.  Short and sweet and to the point.  30 minutes or less and I feel good but not depleted.  I feel like the parts of me that need this are getting super happy.

Thursday:  Woke up to Mel not feeling well and then heard rain coming down.  Sigh.  I hate the dreadmill, so went back to sleep hoping that in an hour it would be done.  When my alarm went off an hour later, I just turned it off.  I know sleep is a good thing, but running post work or doing anything post work really throws everyone in the house off.  I had hoped that post work I could get outside but NOPE.  Still stormy/rainy/yucky, so to the dreadmill I went.  I needed to do speed work but I am terrified of going fast on the mill.  I am very honest in that anything over 6 mph kind of scares me to the point of me wanting to hold on for dear life.  This usually results in a ton of sore muscles and a very sore hip.  The good is that you can set the pace and just let the belt do the work. Coach had given me 1200 meter repeats with 400 meter recoveries.  I decided to set my mill to 6.5 mph with a 1% incline which was suppose to be a 9.09 minute pace, which was within my pace range.  Luckily I was able to complete my warm up and my 4 repeats, but cut the cool down short due to my hip throbbing.  I quickly got off and did MYRTL,  and then got in an epsom salt bath to soak while sipping my tart cherry juice.  Getting old sucks.

Friday:  A quick bike ride for Cross training.  Just a little aside here.  My hubby and I had a discussion about my training.  He had commented that he felt like I ran too much, and that I trained too early for races.  I have always had a coach since I started doing distances greater than 5Ks.  I have run anywhere from 6 days a week, to the now 4 days a week with two of cross and one complete rest day.  I think for anyone to say you run too much is crazy, but I do want him to be honest with me because this really effects him greatly.  He was talking out of frustration. so I will let it pass this time, but dang it was hard not to get super mad.  I think you have to find what is right for you, whatever that might be.  For my body, the sweet spot is 4 days of running a week.  Mentally, I would love if it were at least 5, but physically, that just doesn't bode well for me.  Two days of cross and strength also seems to keep me on the road and injury free.  While I am not perfect, and occasionally miss a cross or strength, I have been doing one thousand times better this training cycle with getting my cross and strength in.  I really think that is why (knock on wood), I have been able to avoid the chiro and massage table thus far.  Kind of scared to type that, but my injury prone body seems to be very happy right now and I like it.  So i guess what I am trying to say is you do you.  Don't let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't do, unless it is drugs or some sort of destructive behavior (does running fall into this catagory?), then listen to them:) #naturalhigh

oh weather app on my phone, how you lie

Saturday:  Long run day.  I woke up to 70s and 100% humidity.  Really mother N?  At 4:20 am, the dew point was at 73.  Sigh.  I had hoped to get out by 5:30 to avoid some of the sun with the heat and humidity, but didn't get out till 5:45.  I really am going to have to get out BY 5 am, as my mileage increases.  I tried to go two miles at a time before walking, but I ended up towards the end taking a walk break every mile.

The good?  I had a running scavenger hunt I needed to complete.  I needed to find something orange, a dandelion, and the number 11.  I found all things in rather quick succession, so that was a nice distraction for a little while.  The bad?  I had brought just some plain water as well as my Nuun grape water and was using it to dump on my head and the back of my neck.  Except, it was too humid, so the water was not evaporating off of me at all.  I was just one big wet and uncomfortable mess.  I decided I had to get out of my wet and hot clothes, so shucked my shirt and joined the #runbrasquad girls.

me not happy about the heat and the fact that I missed EVERY.SINGLE.IRRIGATION system being on

  This is my I am so over this stupid heat and humidity and it's only July face.  Looking at this picture, I am sure the guy that almost wrecked because he was oogling me thought I didn't have a bra on, since my pack kind of covers that area.  Serves him right for looking so damn hard.

Post run I felt horrible, everything made me super nauseous.  Thanks heat.  I was hungry but couldn't eat or drink. Kind of hard to do recovery when everything makes you feel like puking.  I had to feel better quickly, because we were heading to Topeka to see Pete the Cat at the Toy Store.

This place truly is magical. I find every excuse just to go here as much as I can.  I always find things I want as an adult and so does Tony:)

After standing in line and meeting Pete, we got to do Pete story time and Pete arts and crafts (which we skipped).  

Post Pete we hit On the Border.  I was STILL not feeling well, but that helps with portion control right?  I managed a few chips, and maybe half my lunch.  I did try Tony's watermelon margarita and it was SUPER good.  I need to figure out how to make those at home!

We also hit up the mall for some Old Navy and the carousel.  I never say no to horseback riding, even if it is in a circle.  Maybe some day  I will get my son addicted to horses like I was as a kid.  

I did managed to get my appetite back for this.  We met up with one of my co-workers, who is back from being away for years (previous grad student in my lab) and got to see their new house and let the boys play.  They have a son that is 1 year older and one that is 2 years younger than andrew.  They played non stop for hours and then we all piled in and went to this place called the Burger Stand. Holy moly.  This pictured above was the Smoke burger and had cheese, smoked bacon, and some sort of handmade special ketchup.  I also ordered the sweet potato fries, and they came with cinnamon and sugar on them.  Worth every single calorie, although I shared my fries.  

Sunday:  Recovery run 5 miles.  Slept in instead of getting up super early and running pre sun.  Kind of pointless getting up so early if it is still going to be in the 80s and 100% humidity.  Slept in and got up leisurely, did some stuff around the house, got my strength training in and decided what the heck, I was already sweaty, might as well hit the mill.  I can do the mill as long as I have very loud music motivating me, so listened to my Steve Aoki channel, and then upon request via Andrew, blasted the Trolls soundtrack (which by the way is really good to run to).  Felt good to get it done and start the day which included some grocery shopping, dog food shopping, and a trip to pick up some libations for Game of Thrones.  Yes, I am one of those people, I love GOT!!!!!  Here is to hoping this last season doesn't disappoint.  

We also celebrated National Ice Cream day!

While the heat and humidity has kind of made this week suck, glad to have a mill to hop on when things get too bad outside.  I think this week will be just as bad but it is what it is.  The dogs may go crazy without running and fetching so hoping these temps go down a little so they can join me or we can at least play in the yard.  

Total miles:  30.5

Have a great week!!!!!  Hoping you are surviving summer where ever you are!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Running with Dogs and Heat: My Take

If you google this topic, running + heat + dogs, you will get lots of great articles like this one and this one on  This is simply my take, and remember, I am not a vet, so consult your vet if you have any medical questions.  If I EVER question the heat, I usually err on the side of caution and leave the dogs at home.  IF I do decide to take them, I take ample amounts of water FOR THEM, my phone, and put my hubby on phone watch just in case I need him to come and pick the dogs up.  I also stay on routes that put me fairly close to the house so my hubby can be to us quickly if needed.

Everyone always asks me about how to know when too hot is too hot for the pups.  I have said before, for me, it is a combination of heat + humidity + availability to water (i.e. puddles deep enough to lay down in) + shade.  Sometimes if the heat is higher, BUT the humidity is lower, I will let them go with me.  It really seems like the combo of the two, heat and humidity is what kicks my ass, so I know it doubly kicks theirs, since they are wearing a fur coat.

I have heard that a good rule of thumb is to add the temperature to the humidity and IF the number is 150 or greater, then the run is a NO GO.  I also take into account if you are running on trail versus pavement.  We do have to run over a little bit of pavement to get to the rural roads that are on our route, so I will test the pavement with my bare feet or palms to see if it is cool enough for the dogs to run on.  I also try to head out very, very early in the morning, usually around 4:30 am to avoid the Kansas heat.  I am a wuss when it comes to running in the heat too, so that works for both me and the dogs.  If I am doing a long run and I know that at some point, we will be in the sun and the heat, I will plan to loop by the house around sunrise, so that I can drop the dogs off.

I also DO NOT run with headphones, so that I can hear my dog's foot fall and breathing patterns.  I try and stop every mile or two miles, depending on how they are handling the heat for water breaks.  I bring water for them and me and will bring their collapsible bowl for drinking.  I use the little silicone collapsible bowls that you can get at any pet store or amazon.  They come with carabiners or you can just fit them in your pockets.

Sometimes they just won't drink and I will let them have some of my water that has flavor in it due to electrolyte supplements.  I have also heard you can add baby food to the water to encourage drinking. Also remember, dogs don't use fuel like we do and dogs don't have the same nutrition needs as we do as runners.  They use fat for fuel versus the carbs we need, so don't give them traditional running fuel. You can cause major GI distress in your dog by giving them high carb or high sugar fuel.

Most importantly know the signs of heat stroke.  Remember it can happen very quickly and it is VERY scary and you can loose your dog from it.  I found this info graphic to be very helpful, although in doing research for this blog, I have found many different suggestions as to what to do when your dog is showing signs of heat stroke.  I think the biggest take away for me is take them to the vet immediately if they show ANY signs of heat stroke.  Don't use the wait and see method.  

Summer is a huge question mark for me when running with dogs.  When in doubt,  I just leave them at home and save them from possible heat stroke and me from heart ache.  We have all fall and winter to train so train wisely with your four legged friends!  Our cardio is not worth their life!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 5 training for the Chicago Marathon

I am super duper double fingers crossed hoping for a better week than last week.  Hoping to put behind me whatever bug I was harboring and fighting.

Monday:  Rest day and sort of day off.  Took Andrew and melly's kiddos to the movie theater.  Was delighted to find out that we were in the theater you eat in.  I had never partook in this type of fun and I was bowled over at how cool it was.  The seats recline back and are super comfortable, and the tray has a cup holder and the food is actually good.  Tony and I split some lunch, and I for once actually enjoyed a movie (those of you who know me know I hate sitting still for that long). Despicable Me 3 is very cute and 80s themed, and super short, so perfect for the littles.

Tuesday:  Suppose to be speed work.  We had decided to sleep in a little due to the neighborhoods trying to blow themselves up till all hours of the night.  We knew that would be risky with the heat and humidity, but it appeared even at our normal 4 am time that it would be icky, so why not get a few more hours of sleep.  We were so right, it was 75 and 95% humidity making it absolutely horrible out.  There was this though:

They were everywhere!!!!  We decided to just do 6 miles with several walk breaks.  The humidity just kicks my ass and in such a bad way!!!

The rest of the day was spent partying, parading, and fireworking (is that a word?).  Seriously, if you haven't come to Wamego for the 4th, you are missing out.  For a tiny town, we do it RIGHT!  I got to spend the day with family and my family of running friends new and old.  The only problem?  Late bed time.  

Wednesday:  Cross training and strength.  I knew getting up early was not an option after a long late night, thanks to everyone trying to blow up the hood.  I ended up working late and not getting anything done  at home, but instead I chose to spend time with family before they head back to Tennessee.  I don't regret blowing off my work out at all.  

Thursday:  Speed work 1000 meter repeats x 5 with 1 mile warm up and cool down!  Woke up to fog and 96% humidity with 0 wind.  Yikes.  Got er done only because Mel was there, and I was chasing her and catching her up on all of the gossip.  Apparently we have possibly started a neighborhood war.  We have many rental houses around us, which makes us sad as homeowners, but for the most part, we have had good neighbors.  Well, we recently had some very young, very loud, very irresponsible kids move in behind us and they like to party.  They thought it was a good idea to FILL our garbage can up with their trash, and let me tell you, we have a very big garbage can to fill.  They had already left us many presents of glass vodka bottles (luckily not broken) in our yard.  My hubby decided to track down whose trash it was via finding mail in said trash.  He very nicely knocked on their door, spoke to them about the fact that we pay to have our trash picked up and that we need our can empty for our own trash, and then returned their numerous bags.  Anyway, they were none to pleased and later we saw the cops over there (we did NOT call them), so I have a feeling they associated us with the cop call.  Sigh.  Just what we need in our quiet perfect little hood.  On top of that, someone has been breaking into cars and they got into my van via an unlocked door.  While they didn't take anything (i honestly don't have anything in there other than my car seat of value), I had to fill out a police report and have them dust the various items for prints.  Fun times in my tiny town.  I hope there is no correlation to the recent move ins and the increase in crime :(

Friday: Strength and cross train.  I was determined to get strength in even if I had to do it at work on my lunch break.  I managed to snag my boss's yoga mat and some heavy bottles for weights, and got it done.  Got an 11 mile bike ride in post work.  

Saturday:  14 miles.  Had intended on getting up at 4 am and leaving by 5 am to beat the heat.  When my alarm went off, I hit snooze till about 4:30, and then finally got my butt out of bed.  My garmin says I was on the road by 5:49.  While it was super cool, it was super humid.  I planned on doing an 8 or 9 mile out and back with both dogs and then drop at least deuce off at the house and head back for more.  We ended up doing 10 as one big family, looping by the house and dropping off Deuce, and heading back out for the remaining 4.  I wanted to try and keep at or below my 50K pace for the upcoming timed race.  This was totally my idea, not my coach's idea.  I was happy that even with walk breaks, my overall pace was very close to what I need to maintain to do my 50K in 6 hours.  Hopefully the humidity will be lower for the race and I won't have to take walk breaks every 3 or so miles!  

Post running we headed to manhattan to tool around.  Target, Mr. K's cafe, and Widgets was on the list.  Widgets is the new play place out on highway 24 that has arcade games (think dave and buster's), laser tag, a cafe and a HUGE play structure that has slides, tunnels, and slides.  Once andrew got brave and really got in the play structure, he was good to go and we could just sit and watch.  Next time I am brining a book and just letting him play his heart out!

Sunday: 4 miles recovery + strength and MYRTL.  I slept in, missing the little bit of nice cooler weather we might have had.  I hear the weather is going to be super hot all next week and I am dreading it.  Anyway, I felt like sleep was more important and a little bit of suffering was okay.  I did a walk break every mile and just took it easy.  Got back and got my mat out, and ground through my work out.  While coach wants me to do it post the harder runs i.e. speed work and long run, it still is super hard after any run for me.  

Total miles: 30.35  

A much better week, but lots of bad eating and bad choices, so looking forward to getting this train back on track and loosing some more weight.  We got a new cool scale that tells us BMI and body fat along with water and bone mass.  I know it can't be super duper accurate, but as a numbers geek, it's kind of fun to see all the measurements.  

Have a great week and stay cool if you are in the Heartland!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Officially week 4 of Chicago Marathon training

I think I have it right now.  Final surge says week 4 of 18, so we are going with it.  A confession to start out with.  Last week was a rough week with regards to diet.  I was at or over my calories almost every day last week.  I am vowing to do better this week, and not let myself plateau.  Another confession.  I have spent most of this week fighting off something with horrible fatigue, weird tummy issues, and headaches.  I chose to sleep in versus cross train and tried to get in bed super early every night I could.

Monday:  Rest day.

Tuesday:  800 meter repeats x 5 with 1 mile warm up and cool down.  Melly is back and her stories of working country stampede were hilarious!  From the idiots who tried to climb fences, to the people who literally waded through creeks of sewage to hang out in the camp grounds, I was laughing and running.  Alcohol makes people make some pretty bad decisions!  Afterwards, I tried to do my strength training as coach wants me to move them to my hard days.  While I got through almost three rounds, I felt very weak and honestly I didn't like it.  I could tell my body was super tired and not performing optimally.  I will try again after my long run, but I will be honest, I am not digging doing these work outs post hard run.

Wednesday:  Cross training and MYRTL.  Was woken up early by an Amber Alert going off on both of our phones.  Wind was whipping from the south around 20 mph.  Not really conducive to biking.  Was hoping that the winds would die down post work.  Nope.  Nada.  Still 15-18 mph with huge gusts.  I wasn't feeling very well (went to bed around 7:30 tuesday night and was out by 8:30) so I decided to make this a rest day and get to bed early again.

This happened today though!  Our very own Corpse flower at KSU bloomed!!!  I had been watching the live feed like a hawk, but the sucker bloomed in the middle of the night! Lucky for me, I work right across the street from it, so I was able to get my experiments started and head over to check it out.  The smell was not as bad as I thought it would be, but the green house was pretty ventilated.  I watched the one in Denver bloom on the live feed, so it was really special to see a real corpse flower in my own town!

Thursday:  5 miles easy.

Uh oh.  Woke up to storms and lightning and hail oh my.  The problem?  It was suppose to get super hot and humid for the rest of the day and possibly more storms.  I hate the dreadmill so post work, I put on my big girl pants, filled up one of my big hand held water bottles, and headed out with walk breaks being a possibility.  Feels like 99 feels like horrible, but not humidity so doable.  

A lot of my roads were partially flooded and looked like they had been completely flooded overnight.  Some still were all the way and for once, I had fun tramping through the puddles.  The water felt cool and inviting :).  It really brought back memories of my 50K, minus the rushing water.  I took it easy taking walk breaks every mile for a tenth of a mile and made it through. I totally wish I could be a hot weather runner, but sadly I am not.  Got done, had to take a super cold shower to cool off, and didn't feel well the rest of the night.

Friday:  Cross Train.  Didn't happen.  We had a late night thursday night and I slept in.  Actually woke up with a really unhappy stomach and again a stupid headache.  We had eaten at Old Chicago the night before, and something I ate did NOT agree with me.  Even with Tums and Zantac on board, I felt miserable.  Post work and post a little bit happier tummy, we headed to our little local 4th of July fair.

Melly brought Conner so I didn't have to ride all the rides with Andrew, which was nice.  We did hit up the tea cups a couple of times together and of course the carousel.  Daddy did the Ferris wheel twice and I tried to watch and tried not to freak out.  Conner rode most of the rides with him, since they both had wrist bands. Conner convinced him to do the big slide.  Funny, or not so funny aside.  We have been driving by the fair as they have been setting up all week (its a block away from our house so hard to avoid).  Pre-fair, Tony and Andrew drove by and Andrew saw the big slide.  In his little 5 year old innocent voice, he proclaimed, "I won't be doing the slide.  It would scare the FUCK out of me".  WHAT????  It was kind of funny but really not, so we had a talk about how cute little kids don't say Fuck.  Sigh.  First Shit and now Fuck.  Let's hope he doesn't do that at school!!!!!  He conquered his fear and didn't get the fuck scared out of him and wanted to do the slide over and over and over.  

Saturday:  12 miles.  The weather gods blessed us again this weekend with a cool start to the morning, which meant I got to sleep in and not get up at the butt crack of dawn.  I decided to just take stella ella with me, which did not please deuce.  While the run was pretty good, I am still not 100 percent and i could tell.  


We made it through, splashed through many puddles, and saw many other runners out enjoying the beautiful weather.  I still walked every 2 miles and gave stella water on my walk breaks.  I totally forgot to take my new water bowl I got for her, but she was content drinking out of her bottle.  

Post running everything went smoothly.  Till it didn't.  My tummy issues from friday came back full force and I ended up staying in bed most of the afternoon and night.  I am really not sure what the heck this was.  I had pain, rolling, rumbling, and some vomiting, but I vomited just to make it feel better and it didn't work.  I ended up eating crackers for dinner with sprite, while everyone went out and had cheeseburgers.  I didn't get my strength training done for the day :(

Sunday:  4 miles.  After being sick the day before, I really didn't know what I could do.  Coach said no running and I didn't really fight her on that.  By the time I got up, it was super hot and humid and just not nice out.  I decided to hit my bike instead and see how it went.  I managed to make 13 miles happen and then later, after I had finally eaten some substantial food, did my strength training.  

Total miles for the week:  22.65 miles

Not an ideal week but I am hoping next week will be better.  Hoping for a more settled tummy and a happier body!  Have a great week and a great  and a safe fourth of July!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Week 3 or 4 or what of Chicago Marathon training?

This is going to be an interesting week with Andrew starting his first camp and me dropping him off later and working later.  Okay, my final surge calendar keeps changing.  I guess this is officially week 3 now.  Who knows :) I just do what i am told by my coach. Maybe I should just start counting down to Chicago instead of counting my work out weeks.

Monday:  Rest day and first day of camp!  I was super nervous to drop him off, mainly because he has been in this cry about everything stage for a while, and i was super worried that would happen at camp.  Well, my worst fears came true, but the teachers handled him with grace and speed and helped him work through his issues.  I am SO very glad two of my running partners are there taking care of him this week!  I had to work late since i dropped him off late, which made for an uber long day, which turned into a stressful night since Andrew was beyond tired and would NOT go to sleep.  Hopefully the rest of the week will go better and I can get him into bed MUCH earlier.

Tuesday:  600 meter repeats x 6 with 400 meter recoveries (mile warm up and mile cool down).  Headed out a little later after a text from Melly that said she couldn't make it.  I wasn't really looking forward to running speed work by myself, but it was cool enough for stella ella to join me and that was a nice incentive to run fast.  Normally I walk recoveries, but today I tried to walk half of the recovery and jog half of the recovery just to speed things up.  I am pretty happy with my splits, even minus my speed demon partner who usually motivates me to chase her.

I know, super cheesy but I hope these brighten his day:)

Later, I got glowing reports from camp that Andrew was doing much better.  WHEW.  That made me feel so much better about the decision to send him to camp.  God bless those teachers and counselors!  Fast forward even further and I had a PTA meeting (at the bar, how cool is that) and got home rather late.  Andrew was complaining of a sick stomach, but tony said he had already gone # 2, so shouldn't be hurting.  I also found out that Andrew had gorged himself on mini m&ms secretly.  Sigh.  We had a long night ahead.  I felt so helpless because I knew his tummy hurt and nothing we did helped.  Neither pepto nor tums nor massage helped him feel better.  When he finally started puking, I was hoping that he might actually get some relief and sleep.  Two puke sessions and sheet changings later, we finally all got to get some quality sleep.  I decided to keep andrew home just in case this was a little tummy bug, but feeling it probably wasn't.

Wednesday:  Cross training and strength.  Slept in, had a phone in meeting with the lab, and got my strength done.  Got my bike ride in post grocery store shopping and saw tons of snakes.  Is it mating season?  Not sure why so many where out at that time!  Andrew was fine all day and ate and acted normally.

We had slipped in the hair place to make an appointment to get the crazy curls under control.  We had them take the sides down pretty short but leave the curls on the top.  I love it!!!

Every time he gets his hair cut, he looks more and more grown up, but those curls just keep coming back.  Katie, his hair dresser extraordinaire, thinks they will always be there.  She even taught me how to style and tame them.  Let's see how successful I will be!!!

Thursday:  5 miles easy with strides.  Melly joined me for this fun, even though she was headed out to Tuttle Creek for Country Stampede.  Her and her hubby work camp ground security, so she has a long weekend ahead of her.  For those who don't know, Country Stampede is one of the biggest country music festivals around.  They bring in headliners, old timers, and tons of drunk country music fans.  Most of us avoid manhattan, especially that side of town this weekend, as the drunkies like to leave the festival site and hit up wally world and the fast food joints.  It's kind of fun if you like to people watch.  This weekend is normally either the hottest weekend of the year OR we have hellacious storms all weekend.    

Friday:  Cross training.  I knew a skip day was bound to happen and today it did.  I slept in with intentions of biking post Andrew's presentation at Camp Invention.  Post presentation, we decided to head to town because I forgot I was out of fuel and didn't want to experiment.  There is a really good hometown brewpub on that side of town so we thought, why the heck not.  Two beers and some good food later, we headed home and all promptly fell asleep (including Andrew who had no beer but was worn out from camp).  Oh well, haven't skipped in a long long time and this was worth it.

Saturday:  Long run 12 miles.  Yeesh.  Why did I drink two beers the night before?  I tried hydrating as much as possible pre sleeping, but the sleeping won out over the hydrating.  The good news?  Lows in the 50s the friday night, so no getting up at the butt crack of dawn to beat the heat.

We headed out around 7 am and were met with glorious low temperatures.  Both reds got to go, and while we did go through their water stores quickly due to no puddles or irrigation systems being on, our trusty road side service of my hubby and son met us out on the road with re stock.  I really need to get up and plant bottles out on our route.  

Post running, we headed to town to snag a b day present for one of andrew's wrestling buddies and have a quick playdate with Lindsey and her kiddo at Chick Fil A.  After letting the boys play their hearts out, we headed to the b-day party for non stop bowling and partying.  Post the b-day party and some decompression time for me, we headed over to another play date to andrew's best friend's house.  Whew.  What a long day!!!!

Sunday:  5 miles, MYRTL and strength.  Well, I was suppose to do strength post long run, but it just didn't happen. I had to come in, hit the shower, and hit the ground running to get the day going and there just wasn't any time.  I decided to move the work out to Sunday.  I also decided to sleep in thanks to the wonderful, but oddly cool Kansas mornings this weekend.    

Post running I took my mat outside and did MYRTL and strength.  It felt good to get it done and get extra calories for the day :).  Post running and working out, we headed to town to waste time, and eat some good food.

We have heard great things about a restaurant in aggieville called Wahoo that had some amazing brunch items.  I chowed down on half of this breakfast pizza, and it did not disappoint.  We also walked around aggieville and had a doughnut at Varsity doughnuts for desert.  

We played a game called Picturika that was super fun and watched others play ping pong.  We also finally ventured into the new Academy Sports.  While I will still do my shoe shopping and most apparel shopping with MRC (our local running store), they did have some cute stuff in their brand name.    

Someone was worn out from the adventures of the day.

Total mileage for the week: 27 miles

Another great week of summer running!  Runs are still pretty low in number of miles, as we slowly build to closer till Chicago.  I missed one cross training work out this week, but it won't be the end of the world.  Have a great week next week!  Hoping for more cool  un-Kansas like weather!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

16 Getting to Know me Things

Okay, I am a sucker for lists and quizzes and question and answers.  When I saw this post on Happy Fit Mama's page, I had to do it!

1.  What Brings you the greatest joy?

Seeing my kiddo smile and be happy because of something I did for him (my love language is service:).  Seeing Stella get back to doing the things she loves disease free.  Seeing my hubby at the finish line of a hard race and getting that post race hug.  A beautiful sunrise or sunset on a run or ride.

2.  What is on your night stand?

Usually whatever book I am trying to read, a bottle of water, some chapstick, andrew's toys and andrew's books.

3.  Do you have a secret talent?

I can still play my trumpet and love to play. If I had more time in my life, I would totally join the community band.

4.  What is your greatest indulgence?  

Going to bed early.  Having a great craft beer post work.  An occasion deep tissue massage at Body First.

5.  What should everyone try at least once in their life?

To run a race, even if it is just a mile.  The feeling you get after finishing a goal race is amazing.

6.  What makes you laugh?

Pretty much anything that comes out of my 5 year olds mouth.  He has been saying the word shit lately, and while it is a horrible word for anyone to say, having him tell adults to not say shit when they slip up and say it in his presence is pretty funny.  

7.  What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I have a brother who was adopted (sort of long story) by my family when I was 13.  He won the national championship with the UT Vols and went on to be drafted in the first round of the NFL draft and played for the Denver Broncos for 8 years.  I love him like a blood brother.

8.  What is on your bucket list?

Run big Sur and the New York marathon.  Do a 50 and a 100 miler some day.  Own a horse again and do dressage.  Disneyland and Epcot with Andrew.

9.  What is on your feet right now?

Well, Stella's head and my flip flops.

10.  How did you make your first dollar?

Babysitting my two cousin's on Friday and Saturday nights while their parents  tended bar.

11.  What superstition do you believe in?

Knock on wood!!!  If you spill salt throw a pinch of it over your shoulder.  Don't let black cats cross my path and DO NOT walk under ladders!!!

12.  What items in your closet do you wear the most?

My gypsy runner gear (although that is normally laid out in the bedroom downstairs since I run so damn early in the morning).  My lularoe julia and classic Ts.

13.  What is the best gift you have ever received?

My son. I honestly thought God didn't think we were parent material, so having him was a HUGE blessing.  I thank God every day for him, even when I want to go insane from the whining/crying stage we are in right now.

14.  What is on your liquor shelf?

Probably some Jack Daniels and some Crown.  Maybe Patron, Titos, and some Captain too.  I am a craft beer kind of girl though.  Look in the bottom drawer of my fridge:) . There you will see the goodies!

15.  What is on your kitchen counter?

Too much stuff!  My hubby is the cook and when he is in the kitchen, the place looks like a tornado went through, so we will just leave it at that!

16.  What would you NEVER leave home without???

My phone.  I live and die by that stupid thing. I wish it wasn't so, but my life is on it.  Plus, my habit of buying older used cars puts me in a place where I might always need a phone for triple A.  Sigh.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 4 of Chicago Marathon Training

Honestly, I am still exhausted from last week and a weekend's worth of celebrating little Andrew's 5th birthday.    Here is how the week went down.

Someone partied too hard!
Monday:  Rest day and Andrew's actual birthday!  We gave him a choice, he could eat anywhere he wanted to for his actual birthday.  We tried to get him to go to a place where they would sing and he would get a free desert but nope, the chose Mcdonalds.  Oh well:) .

Pretty clouds over Hyvee

Tuesday:  400 meter repeats x 8.  I don't like speed work all that much, but I do like shorter repeats because of walk back recoveries.  Coach always gives me the choice of a slow jog or a walk on recovery, and I always choose a walk!  I really like nailing my paces and then walking back to the start.  Coach gave me a range of 9-9:10, and other than having to get Melly to go first so I could chase her, we had no problems hitting our paces despite the wind.

Wednesday:  Cross training and strength.  I just couldn't make it out of bed, so I chose to battle the heat and get a ride done post work.  I cued up my favorite new podcast My Favorite Murder and headed out for an hour ride.  Post ride, I had a quick snack and hit the upstairs for my strength training.  Coach is using the book, Quick Strength Training for Runners for my exercises now, which was nice to have the pages bookmarked for the exercises I needed to do.  I was able to do all exercises 3 rounds in 25 minutes.  Again, so motivated to hit my calorie goal which makes me motivated to work out.  Sad right?

Thursday:  5 miles easy with 5 x 30 second strides.  I woke up with a wonky tummy and had to make a pit stop mid run, so strides just didn't happen.  No matter, got the run it and that is what counts.

Friday:  Strength and Cross Training.  Again, I didn't get up early to ride, instead riding post work.  It was feels like 105, but on the bike with the wind, again it was nice out.   I didn't get many miles in said hour due to the wind, but I got an hour done.  I was still pretty sore from the work out Wednesday, so I moved strength to the weekend.

Saturday:  12 miles.   I didn't get much sleep the night before. I tried to get to bed early, but andrew kept waking me up.  Then around 1 am, a huge storm hit and woke all of us up.  I got up around 4:30 feeling very, very sleepy.  Did I mention it was also 95% humidity and 69 degrees?  There was a light wind from the south, and I knew there would be lots of puddles thanks to the storm the night before, so I decided to take stella and make sure Tony had his phone just in case.

Got out the door around 5:50 am, round about the time the sun was rising, and got 12 muggy and hot miles in.  Stella stayed cool by jumping in and out of puddles and drinking all of her water that I carry for her.

I will be honest with you.  I totally blew out my diet for the day post run.  I have been doing SO well, and I just kind of fell apart.  I had a couple of doughnuts post run, which should be good enough for sweets for the day, but I just kept going with it.  Mcdonald's had their rolo mcflurry's on the menu (510 calories) and while it didn't taste as good as I remember it tasting, I ate the whole snack size cup.  Sigh.  Oh well, a cheat day every now and then is going to happen right?

Sunday:  Recovery run, Strength training, and MRYTL.  I had been so sore from strength on Tuesday that I had pushed it back as far as I could. I had intended on doing it Saturday, but the day got away from me.  I decided to sleep in a little, run, and then get er done.  We had plans to go see Cars 3 later, so I needed those extra calories :) . It was much cooler than the day before, but still 95% humidity. Oddly enough, the wind came from the north today which really helped cool things down. Deuce got to spend some mommy time and we walked a tenth of a mile every mile to stay slow and easy for both of us.   

When we got to the movie theater, we found out the dine in version was at 1 pm, and we didn't want to wait that long to eat.  Plus, we were there and he wouldn't have understood leaving and coming back.  We popped over to applebees (right next to the movie theater) for a quick lunch of appetizers (the only food that had lower calories and a small serving size) and popped back for the noon showing.  I even had enough calories to have one serving of my favorite bad snack, chocolate covered raisins.  Post movie, we headed over to the Discovery Center to see the latest exhibit and enjoy the air conditioning.  I feel like it was a great father's day for Tony, even if we spent it doing stuff andrew wanted to do:)

Total miles for the week: 27

Great week, both strength trainings done, MYRTL done, hip feeling better just tight and speed work DONE.  I am starting to see 135 on the scale occasionally (down from 142) and that makes me happy!  Great Father's Day and great weekend!  Have a great week!  Say a little prayer for me as I send my kiddo off for his very first day camp!