Saturday, December 30, 2017

Number Crunching 2017 and Goals for 2018???

It's that time of year again!!!!  I love numbers and love seeing all the fun things I have done this year.  Let's dive in!

How many races in 2017?
I certainly scaled back this year thanks to running a spring and fall marathon and a spring and fall 50K.  This year I only did 9 races total:

2 x 26.2 Andrew Jackson and Chicago Marathon
2 x 50K Heartland 50 and The 6/12/24
2 x 13.1 The Bill Snyder Half and The Kansas City Half
3 x 5K Tails on the Trail, Run back to School, and The MHK Turkey Trot
0 10K as the only 10K i entered was downgraded to a 5K due to bad weather

Total miles?  Who ya asking?
I had some discrepancies in my Garmin data versus my Mapmyrun data. I do not run with Mapmyrun on, but my Garmin does download to it, which puzzles me slightly as to why it would be different. I do trust my Garmin connect data more, as I have not had near the issues with my Garmin 230 or my new Garmin 235 this year.  BONUS, just in time for treadmill season, my 235 logs treadmill miles on the watch.  BOOM.  If I take my Mapmyrun data, which would have all of my runs including my treadmill runs in it, I have 1341 miles.  If I take my Garmin data and add back the treadmill miles to it, I have 1323 miles.  Either way, I am officially under my goal of 1500 for the year, but over 1300 miles, which is more than I have ever run, so I will take it!!!!!

2017 Goals, Met or Not met?
In looking back in this post, I can see I really didn't have big goals for 2017.  I think the phrase I used was if you twisted my arm.......Here are the goals i had and how I graded myself:
  1. Get back to strength training on a regular basis:  I started out with an A+, but as I got closer to Chicago, I think my grade would fall to a D-.  I really, really wish I could fall in love with strength training like my coach and my running partner, but I just haven't and can't seem to.  I did like the shorter more concise work outs that my coach gave me this year, and I do a better job sticking to the plan when I am food journaling and trying to stick to a calorie level.  This will be a goal for 2018 for sure once again!
  2. Volunteer at more races.  I think I got this one met, so A++!!!!!  I volunteered for the Wicked Full, in which I stood in pouring rain for 8 straight hours at various spots directing runners.  I also volunteered for the Body First Speedy PD again, helping 10k runners go the right way.  I cheered at the top of the hill for the Konquer the Konza 10K and 25K, and I also became a Girls on the Run coach and helped with several practice 5Ks, as well as volunteered at the final 5K.  I also helped man an aid station at the Flint Hills 50/trail marathon, which inspired me to make this my goal race this spring!  This will always be a goal for me every year, to give back as much as i can to the community that gives me so much love!
  3. Enjoy Chicago.  Once again A++!!  While my hip kind of threw me for a loop and the heat of the day kind of kicked my ass, I was able to take in all of the sights and sounds of the wonderful city of Chicago on foot.  I am really glad we stayed an extra day and did more resting and more sight seeing than last time. I can't wait to go again in a few years.  Certainly will have to go for my 50th birthday, so we can celebrate 50 together!  Chicago is not my goal for 2018, as I didn't even enter the lottery this year, but it will always be a super special race to me and I will be back!
  4. Get back to trails.  Whelp, this one is a F for me.  I had all of these intentions of getting to Konza more and driving to new to me trails and even heading to KC for some group runs. Nope.  Pretty much none of that happened.  I was more focused on getting as many runs in with my dogs as possible, and since Konza doesn't allow dogs, that just didn't fit into my plans.  I found out after I had entered the 10 miler with the Trail Nerds that the GOTR 5K was the same day, so gave that entry to my good friend Lindsey.  My only real trail like run was Tails on the Trail.  I will probably run KTK 25K this year, so no excuses not to hit the trails again.
  5. Final goal was to get Stella back to health and back to running if at all possible.  I would say that I got an A++ on this one as well!  Not only is she back to training, we have had no lingering issues, and she is off of all medications period (knocking on every piece of wood out there)!!!!  I didn't think we would get to this point honestly, I thought maybe we would be healthy and still on some sort of drugs, but not running, but she has exceeded my expectations 100 fold!  We are blessed for sure!

2018 Goals, What are you thinking?
  1. Of course as always, consistent strength training and cross training is always top of the list.  I know that the year will start out good because I have incentive to do strength training because more training time = more calories I get to eat in a day:)
  2. Do a Trail Marathon.  I guess I have done enough road marathons that it is time to shake it up.  While this one is more like gravel roads and some trail like terrain and not true technical trail, I think it will be fun to try something new.  I am hoping this will be Stella's first marathon as well, if the weather allows her to be with me.  
  3. Pace more races.  I am so excited to be a pacer!  I already have been assigned two races for the spring, the Liberty Hospital Half in Kansas City as well as the Bill Snyder in Manhattan.  I really, really enjoyed my first gig, and can't wait to do more!  I had put my name in the hat for several this spring, so here is to hoping that maybe I get a few more if people need to drop out.
  4. To stay on top of my Prehab/rehab exercises.  I have had the pleasure of working with a top notch chiro/sports medicine doctor that has helped me really figure out why my body does the stupid stuff it does.  He has given me a laundry list of things to do, so along with the exercises I still do from the master of pain at Body First, I have quite a few exercises that I need to make my top priority to stay injury free.  That, and strength training on a regular basis need to be the most important things I stick with in 2018, especially if I do find a 50 miler to do in the fall.
  5. Do as many dog friendly races as I can, so Stella and possibly deuce get to run a race.  I had planned on hitting up the dog friendly race in Omaha, so that Stella and I could do our first trail half marathon, but it conflicts with the Bill Snyder race that I am pacing.  Bummer.  We try and always do Tails on the Trail in Topeka, and we usually enter Tails and Trails here in Manhattan, even if we don't run it, to lend support to our local shelters/rescue groups.  As always, Trail Nerds races are dog friendly, so maybe we will do a February race, if the weather allows us to drive to KC, and of course the trail marathon I am running, and the Run back to School in august if weather permits.  
  6. Try again for the big ambassador programs.  Bibrave and Another Mother Runner, I am looking at you!  Enough said!
  7. Run a fall ultra.  The distance is still up in the air.  Leaning towards 50 if I can find a late fall/early winter race.  

Okay, there you have it!  I finally got some goals on paper.  I may have to do mid year goals because honestly, I really don't know what i am doing this fall.  Notice I am not doing anything with speed.  I have enjoyed not really doing hardcore speed work this last year.  One day a week and not having it during my long runs is A-Okay with me.  My running partner is going after some speed goals and I know she is going to crush it this year!  I like PRs just being a surprise at this point, like the 5K I did in November LOL!  

Have a great 2018 and crush whatever goals you have in mind!!  I know you can do it!!!!  Let's keep each other accountable!

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