Monday, January 2, 2017

Running Goals 2017 and some number crunching

I realized that I had mentioned what races I was going to do in 2017, but I had never talked about what my actual goals are.  Honestly, I still don't exactly know what they are, and I think that is okay.  Why do we always think we have to know what we are doing as soon at midnight rolls around on New Year's eve?    Here are my goals from last year that I posted on Another Mother Runner's website:

I was mostly injury free in 2016, other than this bothersome foot that isn't a major injury, just a nuisance sometimes.  My strength training has been pretty much non-existent for quite a while, and I can't seem to get my strength training mojo back.  I keep eyeing a couple of apps that help with group type classes, even though my coach sends me exercises to do. I am hoping that even though it may cost me something to either download an app or actually go to a class, that it will motivate me to get back to pumping some iron.  I just can't seem to get back to doing it on my own.  

I kind of skipped the full marathon and moved to a 50 K.  Whoops. I also did more trails thanks to my coach requesting one of my weekend long runs be on a technical trail.  While we pretty much did the same trail over and over, and didn't seek out any new trails per se, I would say this is a goal met.  

I did complete my third Heartland Series and got my coveted finisher's jacket.  While I love all of the races in this series, I am going to have fun branching out and doing some new races this year.  Goal met.

Now on to the numbers for the year.  I did 12 events this year total, 2 virtual races, 2 5Ks, 1 10K, 4 half marathons, one trail 25K, and 2 50Ks with one of those attempts being a DNF.  I had two DNS races thanks to my foot being a butt head.  I had to be a lot more careful this year with recovery and racing, due to the fact that I wanted to do bigger distances, so missed out on two 5Ks I wanted to race and one 10k.  Instead, I volunteered for the 10K and donated to the other 5Ks.  I also skipped my 10 miler that I like to do in December, due to money being tight thanks to Stella's illness.  I was so hoping to get to KC and do the group run yesterday out at the winter loop, but I came down with a stupid cold that has had me mostly in bed the last two days.  Oh well, the races I did made the year worth it.  

We will be attempting another 50K in the spring!

I finished with a grand total of 1205 miles, which is only 5 miles more than I had last year.  If you look at my Garmin connect data, it says I ran 1176 miles, but this does not count my treadmill miles, and I have no clue how to add in treadmill miles (if someone knows educate me).  My MapmyRun data is also off thanks to it double counting some of my mileage, after I figured out how to pair my Garmin connect with my MapmyRun app.   I never run with the app on anymore and just trust my watch as the app kills my battery life.  MapmyRun has me at 1647, which is a nice number, but not correct.  I tried to go back in and delete runs, and I got a whole month fixed, but the next time I logged in, it basically went back to the way it was so I gave up.  Either way, I am looking to make that total even more in 2017, as I tackle a spring and a fall marathon, and hopefully a spring and late fall 50K.  I did not track how many miles stella ella got and how many deuce got, but I may have to keep up with that now.  I am going to let deuce run the wicked with me, and if training agrees with him AND the RD lets me, I will possibly let him run my next 50K with me, but that is a TON of IFS.  My longest run was my 50K i finished, which my garmin clocked at 31.25 miles.  I think my biggest training week was around 50-52 miles.

The Bean!  Coming to see you in the fall!
So on to the goals.  Like I said, I really don't have any set in stone as of yet, but I have been thinking about them a lot lately.  I would like to give Chicago another go at getting a better time, but I really have enjoyed not worrying about speed work lately, so it will be hard going back to doing one or two speed work sessions a week.  I really am just enjoying running lately, and getting the distance on my feet and body.  I am totally and utterly in love with Ultras, so they have to be a part of my life.  I have three races paid for and planned thus far for this spring/fall, and honestly, I do NOT have time goals for any of them.  I have enjoyed in the past racing for PRs, but I think those days might be behind me and I am fine with that.  Conquering the distance is my new thing, and I am ready to do some fun 50Ks!  I honestly entered Chicago on a whim, thinking I wouldn't get in, so depending if I can find a 50K I want to later in the fall post Chicago, I may just use Chicago as a supported long run.  

I guess if you twisted my arm and made me write down some goals, they would be as follows:

Get BACK to strength training and stay on it!  I love the way I look and the way I feel when I am consistent, so why can't I get back in the groove?  I MUST get back in the groove!

Volunteer at more races.  I really, really enjoyed helping and cheering other runners on.  We are having a local trail marathon and 50 miler that I found out about post registering for my road marathon that I hope to get to volunteer at and learn lots! I so want to crew and or pace some of my friends who are doing longer distances, so anyone want to take me on as an apprentice????

Enjoy Chicago more since I know what to expect.  We are staying an extra night, versus flying back Sunday night, which means I can revel in my accomplishment.  Hopefully that means some beer, a long hot shower, and some more time with my hubby minus kiddo!

Get back to trail runs with the Trail nerds in KC!  The 10 miler I did was the hardest thing I have ever done (Well maybe Wilson lake was a bit tougher, but I didn't finish the race) and they are dog friendly. While I think Deuce is going to take some time getting use to races and group runs, I think he will love the trails just like Stella did.  

And a final goal, which is not a running goal, but it is kind of is to get Stella back to health.  I feel like we could be so close to figuring this out, and I hope we stay on that path.  I need to get her back to running with me, as it is her passion in life just like me.  I hate seeing her face when we leave for our runs in the morning.  She feels well enough that she wants to come with Deuce and I.  

There you go!  Sort of goals!  Yeah for 2017!  Let's do this!!!!

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