Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 3 Training for the Heartland 50

I am so glad my mojo for strength training is back! Now to get rid of some this soreness.  OUCH!  I am so rusty and so sore right now.

Monday:  Rest day.  Since we feared the ice storm that didn't really totally happen, we didn't get our usual shopping done, so headed out to grocery shop.

Tuesday:  Negative ladder.  Okay, so I am letting coach add back one day a week of speed work.  Had hoped to do this outside, but the rain all day monday and the overnight freezing temps and prospect of ice forced us to our mills.  I am going to admit, I really, really liked this workout.  Basically each timed interval were an increase in pace till the final interval, which was the shortest, and it was an all out sprint.  Honestly, I am always scared of doing speed work on the mill, but this one worked, as the interval times were very doable.  I do feel like I could have run a bit faster in the end, but I didn't know that going in.  I have lost a ton of speed not doing speed work at all, so I had no clue what I was capable of.  I started out in the 12 minute/mile range and worked down to almost a 9 minute mile, but of course the overall speed posted on map my run was my easy speed.  I look forward to doing this work out on the road when I can really push it and not fear falling off!

Wednesday:  Strength.  Well, that was suppose to be done, more strength work. Instead, we had 50 degree temperatures calling my name.  Decided to run post work since the weather was so nice!  Glad I did because there was even some daylight left when I headed out.  My running partner melly is down with a cold, so it was nice to run in the light on a week day, even if it was fleeting.

Thursday:  5-6 miles with 5x 30 second strides, 1 minute recovery.  Since I switched out Wed for Thursday's work out, I was suppose to get up early and do strength.  I kind of forgot, slept in, and didn't get my work out in early.  Thursday nights are practice nights for wrestling, so I didn't get to work out till late.  I got er done, but only 2 rounds and didn't get to do any pistol squats on my right leg.  My right hip has been hateful lately and now I think even though I am foam rolling like a boss, that my knee is joining the pity party.  Oh well, got everything else done including pistol squats on my left leg.

Friday:  I had strength planned or at least cross training.  Instead I ended up working the tournament set up till late and then going to bed early.  My knee felt off all day, so I figured a little rest won't be the end of the world.

Saturday:  Andrew's first tournament and recovery miles.  Yeah, this one was suppose to be for sunday, but i had to flip flop days again. I think I will do a separate post about andrew's first tournament, because I learned and saw so much, but the overall gist of it is, he went out on the mat, by himself, attempted to sort of wrestle, and had a big grin on his face the whole day.  I call that a win!  Post working the table all day and helping where I could, I ended up running post tournament while andrew and hubby were decompressing.  Just did four to see how my knee would tolerate running.  While it didn't hurt per se, it still felt off.  Post running I iced it for 20 minutes and then took a nice hot bath.  Will have to see how it feels during my long run.

Sunday:  13 miles.  This run sucked from the start and never ceased sucking.  First, my watch informed me it was dying.  Okay, got it stopped and got my mapmyrun phone app started.  Then my phone died, even though I had a hot hands on it and it was not that cold.  It was muddy from start to finish so bad that in some places, I had to walk.  I walked a lot because I did not feel good at all.  All in all, it sucked, it's done and I am glad.  The only good part was it wasn't that cold out and the wind wasn't too bad.

27.5 miles.  My hip and right knee still aren't happy and I need to get this figured out. I went ahead and got new shoes, but I don't want to wear them yet till it is a bit less muddy.  My coach asked if the strength training itself did this or something else.  My hip has been tight, not sore, so I don't know if doing the pistol squats irritated it or what.  I may be off of strength training this week till I either get in a Body First or with Dr. F at Joint Fit.

Have a great weekend and rest of the week!

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