Sunday, January 15, 2017

Training Week 2: Heartland 50 here we come!

Here's to a better week!  This cold isn't letting go gently though, still got some major congestion and I am the queen of snot rockets, but a lot less fatigue.  Here is how the week played out.

Monday:  Rest day.  I was a voracious reader before my kiddo came along.  The boxes and boxes of books in our junk room and our very full book cases are testament to that.  Now that he is getting older and likes to do independent play/coloring/videos, I can get back to my habit.  Last night I finished the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  AMAZING!  I want to go hike the PCT now!  I also want to watch the movie.  I had previously started it and just couldn't get into it.  Now I need to see if the places I made up in my head match the actual scenes.

Tuesday:  5 miles easy.  When we got up, it was 52 degrees out.  WHAT?  Is this winter?  Don't get me wrong, I will take it, but it was weird to be over dressed in January.  I knew I would be, but I am in the habit of wearing my winter gear and I did.  Luckily, I always wear light layers and I could take things off.  I also took Stella out post run for a 15 minute walk.  I am glad to say she pulled the entire 15 minutes and wanted to keep going.  I hope we are on a good road and can start the wean off of the pred AND beat this mess and get her back to running!

Wednesday:  Strength training.  I have mentioned several times I had no motivation to do any type of strength training.  I love the way I feel when I do it and after I do it,  I just can't get in the groove to get it done.  I just don't have the addiction to the feeling.  That is why BRFs are the best.  Melly offered to open up her basement and her eyes to help me get back in the groove.  Even though she had to go to the gym and lift before I got there, she went through 2 reps of exercises with me and made sure my form was correct.  We could have done three reps of the exercises, but she stopped me at 2, as my form was starting to get a little iffy.  As I type this, I feel like jello, so I know it was a good decision.

Thursday:  6 miles.  Wow, what a cold run.  The wind chill was above 0, but the wind was just one of those super cold, cutting winds.  We decided to run in town versus our country route to try and stay sheltered and that plan sort of worked.  We ended up doing a big loop around town that got us 6 miles, all while staying pretty much tucked into houses.  I tried to take miss stella ella on a walk post run, but I just too cold and had to go back.  We got 10 minutes in and I caught a Clefairy so it was worth it. Yes, I still play Pokemon go:) .

Friday:   Long run.  We had in impending ice storm barring down on us, so since I had to the day off to take stella to KSU vet med, I decided to go ahead and move my long run pre ice storm and stay off of the treadmill.  It was cold but no wind, so not too bad at all.  Melly went with us and we just talked the entire 2 hours.  Major therapy session.  We ended up a mile out when we were done, so we enjoyed a nice long cool down walk .

Saturday:  Woke up to no ice yet, so instead of doing my strength training and potentially either doing a treadmill run sunday or no run at all due to no power, I decided to head out and get 5 miles.  Again, no wind, so the 20s felt great.  I have great gear and can tolerate some pretty cold conditions.  Am thinking I should do a VLOG to show you my favorite winter gear!

Sunday:  While the ice storm hasn't been quite as bad as they predicted, today was definitely a stay in kind of day.  We played board games, colored, did some strength training, and  watched some movies.   I am hoping by publishing this early in the day that I don't jinx myself and it gets worse, but at this time, we still have power and heat, and I am very happy that the weather predictions of  a crippling ice storm seem to be wrong.   I don't think we got the overnight ice that we possibly could have gotten, which helped immensely.  I feel bad for those that canceled events yesterday, since we got little to nothing in the way of ice, but i would rather be warned and prepared and them wrong, than not prepared at all.

I finally feel like I am getting back in the groove and dare I say, wanting some speed work???   Who am I?  I have been super sore from the strength training and yes, I am having to start back at square one when I was on square 100, but oh well, I am getting back to it and that is what counts. I keep saying in my head, that is what all the good ultra runners do and I want to be the best ultra runner I can be. 28 miles in and two sets of strength training work outs!  BOOM!

Have a great week!!!!

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