Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week 7 Heartland 50 training

What a weird week.  Spring already?  My tulips are coming up, the grass is greening up, and the birds are back full force.  While I love not having to wear so much clothing, I do NOT like running in heat and humidity.  I am NOT ready!

This kid LOVES Chinese food.  I don't think I ate Chinese food till I was in grad school!

Monday:  Rest day!  Grocery shopping and a stop for Chinese food before shopping.  Little red loves egg drop soup!

Rainbow poop emoji found while shopping.  Kind of cute.
Tuesday: Mile repeats x 4 with one mile WU and one mile CD.  Am I the only one that pukes a little in my mouth when i see mile repeats on my schedule???  Not sure why the strike so much fear in my heart, but they do.  Add in that I didn't get much sleep Monday night and canceled our morning run, so got to think about the impending run all day.  As always, it was a tough work out but managed to hit all of the paces coach wanted.  She mainly wanted me to stay around 10 K pace, and I was able to do this with help via walking my quarter mile recoveries.  7 miles total and Happy Valentine's day.

Didn't get the meat heart I wanted for V day but did get some chocolate that we all shared

Wednesday:  Back to strength training.  After my hip and knee thanked me for doing Konza, I thought it was time to get back to it.  I only got through 2 rounds of the 6 exercises before I felt like complete jello, but I will call it a win.  Mel watched my form and did everything with me, even though she had already done weights.  We farted, we lunged, and we laughed.  I really hit the jack pot when I met her :)

Thursday:  6 miles with strides.  Happy birthday Mel!!!!  My legs were D.E.A.D after strength the day before.  Getting them to wake up for strides was hard.  Getting them to stay awake to walk stella post run was even harder.  I can tell I did some major squatting the day before!  As the day went on, I got more and more sore.  That work out kicked my butt so bad!

Yes, this is in a bathroom, but look at that hoothoot!
Friday:  Cross training or strength.  I decided based on the level of sore I was, a nice long walk would be better than angering the same muscles all over again.  Stella and I headed out to catch some Gen 2 pokemon around town.  We took our time and got about a 30 minute walk in.  I really need to get more weight off of her before we even think about running again.  I also got to experience my first time dealing with lice.  We were told a kiddo at school found one live lice in her hair, so we all were to watch our kiddos heads, as they would be too.  Three more kiddos were found to have lice and were sent home, but luckily (knock on wood), we have avoided it thus far.  I stripped the bed and washed everything, as well as putting the pillows in the dryer.  I am frankly surprised we are just now dealing with this, as lice seems to be one of those things that are not if but when in children.

Weighed into the 40 lb weight class and had new socks but it was not meant to be:(
Saturday:  6 miles recovery run.  I had to flip flop this weekend's run because of Andrew's second wrestling tournament.  Well, my plan was to run post tournament, but we were up at 4:30 am with a little sick boy.  He started out running a fever and then after I had given him some purple grape flavored advil, he promptly threw up purple puke all over the side of the bed and all in his little shoes. I cleaned while Tony got him calmed down.  After settling him in with some cartoons and checking his temperature multiple times, we decided no tournament. His fever fluctuated all day from 99 all the way up to 103.  I don't think he had a stomach bug, just had too much drainage in his tummy.

I had a headache all day, but after eating lunch, was able to set out for a slow 6.  It was the first "hot" day we have really had and I could tell I was not ready.  We walked every mile for a tenth of a mile because my legs are still shot from that strength training work out.  By mile 4 or so, I was feeling much better but dang work out!  You aren't suppose to make me so sore that I can't run!!!!

Sunday:  16 miles.  After a nice restful day hanging out with little sick man, I was hoping there would be some life in my legs.   I got a great night's sleep and woke up hydrated and not near as sore. Unfortunately, a few miles in, I had a very sore spot deep in my calf muscle that was pulling everything below up and making running painful.

I decided to try and make it work by stopping periodically and massaging my calf muscle.  It was probably a stupid idea to do, but I did it.  I needed to know if I could get it to let loose and continue on.

I am happy to say that it did, but it still bothered me pretty much the entire run.  When I got done, I put on my compression sleeves and did some stick rolling of my leg which seemed to help.  

After spending most of the day cuddling with andrew, who was running an on and off again very low grade fever, we decided to take a very slow family walk around wamego.  

Andrew was at the time fever free and I hope he stays that way since I am typing and publishing this before we go to bed tonight!  A quick stella update.  I think she has started to have some allergies and I don't know what we are going to do about it.  Her immunocompromised status makes it super hard to treat.  She has been itching like crazy and almost acting like she has fleas.  I have not found any fleas on her at all, which is why we are leaning towards allergies.  I am going to put her on some additional fish oil to try and treat dry skin just in case.  I wish it were fleas, so we could just treat her and be done.  Sigh.  

35 total hard fought miles.  I am hoping maybe I won't be as sore after working out this week and I can get 2 work outs in.  I can't say that the calf issue during my long run was a result of the work out, but that is really the only change this week.  I know it affected my run on Saturday for sure and I don't like that. I have always had a love hate relationship with strength training, and while I know I need it, I am beginning to tip towards hate.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 6 Heartland 50 training

Another week of battling a sore hip.  Well at least my knee isn't bothering me now, silver lining right? Still not warm enough to take too many pictures without my phone dying, so expect some randomness throughout!

Selfies with his best friend
Monday:  Day off.  Glorious rest day.  My hip was pretty sore after 14 miles, so I spent alot of my time at home on the foam roller.  Funny that it takes something like this to make me actually do the things I should do all the time.

Drawing his first pickachu that actually looks like what he wants it to

Tuesday: Well, not sure exactly what we were suppose to do as I had no plan in my inbox, but what we did do was 5 miles of easy.  It's not funny but it is that both Melly and I are battling the exact same hip issues, and even though we did different long run mileages this weekend, we still both had sore hips.  Neither one of us had issues during our run, but we felt like we were playing it safe by taking it easy.  We took a couple of walk breaks and just chatted the whole time about randomness.  Post run I took stella ella out for a 15 or so minute walk and she did great.  This is the will be the second day of her not getting the roids so finger's crossed!!!!

We just started watching Harry Potter and now we have to color Harry Potter lego pictures!

Wednesday:  Cross or strength.  My hip was feeling much better but I just didn't want to chance it, so took another rest day.

Thursday:  6 miles.  We keep getting a promise of a warm up and somehow that keeps getting moved back further and further.  I thought today was suppose to be in the 60s but we woke up to feels like 11.  OUCH.  Of course the saving grace was no wind.

Friday:  Cross training or strength.  I had every intention of getting home as quick as possible, airing up my tires and heading out for a nice long bike ride till sun down.  What happened?  We practiced t ball in the back yard and I don't regret one single minute of it.  I had found out that they pitch to the kids in Wamego in t ball and then if they can't hit it, they get to hit off of the stand.  Well, we haven't been pitching to him so we started and to our surprise, he actually hit a few when I did a good job giving him a good pitch.  He is still batting on both sides of the plate and I hope it stays that way!!!!

Saturday: Planned 15 miles.

Had to head out before sunrise to get home in time to hit the early showing at the IMAX theater in town.  We wanted to see the new Batman Lego movie with Andrew and figured the earlier the better.  More on that later.  I needed my pack and hydration, since it was a little warmer than normal, but there was also some wind, so I dressed in light layers and was prepared to strip if needed.  

We run past a feedlot that turns a couple of times a year.  Right now they have 5 yards full and it doesn't smell at all!

It was just me and Deuce and some good podcasts for 15 glorious miles.  Wasn't as great as the last couple of weeks, but minimal walking only, and lots of sweating!

Deuce cracks me up!  He so loves to run now!

It was also nice to be able to have my phone out and not fear it dying.  Ready to take pictures on my run again!  Sometimes when I am having a sucky run, taking pictures takes my mind off of the suck.

Post running we showered and headed to Manhattan to watch Lego Batman at the new IMAX.  

Little red LOVED it, and I will admit, I actually enjoyed it too.  I liked the first lego movie, but it didn't hold my attention.  This one not only had a great storyline, but it also had enough pop culture references (Lord Voldermort was in it) that I stayed into the movie and didn't drift off.  Probably helped that we were so close to the top and right near the very LOUD speakers.  The only bad part was there was a more adult oriented movie in the previews, and it had a very scary part where a thing jumped over a wall and scared the crap out of me and andrew.  Every time the whole theater would go dark post this happening, he would freak out and scream too DARK!  I really didn't think it was appropriate to have this movie preview in a kid's type movie, but I guess they were targeting the parents that were present?  Andrew was glued to the screen the whole time and never moved, and that was even after having some kit kat bites, popcorn, some of our milk duds, and a regular sized coke slush (there were only two sizes and I wanted my own, don't judge). 

Sunday:  6 recovery miles.  I decided to hook up with livinglovingrunner and do my recovery run out at Konza.  It was windy but not too cold and we had a great time just talking.  We are planning out our ultras and I sure hope we can do another one together or at least I might be able to pace or help out at her 50 miler!

I have to say, even though my hip and knee are being hateful, it isn't getting worse but we didn't do any speed work to aggravate it.  In fact, all of those hills up and down felt kind of good to it. I may not be able to walk later, but right now I am feeling good.  32 miles total this week!  Even though my 50K isn't technically a trail 50K, I do see that it has hills so time to get some hill work back in my schedule and time to get back to strength whether my hip and knee like it or not.  

Have a great weekend and week!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 5 Heartland 50

Finally cold free!  YIPEEE!!!  Here is how my week went.

Monday:  Rest day.  Lots of resting.  Am reading this book.

It rips my heart out every time I read it,  but it is so good and so timely.  Now that I am a mom, books like this really make me think hard about what I would do in that situation.  These kids and these adults that risked their lives to save these kids are amazing.  I highly recommend reading this book if you have time, but keep the tissues close by.

Tuesday:  Fartlek fun.  WU, 3 hard, 2 easy x 4, 4 hard, 1 easy x 3,  CD.  This one was fun too. I kind of like Coach Jenny not setting paces right now.  Helps me build confidence for sure.  After going almost a year without any speed work per se, I have no clue where I am or where I should be.  Plus, I can dig deep for shorter intervals.  Her biggest instructions with this work out was to not go so hard that the recovery is super slow.  After the first couple of faster intervals, I noticed we were hanging around 9:55/10 minute miles on the "fast" and recovering around 11 minute miles, which was in line with what Coach Jenny wanted.  After our work out, I took stella out for a nice long Pokemon walk.  We got about a 15 minute walk in and caught a few Pokemon.  Yes, I still play :)

Wednesday:  Strength.  My knee and hip are still off, but I can tell everything is getting better.  I am still rolling, stretching and icing like crazy till this passes.  I was self talking all day about working out as soon as I got home, and at the end of the day something really cool happened which derailed my plans.  The new lab I am working in has been trying to get an experiment to work for five years.  Many of the past lab workers had contributed, and got it closer to completion, but I had been chipping away at the problem since august with the last few crucial variables.  I have FINALLY gotten three replicates of mostly consistent results and solved the issue!  We had to have a few beers to celebrate, which means my motivation to work out was 0.  Plus my hubby made steak and sweet potatoes for dinner to go with our beers to continue the celebration :)

Thursday:  5 miles with strides sprinkled in.  What happened was we ran 5 miles and talked the whole time and totally forgot about adding strides.  Plus my tummy wasn't too thrilled with the previous night's two beers.  Oops.  

Friday:  Day off from work and hopefully bike riding for cross training, since my knee and hip are still not great. The day was cold but beautiful.  I took stella to the vet to get her monthly testing done (will do a separate post), and had planned on getting so much done in the afternoon.   It just didn't happen.  I did get laundry done and got some of andrew's clothes sorted and put up for later donation.  I know I should be getting rid of all of his clothes, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of it yet.  Mel and I headed to the thrift shop to check out what they had and donate some stuff, and she found a beautiful dress and I found some work out pants for andrew.  I guess the fact that we walked there and back could count as cross training?  No?  Well crap, I guess this will be filed under rest day number 2.

Fast forward till later, andrew had said his tummy was not feeling well, but he ate dinner.  I gave him some pepto and he seemed fine.  Around midnight, he woke up crying, and promptly threw up all over the bed.  Tony got him out and into the bathroom, but he missed the toilet and puked all over the bathroom floor.  After a few times of puking and lots of crying, I commenced to cleaning the floors and stripping the bed.  Andrew felt great after one session of puking, but then didn't want to go back to bed, so we read books and cuddled.  We didn't have anymore issues, so whatever it was, it was short lived, whew!

Saturday:  Long run or recovery run.  I say or because hubby had to work, and we were suppose to have 20-30 mile an hour wind gusts.  I decided to move my long run to Sunday to avoid that situation, which meant I either had to battle the wind or hit the mill.  I chose to battle the wind only because it was 50 degrees out and gorgeous, even with the wind.  Deuce and I got 4 miles in before we cried uncle and gave into the wind gusts.  

Deuce started limping around mile 2.5.  I stopped him, felt all over and found nothing.  He would run, then stop, sit and chew and then get back up and limp and run again.  I finally found the source of the problem.  He had a HUGE cock a burr in between his toes on his back foot.  I tried and tried to get it out but it was wedged in and not moving.  I finally had to just hold his foot and leg up so he could chew it out himself.  With team work, he finally chewed it out and then promptly ate it.  EW!  I don't know why dogs do that.  Stella does that too with burrs.  Glad we didn't have to call daddy to come and pick us up! Did take stella for another nice long Pokemon walk post run.  

Sunday:  14 miles.  I am SO glad i waited a day to my long run.  It was cold but NO wind.  I love cold, minus windchill of course.  I got to try out my new Solomon jacket as well, which made me so happy.  It's bright purple, I got it on a super duper sale, and other that not having venting under the arms, I am in love.  I honestly just felt like i was in the zone for the majority of the run.  Then I looked at my watch.  I was going over 12 minute miles.  Sigh.  I know for some that is fast and I am not saying that a 12 minute mile is super slow, but it is two minutes slower than I use to do long runs at. Maybe this is the pace I should have been running all along on my easy runs, but it kind of makes me sad to be slowing down this much.  My hip and knee also bothered me on and off during my run, so I guess my foam rolling and stretching is not doing what I had hoped it would do, which was to avoid having to get a massage or an adjustment.  Not that those things are bad at all, as I do need a good tune up, and we should all keep self care as the most important training tool in our bag.  I am still super jazzed that I have had two super duper awesome long runs lately as they continue to increase in length.  I really need to quit worrying about pace.  

28 miles and some change.  Overall, other than my hip and knee still being kind of hateful, this was a good week!  Next week is going to be interesting, as it is suppose to get in the 60s and then dip back down into the low 30s, and then back up.  This has been a super mild winter and I am LOVING it!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Stella update: February edition

Here it is February and I am hoping I will only be giving you monthly updates.  Overall, she has been doing GREAT!  She hasn't had any limping or lameness, been very active, and has been growing back all of her hair.  Just to remind you, we are on 15 mg of steroid once a day every other day, 25 mg of azathioprine once a day, every other day, enalapril 20 mg twice a day.


I think, hope, pray, that this is the combo she needs to get her off the pred.  Yesterday, we had urine protein testing done and blood work to make sure the azathioprine isn't doing damage.  I am still waiting on results.  Thus far, the plan is to remove the steroid period from her drug list and see how she does.  I am scared, but ready to get rid of this horrible drug.  She really doesn't have any lingering symptoms from the pred, which is odd because I feel like 15mg is still a large amount.  She occasionally has accidents in the house, and is always hungry, but she was always hungry before the roids.  Dr. S was very careful to let me know that remission can always be transient, and that this disease is a life long issue.  He also said that the disease could be resolving on its own and the drugs really aren't doing anything, but time will tell.  I am very encouraged either way that we are heading in the right direction and that we might be able to remove at least some of the drugs that I pump into her system.  

Update:  Stella's protein dumping seems under control!  YIPEEE!!!! Of course we don't know if it is due to the disease being under control, the lack of pred in her system, or the lack of truly hard exercise, but I am super excited!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 4 Heartland 50 training

It's official, I caught round number 2 of the colds that are circulating in our little town.  Fortunately (or unfortunately ), Melly had this one first, so she has guided me on how to deal with it.  Lots of head congestion, lots of pressure, and coughing for her, but not yet for me.  Here is how the week played out.

Monday:  Rest day and grocery shopping.

Tuesday: Negative ladder again.  LOVE this work out.  I decided I needed the three extra hours of sleep I loose when I get up at 4 am, so we moved this work out to after work when the temps were in the 50s.  This is such a great work out for confidence, because I sure can go balls to the wall for 1 minute :) .

Wednesday:  Strength training.  Slept in again this morning because I needed those hours.  Still kind of worried about my knee and hip.  For sure everything is getting better but still bothering me.  Had my yearly biometric screening so had to fast till 10:15, YIKES!  Cholesterol is up again, back up to 200, but all other levels were good.  Damn genetics and of course eating out doesn't help.

Ended up coming home from work early because I felt so bad, so decided to make it a rest day instead.  Little red and I did finger paint art when he got home from school.  This is the coolest book ever!  Each page has a different theme so you can make little dogs, cats, bugs, candy, people and more.  Usborne books are the coolest!

Thursday:  5-6 miles with 5 x30 second strides mixed in post mile 3.  While I didn't get much sleep, thanks to the sudafed making me wake up every hour on the hour, I did feel like running and so we did.  Kind of cool to see the snow flurries come down.  Almost had a heart attack though out on our rural road we run on.  There is a gentleman who runs out on our route, well, I say that, this is the second time we have encountered him.  The first time he had NO reflective gear on at all, and scared the crap out of both of us because we thought he was some kind of animal running straight at us FAST.  This time, he had on reflective gear, so we knew it was a runner, but deuce was loose and went straight for him.  There isn't a mean bone in deuce's little wiggly body, but I can imagine what this guy thought with deuce coming at him full force.  We managed to call deuce off (yeah for good recalls), but I am sure he might have made the poor guy a little nervous and or caused a little shart:)  Took stella for a quick 10 minute walk post run.  We may or may not have done a tiny little running.  Just a block, but she was SO happy.  Let's hope for no issues post run.

Post wrestling.  We are dropping back to once a week practices, versus twice a week to ensure he doesn't burn out.  We have one more month of practices, and we are letting him pick if he wants to go Tuesday or Thursday.  

Friday:  Strength.  Didn't happen.  I have been feeling really good in the morning, and then as the day goes on, I feel worse and worse.  I came home feeling really bad, and actually had to dose my self with sudafed and head to bed early.  I really wish this stupid cold would just exit and NOW!

Saturday:  12 miles.  I had a great night's sleep, well other than waking up a few times and staring at the clock, which I totally blame on sudafed.  I woke up with a tight hip, so while I was fueling and drinking coffee, I was also rolling like crazy with my stick, and stretching as much as possible.  I would have to say this was a really good run for me.  I only walked twice when fueling, and a couple of times to put deuce on his leash or take him off.  I didn't feel the need.  The wind was kind of blustery at times out of the west and north, but I was comfortable in my gear and wasn't bothered other than a little bit slower pace.  I ran in silence for the first hour and just thought about a lot of things going on in my life.  I needed it for sure.

Sunday:  We were given a range of 4-6 miles.  We chose 5 miles, as that was where we were at by the time we hit mel's house on our loop.  We ran a nice hilly route, which isn't really a recovery run, but it was nice to do some hill work and not worry about pace.

Overall, a nice week, even with this cold still hanging on.  27 miles total and still a tight hip, but I feel like it is getting slightly better.  Looking forward to another week of some speed and some nice weather!  Hoping to get back to strength training since this cold is finally loosening it's grip on me.

Have a great week!

Monday, January 23, 2017

How to survive a wrestling tournament from newbie wrestling mom

Okay so I know some of y'all are laughing about this blog post, because you have been doing this for years.  You could probably add to this post, and I would gladly let you!  I know I still have a lot more to learn, and I seriously hope this isn't andrew's last year as he seems to truly love wrestling.  SO, I was really wishing we had a meeting for us newbies to kind of give us a head's up.  We didn't, but luckily me and another mom pulled one of the more seasoned mom's aside, and she basically gave us the low down.  I still was not ready for the craziness that is a big wrestling tournament, and I am told that ours was small compared to some of the bigger ones (YIKES).  There are huge parallels to dog shows, so even thought I was a little overwhelmed at first, I settled it and got right to it.  Here are some of the things I learned today that might help a newbie in the future:

Stake your claim somewhere.  Sometimes it is actually nice to be in the in hallway away from 24/7 screaming.  Bring things to claim your stake like chairs, blankets, and electronic devices that need to be near plugs:) . (Just like dog shows).

Bring things to keep you kiddos busy, as they will be waiting most of the day for sometimes a 10 second match :) . The wamego tournament had a round robin style for the littles, so they had multiple matches, but sometimes it was hours between the matches, so keep them busy!  We brought coloring books, a portable DVD player and DVDs, and some headphones.  I now know why I saw so many 31 Bags coming in the door.  MUST.GET.ONE.NOW.

Take out a small loan for the concession stand.  Not kidding.  This is a huge draw and our tournament had one of the BEST.

Take out a loan for the vendors.  Not sure if all places had vendors, but there were lots of trinkets and shiny things that caught my kiddos eye according to my hubby.  I worked a table all day, so I didn't get to be part of the delight that is telling him no a thousand times.

Courtesy of the Wamego Wrestling club FB page.  This was early in the morning and only half of the kiddos
Get there early even if it means sitting around and waiting.  You may need to do skin and nails check if you club was not allowed to do it the week before. I am unsure on the rules of how this works.  You want to stake your claim and all of the good claims get staked quickly.  Again, some like being in the gym and some like being out, it's your preference.   My ears are still ringing from being in the gym from start time at 9 am till almost 2.

Get ready for tears.  Tears of joy, frustration, and just plain I don't want to do this flow readily.  There was a ton of emotion.  Melly warned me, so this didn't surprise me, but it could others.  What did surprise me was the amount of parents yelling at their kiddos when they did cry.  I know they need to be tough, but what happened to compassion? I am okay with crying because you lost, because you know what, it shows you care!!!!  It shows you had a ton of emotional investment in that outcome, and I think that is super!  If you lost and didn't care, should you be in the sport?  We saw lots of hugs and cuddles and it's okay, but for every good action we saw, we saw equally bad actions.  In our ring, we only had one kiddo that absolutely did not want to wrestle at all.  They got her out on floor, she shook hands, and then she scratched.  I would be okay with that, and her parent was as well.   Honestly, I am a shocked we didn't see that more, as I had the 6 and under table/mat.  My biggest fear for andrew was that he would get huge stage fright and do the same.  That leads me to my next point.

Get ready for a supercharged crazy atmosphere.  Lots of YELLING, SCREAMING, and movement.  I was totally unprepared that the mats would be sectioned off and would be full of wrestling areas for the kiddos, so there were refs and kids and parents and coaches crammed everywhere.  I learned that you have to have a coach from the team present at each match.  You can be down on the mat, screaming with your coach, and yes I joined in.  You know me, I can't be quiet and yep, I love to use my big old voice, so in the video, you can hear my screaming :) .   I have never seen a sport where parents can get right down into the action, and be right there inches away from the kiddos while they perform!

Now onto how Andrew did.  Here are the positives:

He walked un assisted onto the mats, got his leg bands on, and shook hands enthusiastically every match.  I was really worried when I saw how intense it was, that his stage fright would overcome his desire to wrestle.  Nope.  We had to hold him back till his match time every single time.

Even though he kind of looked like he wanted to run, he attempted to wrestle each time, or should I say took the fall, and kind of tried to get out.  He got pinned three times, but got up with a smile on his face each time, and wanted to go back out each time and do it again.

I think he handled the waiting okay.  I was working at the table, so I didn't get to have to entertain him all day, so maybe I will let my hubby chime in on this one.  We had coloring books and a DVD player for him to watch.  Do know that with that many people WIFI will be sketchy so don't just rely on netflix or internet on your phone.  I am super glad we brought the portable DVD player.

We honestly didn't care how he placed, as long as he went out and tried, or just went out and had FUN!  This tournament had a round robin style format, so Andrew got a medal for last place.  I know, I know, we give medals for everything, but at this age,  he needs the reinforcement for trying.  It this little medal is what keeps him going and keeps him in the game, so be it.  I reinforce my dogs 100% when learning a new behavior so the same goes for my kiddo.

Overall, we had a great experience with our first tournament and I am super proud of andrew.  We may do one more tournament this year and then rest till next year or we may end on a good note.  We will let Andrew decide closer till time for entry.  He came away from the tournament with a great experience and I am so happy he did.  Our expectations were met, and he actually tried to get out of the pin in one of the matches!!!!

If you are a wrestling mom, feel free to add some points for what to do and what to bring!  I am still learning!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 3 Training for the Heartland 50

I am so glad my mojo for strength training is back! Now to get rid of some this soreness.  OUCH!  I am so rusty and so sore right now.

Monday:  Rest day.  Since we feared the ice storm that didn't really totally happen, we didn't get our usual shopping done, so headed out to grocery shop.

Tuesday:  Negative ladder.  Okay, so I am letting coach add back one day a week of speed work.  Had hoped to do this outside, but the rain all day monday and the overnight freezing temps and prospect of ice forced us to our mills.  I am going to admit, I really, really liked this workout.  Basically each timed interval were an increase in pace till the final interval, which was the shortest, and it was an all out sprint.  Honestly, I am always scared of doing speed work on the mill, but this one worked, as the interval times were very doable.  I do feel like I could have run a bit faster in the end, but I didn't know that going in.  I have lost a ton of speed not doing speed work at all, so I had no clue what I was capable of.  I started out in the 12 minute/mile range and worked down to almost a 9 minute mile, but of course the overall speed posted on map my run was my easy speed.  I look forward to doing this work out on the road when I can really push it and not fear falling off!

Wednesday:  Strength.  Well, that was suppose to be done, more strength work. Instead, we had 50 degree temperatures calling my name.  Decided to run post work since the weather was so nice!  Glad I did because there was even some daylight left when I headed out.  My running partner melly is down with a cold, so it was nice to run in the light on a week day, even if it was fleeting.

Thursday:  5-6 miles with 5x 30 second strides, 1 minute recovery.  Since I switched out Wed for Thursday's work out, I was suppose to get up early and do strength.  I kind of forgot, slept in, and didn't get my work out in early.  Thursday nights are practice nights for wrestling, so I didn't get to work out till late.  I got er done, but only 2 rounds and didn't get to do any pistol squats on my right leg.  My right hip has been hateful lately and now I think even though I am foam rolling like a boss, that my knee is joining the pity party.  Oh well, got everything else done including pistol squats on my left leg.

Friday:  I had strength planned or at least cross training.  Instead I ended up working the tournament set up till late and then going to bed early.  My knee felt off all day, so I figured a little rest won't be the end of the world.

Saturday:  Andrew's first tournament and recovery miles.  Yeah, this one was suppose to be for sunday, but i had to flip flop days again. I think I will do a separate post about andrew's first tournament, because I learned and saw so much, but the overall gist of it is, he went out on the mat, by himself, attempted to sort of wrestle, and had a big grin on his face the whole day.  I call that a win!  Post working the table all day and helping where I could, I ended up running post tournament while andrew and hubby were decompressing.  Just did four to see how my knee would tolerate running.  While it didn't hurt per se, it still felt off.  Post running I iced it for 20 minutes and then took a nice hot bath.  Will have to see how it feels during my long run.

Sunday:  13 miles.  This run sucked from the start and never ceased sucking.  First, my watch informed me it was dying.  Okay, got it stopped and got my mapmyrun phone app started.  Then my phone died, even though I had a hot hands on it and it was not that cold.  It was muddy from start to finish so bad that in some places, I had to walk.  I walked a lot because I did not feel good at all.  All in all, it sucked, it's done and I am glad.  The only good part was it wasn't that cold out and the wind wasn't too bad.

27.5 miles.  My hip and right knee still aren't happy and I need to get this figured out. I went ahead and got new shoes, but I don't want to wear them yet till it is a bit less muddy.  My coach asked if the strength training itself did this or something else.  My hip has been tight, not sore, so I don't know if doing the pistol squats irritated it or what.  I may be off of strength training this week till I either get in a Body First or with Dr. F at Joint Fit.

Have a great weekend and rest of the week!