Sunday, September 23, 2018

T minus 2 weeks till Flat Rock 25K!

Wow, I didn't realize I could get this SORE!  From starting my on ramp, to getting a pretty intense massage, and then running 14 miles, I think I gave myself some pretty bad muscle strain in both of my quads and or IT band.  BOO! This is not what I wanted!  While my back/hip feels one thousand times better, now going down the steps is torture.  WHY!  This is suppose to help me with injuries not make them!  This is my biggest concern that doing anything intense like this will hinder, not improve my running.  I have three more classes (2 this week), so keep your fingers crossed that I do no more damage.

wonky ear says WHAT?
Monday:  Ice the quads and try not to cry.  I am not kidding, I could barely walk down the stairs in the morning and that scared the HELL out of me.  I have a race in two weeks that is pretty much nothing but hills!!! Maybe i should have started this journey post race?  I need my quads to function at 100%, not make me cry every time I try to step down!  I am toast if I can't get this under control!  I skipped most of squats in GOTR just to try and give anything time to heal and did minimal running during coaching.


Tuesday:  8 miles of speed work.  SAY WHAT?   I think my coach has lost her mind.  We are two weeks out, and I know this has been an odd training cycle but still WHAT?  My first inclination was to say not doing it.  It wasn't hard even though  she wanted mile repeats, and I got to choose the pace, and the speed was anything harder than easy.  Of course I had my on ramp planned that night, so had to get up and get it done before hubby had to go to work.  I decided to get up at 4 am, fuel, let stuff digest for an hour and head out.  Whatever I could get done before 7 am was the best I could do, and I could finish post dropping Andrew off at school.  Right before I headed out, I checked the weather.  Hmmmm....85% humidity and real feel temp around 75 so dew point was at 70.  To the mill I went.  The more I ran, the more my body hurt ALL over.  WHY???  I just had had the first run on Sunday where nothing hurt for the entire run, so why is this happening now?  I am hoping it was just running on the treadmill that did it versus my body just not being happy.  My quads were silent, but my hip and back flared again so badly I didn't think I would make it to mile 7.    I needed one more mile, but also needed to get my kid ready for school so I could be at the shop to meet our new employee for paper work.  While the watch data won't make sense, I did 4.2 mph for the easy, 3.2 for the recovery, and 5.3-5.5 mph for the hard.  My watch was about .5-.4 tenths of a mile off at any given time.  I am watching the series The Deuce (NSFW or for that matter when any littles are around) and somehow that is keeping me sane on my runs on the mill.  I can't wait to watch Ozarks season 2!!!!!

we lost another tooth!
Wednesday: Rest.  Again, let me back up.  I did my second on ramp class at Rising strong fitness Tuesday night.  While it was SUPER hot again, we worked more on shoulders and the form that goes with all of the shoulder raises.  Plus, we worked on proper form for rowing and riding the assault bike.  I was dripping sweat the whole entire time, but I made it through and even had a better time with the AMRAP.  The only difference I can think of is NO burpees, so I wasn't going from down on the floor to up in the air.  I rowed for 200 meters, did 10 shoulder presses with 10 lb dumb bells, and 10 step ups on the box.  I did feel like I worked really hard, but I didn't feel sick or get a headache.  WIN!

Thursday:  An easy 6, GOTR coaching, and my 3rd On ramp.  I am not sure if that should be in all caps, one word or what, so cross fitters, please feel free to hit me up and correct me if I am writing it wrong.  Several people on FB asked if I was working out on an On ramp on the road so...  Run was nice, coaching was fun other than having 3 girls fall (uh, we aren't running on ice ladies, stay on your feet), and the On ramp was fine until I did my timed thingy again.  This time it was 10 deadlifts,  a number of kettle bell swings (i think 14), and 21 jump ropes (single under thank goodness).  I was fine during my first round, got to the kettle bell swings during the second round and the blinding headache came rushing back.  WTF?????  My coach asked if i wanted to stop and I said no, so she substituted a strict press with dumbells and I was fine?   We are thinking vertigo of some sort at this time, but really not sure.  I am pretty sure that the going all the way down and getting all the way back up in the burpees was what got me the first time, but not sure.  Eliminating that swinging of my head and body sure did cure it this time, so who knows.  This is super frustrating because how am I going to know what moves aggravate this and how am I going to substitute constantly?  I am in need of a good total physical, so I guess this motivates me to get it done and make sure I am okay. I have done strength for years now including classes where you are timed or pushed and or just doing this kind of stuff in my bedroom and NEVER had any issues so really puzzled.  It was very hot in the gym again and I was pouring sweat, but none of the other moves bothered me so who knows?

Billy Joel at the K!
Friday:  Long run 12.  We had a crazy weekend coming up, so I HAD to get my long run done.  We had a upcoming concert in KC Friday night, which meant a long night into early Saturday morning of driving back, so no time for early morning Saturday long run.  Plus,  I was volunteering for Konquer the Konza Sunday morning, so no long run then.  I had full intentions of getting up at 4 am, fueling, and then getting in as much as possible before taking andrew to school, but after a long night of hot flashes and very little sleep, I gave up on that idea.  Not sure how much sleep I got, maybe 3 very broken hours at the most.  Menopause, if this is you I HATE you already.  Anyway, we had a big cool down happen and running later was amazing.  Stella and I almost got back to our normal 5 mph and I tried some new Tailwind flavors.  I didn't try the whole super concentrate the bottles trick this time, to try and cut down on the number i had to carry.  I did try the Naked version of Tailwind, and while it tasted super weird at first, I got use to it and liked it WAY more than the uber flavored versions.  Although, I wouldn't mind doing one bottle with caffeine in it to start out the run.  I still need to figure out carrying water for stella and am eyeing possibly getting a bladder for her water.

Saturday:  Soccer, sleeping, and being outside, oh my.  We got in from the Billy Joel concert around 1:30 am, so sleeping was the first thing I tried to accomplish. Of course the puppy was up at 6 am, but I managed to let tony sleep a little bit and then trade out for another hour or so.  Back up again, the concert was AMAZING!  Billy Joel has been on my bucket list for years, so when I saw he was coming to the K, I was like sign me up, here is my credit card!  We had amazing seats and had such a great time.  Tony and I really need to get away more often.  Minus the horrible traffic in and out of the parking lots, and the wall to wall people going into the stadium, it really was the perfect night.  After getting some sleep, we headed out for soccer and then we attended a Mine craft event at target.  While the soccer game wasn't that great in that we just couldn't score and the other team was full of awesome players and the mine craft event was just eh, we headed to firehouse subs (new in our town) to eat and then back home to nap.  I had some inkling that I would get my easy 6 in today, but that just didn't happen.  I ended up cleaning and doing laundry and then taking it easy and going to bed early.

Sunday:  Volunteer for Konquer the Konza and easy 6.  I had my usual spot on top of the monster hill that we runners lovingly call the stairs.  We had amazing weather, but the humidity was tough and I saw many runner soaked coming up that hill.  Most of the runners this year were in the 10K and the weather being nice helped get the 25 K runners to the finish line much quicker than previous years in my opinion.  I enjoyed ringing my bell and cheering those on because I know how much it means to me to hear a cowbell ringing and encouraging me on.  My plan was to run to my post which was about a mile away, cheer till the last runner came through, run a mile back to my car and drop off some stuff and then get 4 more miles to finish up my 6.  I got the first two runs done but when I went out to get my final 4, I got a raging headache that just wouldn't go away (different than the ones i get from working out).  I got my 4.5 and called it good.  I think lack of sleep finally caught up to me and i am hoping this week will be better. 

i love races that give out things other than shirts.  I LOVE this hat!

Short on sleep probably was my enemy this week and maybe even caused my headaches.  I can't win right now with a puppy that is up bright and early every morning and then activities that keep me up late at night.  I am looking forward to a light week this coming week, my last on ramp, and my fall goal race!  Flat rock 25K, here  stella and I come!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

T minus 3 weekends till Flatrock 25K

I am not sure what this week will bring since I didn't do a long run last weekend and am now suffering from a little bit of a Hawk Hangover :) Up for 2 days with only 3 hours, if that much of sleep will do it to you, BUT I had so much fun crewing and doing a tiny bit of pacing that I would totally do it again.  I am going to do a separate post on crewing and what we learned so look forward to that.

Monday:  Rest day.  First day coaching Girls on the Run 2018. We have a very large group this year and 4 coaches!  I am so excited to see these new girls grow and enjoy running/walking and excited to see the returning girls continue and be leaders for the new girls.  I am also really excited to coach with a new coach who is in grad school for ag ed.  I have a feeling we will have a lot in common (my BS is in ag:animal science)

Tuesday: I didn't have anything on my schedule, since I didn't know if or how much I would be running.  Coach said rest day, but I woke up feeling 1000 times better after two nights of getting pretty good pretty hard sleep.  I was a little sore from running in the wrong shoes the day before at GOTR, which makes sense because we were on concrete.   I also didn't realize it but I was super sore from all of the squats we did.  One of our work outs was a getting to know you work out and two of the activity stations were partner squats.  My quads were on fire, but at the time I was blaming the road and not the exercise the day before :)  Since my favorite new sort of trail at Annenburg Park was still shut down, thanks to the flooding on labor day, I had to hit Cico park again, which is all concrete sidewalks.  OUCH.  I put in my favorite podcast and headed out to just deal.  While the mornings have been wonderful lately with regard to temps, the days are still getting up into the 80s so I was a sweaty mess quickly.  I got my easy 6 done, with a few of the steeper hills being walking hills on the last 2 miles.

Wednesday: Rest day.  I am still catching up with sleep and sanity and laundry, so rest day it is.  I am starting my cross fit fun soon so no excuses right?  We also had soccer practice in which Andrew scored two goals.  Maybe we are finally getting it?

Thursday:  I had nothing on my schedule so decided another easy 6 couldn't hurt.  After the multiple squats I did Monday i have to say, my back was feeling much better this run.  My quads also had adjusted and were quiet.  My feet felt great as I ran on mostly gravel.  The temperature was wonderful, but the dang humidity was up around 100%.  URGH. 

After my run, I had my first evaluation or ON RAMP with a local Cross Fit coach.  My BRF Mel has been doing Cross Fit for a few months and LOVES it, and I had noticed they had a kettlebell class they were offering.  When I sent in an email to find out more details, the head coach emailed me back and wanted to talk.  She felt like the kettlebell class probably wasn't the best fit for me and it was also during the day in manhattan, which doesn't work with me working in Wamego.  She talked me into doing this ON RAMP program for four sessions and then we could go from there.  I KNOW doing strength work will significantly help me and I am sure that is why I have been continually injured lately.  I am hoping this will jump start my desire to get back in the saddle and the gym.  The only thing that is making me a bit  scared right now?  The cost!!!!!  I would probably only want to go to one or two sessions a week and that  works out to about 15 dollars a class IF i sign up for the total package at 120 a month OR180 dollars if I do one PT session a week for four weeks.  The punch card is 10 sessions for 20 = 200 bucks.  I am not sure where this is going to go and won't make a decision until the ON RAMP is done, but I really am not leaning towards Cross Fit classes.  Let's see if I change my mind :)

giant foam willie claw and new KSU shirt, CHECK!
Friday:  Cross train. Let's back up a bit.  After my ON RAMP, which was hard, amazing, fun and SWEATY, I got a blinding headache.  I noticed it when I was doing my final part of my timed event at the end.  I am not sure what caused it or why it came on, but it kicked my ass.  I was suppose to meet up with my hubby post work out for dinner and as soon as i pulled in the parking lot, I immediately got super sick to my stomach.  I made it home without passing out or puking, but felt pretty out of it the rest of the night and into the next day. I couldn't get rid of the headache and actually woke up with it as well.  I felt like i was more than hydrated and I had eaten a honey stinger waffle upon leaving GOTR and heading to Manhattan, so I wasn't working out on an empty stomach.  The gym was hot, as I have learned most Cross Fit gyms are, so that could have been it.  I don't run well in heat and I certainly don't work out well in heat.  The temperature didn't really bother me till we did the timed event (i am sure it has a sexy Cross Fit name).  I have three more classes, so I am interested to see if the other three go like this one.  Friday was a wash with regards to cross, but I am hoping we are moving back in the right direction.
heading to the stadium
Saturday:  easy 6.  This was one  of those days where everything had to go according to a very tight plan.  I needed to get a short long run in, had a massage scheduled again in wamego at 9 am, soccer at 11:30 am and then needed to head to the KSU game to do a brief tailgate before heading to the stadium.  I got up super early to run and my tummy had other plans, so I had to eat and then wait an hour before I could run.  Bleh.

Back in time to quickly shower and head to the massage lady.  We did some more cupping and did cupping of my legs and feet.  It was super painful, BUT I could tell a HUGE difference post doing it.  Cupping of the sore and tight IT band was the worst.  Cross Fit did a number on me for sure, but still no pain in my back or hip thus far, so I will take it!

Soccer was interesting as it was SUPER hot and the kids kind of wilted in the first quarter, but Andrew played decent and hustled as he could for as hot as he was (and as short as the practices have been but I digress).  After soccer we loaded up to head to the KSU stadium for some tail gating and football.  Andrew had never been to a game and I figured this would be a good one to go to.  

It was super hot and we were packed in like sardines, but after half time the crowd thinned (we were in the band parent section LOL) and we had a better time.  We lasted about 3 quarters before Andrew was completely done and we headed back to our special parking spot near Blue Stem grill for dinner to let the traffic thin out.  I enjoyed parking there and how easy it was to get out and they are running a special right now that if you get a parking pass, you get a 20 dollar gift card, so it was worth it. 

Sunday:  Long run day.  I got in bed reasonably early with hopes of getting up and getting out to some trails.  When I woke up, I had no desire to drive anywhere so I just hit up my normal route.  I know this is going to kill me when I run Flat Rock but so be it.  Right now I can't make plans to meet up with anyone since I never know how the puppy is going to do overnight and how much sleep I am going to get.  

I decided to try to fuel with tail wind because A) i have been wanting to and B) i had no other fuel to last for at least 3 hours of running.  I had no clue what to do other than I wanted 200 calories per hour.  I loaded up with some run gum and a water bottle with tailwind berry + caffeine and a water bottle with water.  I figured out real quickly I needed four bottles honestly, 2 with tail wind and 2 with just water because after 1 hour, I was no where near the house and I needed to refuel.  I probably should have held off on TW till after the first hour but oh well, live and learn.  I tried to get a bottle per hour (i had powder on me so I just added it to the water I had left) and ended up needing to make a pit stop at the house to re fill water bottles.  I learned for sure that using the flavored TW is too much for me.  While my stomach was fine, my brain kept saying too much sweet, too much sweet.  My teeth also started hurting pretty badly so I will try the naked next time.  I did LOVE the way it made me feel = constant energy versus a spike and then a let down.  I also loved how the caffeine kept me awake and alert.  I am willing to try again and I don't mind making a pit stop at the house to re fuel (and pee in a flush toilet:).  I liked that instead of not really hydrating, I downed at least three 17 oz bottles of water plus just the regular water I drank to bring the sweet down a little.  The biggest down side? I have to figure out how to carry enough water for me and stella.  I think having four bottles will help and in the race we will have aid stations.  

Overall, even with a hawk hang over, I felt pretty good.  I would like to think I am tapering next week but I never know what my coach is thinking so I guess I will check final surge and be surprised either way :)  

Have a great week!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What I learned crewing a runner for her first 100 miler

When I was asked to crew/pace my friend Lindsey at livinglovingrunner I didn't hesitate to say yes.  I have never crewed or paced for a long distance like that, but I knew I could do it.  After saying yes then the reality hit me.  This is a SERIOUS job!  Your runner is your sole focus from the minute she or he starts till they finish and you can't think of anything else.  That means you have to be on your game and theirs.  You don't need to leave, or be tired, or forgot anything! You also have to adapt to anything including the weather, the runner and his or her needs, or even  if the course throws something odd your way.  If you know me, I like a good plan, but I am not the best at changing said plan.  I guess flexibility is very important as well, so I tried to prepare myself for change.  Here are some of the most important lessons I learned this weekend!

1.  Preparation, preparation, preparation.  Have LOTS of meetings, some in person and some via messenger.  Go over stupid details.  Write lots of notes.  Change your mind and change it again, but get it down in a game plan.  Have a notebook with every note, every detail.  Have a google docs where you can edit meeting notes so they stay current.  Study the map so you know exactly how the course plays out and where crew access points would be.  We all had no clue how this was going to go, but Lindsey tried her best to write up exactly what we would need and not need for each loop.  We got lucky in that we could meet her at 2 crew access places, with one place being twice in a matter of an hour.  By having exactly what she thought she would need at each stop and each loop, we were able to be prepared to the highest degree.  Overall, she guessed exactly right as to what she needed and when, but we always had back ups just in case.

2.  Organization is key.  The night before, we as a crew went through all the gear and all of the stuff we were bringing out for her, and organized everything by type of stuff (extra clothes, food, essentials for each loop).  Each type of stuff had a plastic box, which was a life saver due to the moisture in the air, that was labeled and stacked.  We had one vehicle that stayed put at base camp and was for sleeping in, and one vehicle (a truck) for hauling the boxes out to the crew spots.  We had a main box for each loop, but brought the extra boxes as well and left them in the truck bed, and I am glad that we did because we did forget a couple of things on the last loop in the main box. Way to sprint in tall grass Mel :)

I also had a notebook where I took notes every time we saw her and noted exactly what we needed in the main box before and after each loop.  I also kept track of her calories (rough estimate) based on what I unloaded from her pack each time, and how much tailwind she was going through. We wanted her to be getting roughly 200 calories per hour and she did that most times, exceeding it actually.  I always noted time in and out to track our performance as well and as to help us estimate when we might see her again, and how her loops were speeding up/slowing down. Math when you are tired is very hard, so try and write as much as you can so you don't have to recall times or anything.

3.  Bring everything you need to be a good crew member.  We had Mel's jeep loaded down, BUT we never had to leave the field for anything, which kept our head in the game.

I would rather say, "I really didn't need that", versus "wow, I wish I would have brought that".  We had clothes for every temperature, raincoats, food, drinks with and without caffeine, bedding, pop up tent, very portable chairs, toiletries, reading material, electronics and chargers, and chargers to charge chargers.  We also had uncrustables via Mel for meals, and while most people probably wouldn't want to eat the same meal over and over, it was a perfect quick meal to shove in our faces and I honestly never got tired of it.  

We also snacked and tried to have mostly healthy snacks, but I did slip in some M&Ms and some brownie brittle for those times where I needed something sweet.  Matt, Lindsey's hubby who was the photographer and official roller man, had a jet boil and it came in handy when we needed overnight coffee breaks to stay awake.  Plus, we all packed red bull to give us wings to stay awake and alert.  

our crew junk at the road aid station that she saw twice per loop
4.  Always be early.  The main crew spot was the start/finish area and we were just about a tenth of a mile away with our pop up right off of our jeep.   We had a few things we would haul each time to the main aid station and we were always super early.  We also made sure to leave for the road station, where we had crew access, earlier than we needed to, as it was about a 5-7 minute drive away.  Again I would rather sit in a field with a blanket and wait, versus being hurried and possibly missing our runner.  Since this was a loop course, it did make it easier to get to spots quickly and efficiently, but we still tried to be early even though she had given us estimates and we were estimating on the fly as well.    I had heard too many stories of crews missing their runners and then their runners crashing and burning since they didn't have what they needed.  We did have a drop box at one of the inaccessible aid stations, and she took most of her nutrition from the aid station itself, but it is better to be safe than sorry.  

5.  Give out specific job roles and stick to them.  I was the person who took her pack and loaded unloaded and refilled anything on the spot.  Mel was the medic and the body person, who handled feet inspection and prep, lube, and massages.  I was the bug spray person and the arnica applier.  Matt was the photographer and roller and get anything extra we needed.  We didn't swap jobs, we kept what we did every time we saw her, and we did it well.  When we would get back to base camp, we would quickly re stock the main aid box that we took around, take out dirty clothes or buffs that needed to be aired out and dried, and re fill the bottles with tail wind. I think the only thing we would change would be to pre make the tail wind in jugs to just fill the bottles as they came in.  We had two coolers: one to keep food, drinks, and our crew needs in that stayed at base camp, and one for bottles that needed to go back into packs and had wheels, that we traveled with.  

6.  Use some sort of tracking device.  We used the Find Friends app on our apple phones.  While sometimes it was a bit off since she was in the woods mostly (and not in the water strangely enough unlike what the app said), it gave us piece of mind seeing that head move closer to our blue dot.  Some races have timer mats down so you can kind of track that way as well, but since this is a trail race, the only mat was at the start finish. This race also had HAM operators at each aid station so that the runners could be tracked for when they checked in and out of the aid stations.  We utilized this once when we were getting slightly close to cut off times to make sure she was through the final aid station that had a cut off (she had 40 minutes to spare, so not an issue).

7.  Have fun.  Mel brought battleship (and she kicked my ass), I brought the card game exploding kittens, and we did lots and lots of talking (and farting eh hem, mel and matt).  We had phone signal so we could read email and FB, but I had books and magazines just in case.  You as a crew member may have long stretches of waiting so be prepared to keep you mind busy.  Some of the other crew members decorated their tents and had alcohol and music, but for me, alcohol = sleepy so no thanks this time.  We took one major nap, (if you can count 2.5 hours as major) and the other guys took a 30 minute nap later (i stayed up because if I would have slept then I would not have gotten up).  We did not have a shower house handy, but since we were more cold than hot, we didn't really get funky fresh.

Honestly other than forgetting a few items for the last loop (that thankfully were all in the bed of the truck, just short sprint away) I think our first pacing job went splendidly well.  Our runner Lindsey kept a wonderful attitude the entire run, even when she was in pain and peeing blood.  She had one of the best pacers in the world who kept pushing her and figured out how to keep her on track when she really was tired and not wanting to push.  We got to do a short loop with her on Bunker hill and then Wael took over again to push her to the finish.  We met them about a mile out from the finish and ran/power hiked it in.  I would gladly do this again and take everything I learned in stride to be an even better crew member.  The weather gods blessed us with mostly cool and wonderful weather and I am sure that played a huge part in the success but our runner was totally ready and we were as well.  We were a team and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Hawk 100 week!!!! It's game time!

Oh boy, I am nervous as hell so I can't even imagine with Lindsey is going through this week.  I have faith that we will all get through this but super nervous since I just don't know what to expect.  We have a great team and we will function as a well oiled machine together.  I am not sure how much running I will get done this week and I think that is okay.   I am hoping a light week with regards to running might help my body heal, so I can successfully run the Flatrock 25K with my stella ella.

my mom got him this housecoat.  I think he looks like cousin eddie!
Monday:  Labor day and day off. I got the cleaning bug so cleaned most of the day.  I had a very different massage monday morning including cupping (something I have always wanted to try, but honestly was scared to) by a lady that is local and is a teacher at the a beauty college in Manhattan.  We did some electrical work for her at her shop, so we were trading out a service for a service, and I am delighted to have someone local to add to my stable of massage and chiro. On another note, parts of Manhattan flooded early monday morning.  I use to live in these apartment buildings that were flooded out.

photo credits to the KMAN FB page
The water at one point was over those cars!  SO crazy! I lived on the third floor, so I would have been okay if it had ever flooded, but my truck wouldn't have been.  I send my prayers to those affected.  The rain is suppose to happen all week, so not sure how the city is going to handle yet more flooding. My beloved running store was also damaged by the rising waters, so hoping they can get dried out and keep the waters out before the next round.  

You know i had to get these!  Thanks to my doggy friend for alerting me!
Tuesday: 5 miles with 8 x 30 second fartleks.  I am still on the not getting up early bandwagon as Boom is settling in nicely, and I have two hours to kill anyway while andrew is getting his learn on, so over to a new place to run for me.  My normal tuesday route had horrible flooding and is pretty much unusable for quite a while.  I decided to run around Cico park for my 5 miles since even though it is all road and sidewalk, it's got some nice hills.  I had no clue how long the route was, but I knew it was over a mile at least, since we did it as part of a 5K once.   Even though it was super humid and sprinkled on me several times, I got it done with a smile on my face!  Afterwards, we had a meeting at Sylvan to see where Andrew was at and boy was I a mess!  I guess I should have thought ahead and brought a change of clothes or at least a shirt, but I didn't and between the sweat and the rain I kind of stunk up the place :)

Wednesday:  Crew meeting!  We will have one more crew meeting when they decide the route, since we all have been having substantial rainfall.  We are ready and all that is left is packing and then setting up race day.  Getting nervous and will be glad when it is go time. If I am this nervous, I can't even imagine what the runners might be feeling!

Thursday:  Another rest day.  Packing and lists and preparations, oh my!  I seriously feel like I am taking half of my house with me, but I don't want to have to leave the field at all for anything other than crew duties.  I want my mind 100 percent on my runner at all times!

Friday:  An easy 3 to get the legs happy for whatever may come.  I may or may not be pacing, so I need to be ready to go if she needs me.  If I don't run at all this weekend, so be it, my body probably would thank me.  If I do, my body can shut up and deal.  It looks like now the rain will possibly be just AM Saturday morning, and I am happy about that!  Plus highs in the lower 60s??? SHUT UP!  I will take the rain to get this lower temp!

Saturday:  CREWING!  Post to come!

Sunday:  CREWING! Post to come!  We learned SO much and I can't wait to do it again, well, once I get more sleep.  We had an amazing runner who had us very well prepared to handle whatever.  Plus, her pacer is a PRO and he gave us a lot of insight on how to be good crew and how to keep a runner moving, even when she doesn't want to.  Overall, HUGE success!  I am so excited my girl gets a big buckle for her birthday.  She is amazing and such an inspiration on what you can do if you set your mind to it.    

What a week! I know I saw that a lot but big week with big happenings!  My gal pal Lindsey met her goal and SMASHED it and I can't be more proud.  I have cried a few times because dang it, it is a very emotional thing and well, lack of sleep.  Our crew was solid and we had a good time even with the lack of sleep. Team #Itookthatlikeachamp will have to have some reunions for sure at future races.   I can safely say that a 100 is not in my head to do any time soon, but the 50 has crept back in every so slightly.  It's hard not to be at one of these races and not get inspired!

Have a great week!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Week 13-Training to crew the Hawk 100 and run the Flatrock 25K

Mr. Water dog
Our first week with Boom is in the books.  He is such a quirky little guy.  Hates snuggling, but likes to be sort of near.  Will put himself to bed.  Seems to be a huge thinker, but not scared of anything yet.  Caught on to the crate relatively quickly and now seems to enjoy it.  Still is pretty good about using his litter box, but will also go outside and potty and has had very few accidents (mainly my fault for not watching close enough).  Loves to chase toys but doesn't like to bring them back.  LOVES playing with Sparky and Stella.  Still can't get deuce to join in (deuce is now the resident grump).  LOVES to chew on furniture.  I just love him so much and couldn't have asked for a nicer pup.  He is integrating into our family so seamlessly and I love it!

Monday:  Rest day.  Run around like a crazy person day.  At KSU then back to Wamego then back to Manhattan.  If we could figure out a way to teleport from Manhattan to Wamego, that would be lovely.

Tuesday:  easy 6.  I tried something different today and it sort of worked, but sort of didn't work.  I am still trying to get Boom on a schedule, so I didn't want to get up at 4 am to run with the girls.  My idea was to get up at our normal 6 am when everyone gets up,  wear the puppy out quickly, and then head out to get at least an hours worth of running in.  I had hoped that I could get at least five and that andrew would be ready to go to school when I got home.  While the plan sort of worked, I felt very rushed afterwards (I had a dental appointment in Manhattan that didn't help matters) and I didn't like that.  I will usually on Tuesdays run post work while Andrew is at tutoring from now on, but this time we had back to school night at night, so I had to get my run in in the morning.  May try this again on Thursday and see if it works better.

Wednesday:  Cross training/strength.  Other than my PT I did, I did not get any other working out in.  Instead I worked both jobs, got home late, ate dinner and went to bed.  #sorrynotsorry

Thursday:  Easy 6.  Hubby left for TN to attend his mom's wedding, so I was stuck at home taking care of pups and kiddos.  I decided to run with my BRF who was off of work post dropping Andrew off at school.  That was the plan till we heard thunder.  She needed to get to Manhattan to do some errands, so I waited a bit and then headed out.  The storm seemed to be moving away and was east and south of us.  I didn't seem to struggle as much as the clouds were out and the humidity wasn't horrible.  I am so looking forward to fall/winter running when I can enjoy the low humidity and the cold wind.  I will take  wind chill any day over 100% humidity.

Friday: Rest day.  Hubby left for TN on Thursday, so didn't have anyone watching little man and honestly, Andrew and I  had a date post work anyway to go eat mexican and have ice cream.

Satuday:  easy 5 mile + soccer.  I had 0 motivation to run and the dreadmill didn't even sound appeasing at all.  I toyed with the idea of just taking a weekend off as my back/hip/butt and feet actually were feeling better. 

We had our very first soccer game with only 2 practices under our belt.  I am very pleasantly surprised because for the first time Andrew didn't 1) cry 2)beg to come out and 3)lay on the field.  He hustled, he tried, and he even scored a goal.  It got hot and they play 4 or 4 so he had a ton of playing time and of course the heat kind of got him at times.  We basically bribed him to play last year and he remembered those bribes, so after his goal, he came over to the sidelines and asked if that was good enough for a lego set LOL!  Any time the game has no tears, I call it a win!  I am excited to see how this season goes because I am not coaching, so I can actually watch and cheer!

Sunday:  Long run or 5.  I needed to do one or the other.  I had a baby sitter lined up for me to run in the morning, but I just didn't feel like running when I got up.  I felt like grocery shopping and getting stuff done, not running. Of course it was going to be feels like over 100, so not running firs thing outside was not an option.  I just told myself that if I didn't run this weekend, it probably was not a big deal.  We did our running around including brunch, a trip to varsity doughnuts for dessert, and grocery shopping, and then headed home.  Andrew wasn't feeling great, so I figured we would just hang out and play video games and sleep.  Well, the guilt got to me and I figured I would just hit the dreadmill and get what I could.  I needed 10 and I had a good TV show that I wanted to binge (just finished sharper objects and now watching The Deuce), so it wasn't all that bad for the hour and forty minutes I was on.  Unfortunately, when I was at mile 8, Andrew decided he had had enough of me being in the other room and on the mill and had a total melt down.  I talked him into walk running with me for another mile around our house and then called it good. 

I was short a mile on my Tuesday run, 1 mile on my long run, and 5 miles on my Saturday run, but I don't care.  My body knows how to do this, so even if I have short weeks, I should be fine for next weekend and my race.  Bring on my first Crew job and bring on some Hawk 100 trails!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Safer running-my story

Since we have started back up the conversation of women and running, I thought I would share my story of what happened in our tiny town one night when I was running. This was years ago mind you but still. I saw a truck drive down main street as I was heading down one end. I noticed the guy was staring intently at me, and it took me aback. My hubby was in school in Topeka that night and while I was running with my dog harley, the man's intensity kind of scared me. As I was running down the other side of mainstreet, he came back down mainstreet in his truck and actually pulled into a parking lot between buildings basically blocking me. He got out and started saying something to me, but I was so scared I just took off running as hard as I could. The local bar was having a bike night and was a few buildings down so I went to where I knew people would protect me and not let anything happen to me. Once I felt safer and calmer, I headed home with my heart in my throat the whole way. I did see the gentleman's truck in a driveway as I passed on my way home. I do not know what he said to me as i was in full out panic mode. I did have my dog with me but he didn't seem to be concerned about the guy (Weird). After that night I taught all of my dogs the "Don't bite the nice man" trick where i would say that phrase to get them really riled up and rewarded them for going batshit crazy when I said that. I now mostly run with my BRF, a double black belt ninja who can kick ass, and usually not one but two dogs who both know don't bite the nice man.

It's sad in a world like today that women still have to fear for their lives when running. I didn't have a cell phone that night, but I sure carry mine with me for all of my runs now. I also make direct eye contact and wave to any car that passes by, mostly hoping that me looking right at them and acknowledging them will scare them away from stopping and trying to do anything to me since I saw them and noted their vehicle. I also will pretend to take pictures of the car or the plate as they drive by and have actually taken some photos for real just in case. You just never know and that is SUPER sad. I mainly run on rural routes because we have had cars yell out of the window at us about our breasts and other lewd comments while running in town. It's sad since running on town routes would actually be better since it is more well populated and well lit. Why are we having these issues in 2018 and why do they seem to be getting worse? I am NOT a piece of meat. I am NOT going to be turned on by you yelling lewd comments at me, so what purpose does it serve for you? I was running on my rural route the other night when two older boys came from the other direction on bikes. There aren't many people who bike out on this route so I could already feel my danger danger feelings coming up. I had stella with me and my phone but I felt very uncomfortable. I shouldn't have to feel this way yet here I am. I also took a self defense course and while I got some really good stuff out of the class, I never really got to practice it so I feel like it won't be very usable. I think the biggest concept I got from the class is don't be a victim, but running at 4 am in the dark isn't the best way to do that in this day and age unfortunately. I honestly don't have answers to how we can change this. Ask any female runner and she will have a story of not one time, but multiple times stuff has happen to her on a run at the expense of a male. What can we do? What should we do? I don't have the answers but I wish I did.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

August Runfessions

Grab a beer and settle in for some runfessions.  It's a busy month as we start back to school, have three nights a week with activities, and start soccer again!

We have lost our minds.  We are adding back a third aussie to our pack.  It's been 7 years since we have had a puppy in our household, but Stella's sister was having her last litter, and I just couldn't pass the opportunity by to get a close relative to my other two aussies.  I am not looking forward to the sleepless nights and the super early potty mornings, BUT I already get up four days a week anyway to run so why not :)  My plan is for this dog to be a junior's dog for Andrew, BUT stella was suppose to be for tony and you see how that worked out.  I have never trained and had a puppy in the house disrupting schedules either so WHEEEEE!

Schools back in session!  I am praying for a better year for my little man.  He still seems to be a "frustrated learner" and I would love to try and figure out why he struggles so, but from what I am hearing, that is just how some kids are and always will be.  We have really been working hard at the end of summer along with his twice weekly sylvan sessions, so I am hoping it all pays off.  We also still have the issue of his nervous stomach, which has already reared it's ugly head once, but at least we know that is what it is and not some medical condition, as of course, he has been perfectly fine all summer long.

My body just hates me.  Even with more trail time, all kind of additions to my shoes and feet, and weekly massages when I have the money, nothing is getting better.  I am kind of bummed because the only other thing that is logical is to take time off and fall/winter is my FAVORITE time to run!  The logical side will catch up to me eventually, but right now, the illogically side is winning and I am still running. Remind me how stupid I am when I am sitting on the sidelines this fall.  I have already seen a few races that I would like to do this fall that i didn't have on my radar already:)  Like another race where you loop for so many hours and you see how far you get.  Not sure why but I do love those!  I also am thinking about new shoes. I do like my bondis, but I do feel like the toe box is too narrow and that the shoes and or the heel cups in the shoes may be jacking up my back.  Fix one problem, create another.  I have no clue what shoe to look at next.  I feel like i have tried them all at this point and not one really truly works for me.  I need something with cushion, mid level heel drop, huge toe box, can run on trail/gravel trail, and of course not in a hideous color.  Any suggestions?