Sunday, August 18, 2019

Week 12 of 24: Training for the Run Amok 50 miler CUT BACK WEEK!

I couldn't have had a better week for some easy cut back down time.  Another heat wave, a 1 mile PTO event I had been planning for a long time, and active recovery!

Monday:  Rest day.  After not getting much sleep the night before, I needed a rest day.  Note to self, don't work out right before bed. I finally popped two melatonins around 11:30 pm.  Those who know me know that I am usually out by 9-9:30 pm, so this is SUPER late for me! 

Tuesday:  Easy 6. I know I sound like a broken record.  Holy moly, 100% humidity and 76 degrees at 5 am.  Dogs were a no go and we were drenched in sweat in the first quarter mile.  We did see about 8 meteors during our run which was super fun!  I took it easy as it is a cut back week and just enjoyed what there was to enjoy.

Wednesday:  Easy 4.  It was a little less hot and humid, but still icky.  We took the dogs since it was a shorter run and they managed fine. The only problem was the dang gravel fairy had dumped a TON of rocks on our route and they were very hard to run on. They were very loose, big, and covered the entire road from side to side.  In the dark it was very hard to navigate and stay upright, so we had to take it very easy.  Later, we got an invitation to go spend some time at Widgets (our local Chucky cheese, but way a more fun place).  Since my hubby is the boss, he said go for it and we had SO much fun!  I love that he still has friendships with his preschool friends and wish more of them were in class together. I am not even going to tell you how much it cost to "win"  that Narwhal. 

Thursday:  Easy 6.  Another 6 ixer.  Another humid run, plus a full moon, plus the start of school!  How is my kiddo already in 2nd grade!  This is his last year at his current school and it's so bittersweet. I have loved being able to walk him to school every day and while I will still get to walk him to the shuttle bus for his next school, I will really miss the staff and teachers at his very first elementary school.

Of course we have to get back in the routine of Boom going and everyone marveled at how big he has gotten.  We need a TON of work on our leash manners and manners in general, but string cheese is the and I am ready to get my dog trainer hat back on and go to work.  In picking Andrew up post school, I asked what his favorite part of the day was and he answered recess and getting to "hang" with his teacher.  I hope that she is very patient and kind with him and allows him to show her that he really is a smart and creative little guy.  

Friday:  Rest day.  The boys had KSU baseball camp post school and I had PTO stuff.  Our big run was Saturday and we had packet pick up, course marking, and last minute preparations to attend to.  I had planned on eating and getting to bed early, but I was dragging doing other stuff and then the boys came home and I had to get a recap on camp.  It sounded like a TON of fun and I think both the hubby and little man learned so much.  

Saturday:  Long run day! I planned on waking up at 4 am and then heading out at 5 to get my 14.  The weather had other plans.  It stormed most of the night and it got so bad that our neighbors tree fell over and blocked the entire street and almost landed on their cars!  The dogs were on top of me from about 1 am on, so I didn't get much sleep.  I sent Robin a brief message saying the storms didn't look like they were going to abate any time soon, so we could move our long run till Sunday since it is only a 4 run a week cut back week.  I decided active recovery would be nice and post the boys heading to baseball camp, I got on my bike and got some mileage in.  Lots of the fields were flooded and two sections of our long run route was under water.  I biked through both, but the one above is going to be fun to run through!

Then this happened.  It was clear the shelter day and all pet adoptions were 25 dollars.  Andrew has been wanting a kitten since Sparky disappeared and we told him if he worked hard in school  AND he took care of the cat, he could have a cat again. I told my hubby my two requirements were NO kittens since we have three dogs and NO long haired cats since I am allergic.  Guess what?  NO one listened and they came home with a very sickly, very scrawny long haired kitten.  I set him up in a dog crate with his litter box, food, water, and a big dog bed, as he is too young to be out and about unsupervised with the dogs. My hope is that he can go to work with us and hang out just like sparky did, so he doesn't have to be in the crate all day.  Post getting the kitten set up quickly, we headed out to set up for our Back to School Bash at the school that i have been helping plan since spring of last year.  

I think it was a success as we had gotten rid of the 5K and just had a 1 mile run, kid's fun runs, and added a meal.  We wanted it to be less about the race and more about the family atmosphere, and I think we succeeded in that.  Andrew and Tony ran the 1 miler, even though they were super tired from baseball camp and super late.  OOPS.  Their time was worse than last year but they had two days of baseball camp on their legs and it was hot by the time we did the races.  

Sunday:  Long run day take 2!  Up at 4 am for some kitten cuddles.  Little Elvis has a pretty bad cold and is sneezing and wheezing, so he and I sat in the bathroom with the shower on as hot as it would go so we could get some steam and hopefully help him to breath better.  We finally got on the road around 5:20 am and hoped we would miss the rain and storms as the radar indicated.  We had brief sprinkles but other than that, the weather was actually nice.  Cloudy with a little bit of wind, and only humidity and sun later in our run.  We took our time, enjoyed the run, and got it done.  Afterwards, we did errands, got some pool time, and enjoyed our Sunday. YEAH for shorter long runs!

I guess it's back to it next week!  I have some BIG runs coming up and trying not to freak out about it.  I will get done what I can and the rest will be what it is.  Have a great week!  

Monday, August 12, 2019

Week 11 of 24: Training for Running Amok 50 miler

One more week and then it's back to school time  AND another cut back week!  I can't believe that this summer has gone by so quickly. I will miss the flexibility that is summer, but I am looking forward to getting Andrew back on a consistent schedule with regards to bed times, wake ups, and day time activities.  I think he has had a very memorable summer, even if we haven't stayed up on our schooling like I had hoped.  Oh well, 2nd grade should be interesting no matter what.  Last year at his current school before moving up to be with the big kids, EEEEKKK!!!  This year he got an older teacher who has 16 years experience so I am hoping this will be a great thing for him since he has had two younger teachers previously.

School hair cut time!  Meet the curlhawk...that lasted one day LOL
Monday:  Rest day. We are starting back to our regular in school routine.  I can't believe this summer is already over with :(  Monday nights will be music nights again and Andrew was ecstatic about being back in class.  Since he turned 7 this summer, he has to start figuring out what instrument he likes so he can start specializing in it.  Every week it's something different, so time shall tell!  Right now it's the drums, but in the past, it's been the electric guitar and or the keyboards.  I would be happy with any and all instruments so I can play along with my trumpet.

Happy girl!
Tuesday:  Easy 8.  My running partner was out of commission, so I had decisions to make.  If it were too hot and humid to the point that Stella couldn't go, I probably needed to stick to the treadmill and not run by myself at 5 am.  When I woke up, we were right on the line with the dew point at 70, the humidity at 92, and the temp at 72.  I decided I would do a mile and see how Stella reacting. IF she was struggling, we would go home.  If not we would continue and I would re-evaluate at the 2 mile mark.  I figured any miles on the road was better than all miles on the mill.  She seemed okay and I had plenty of water for both of us, so we kept going to the turn around at 4 miles.  We both made it home sweaty and happy, but missing Rockin Robin :(

Game night!  
Wednesday:  6 miles of speed.  As always or should I say as lately, my body woke me up at 3 something and I quickly checked the radar as we had predicted storms.  I honestly don't mind doing speed work on the mill, as the changing of the speeds keeps my mind off of the fun that is dreadmill running.  It appeared that they would hold off until after 7 and I had planned on being done before that.  I decided to reset my alarm for 5 and go out around 5:15, since it appeared that i had plenty of time.  I took a little while to get ready and as I checked my radar and lightning app, everything still appeared to be pretty far away.  I headed out and got about a quarter of a mile before I turned around due to lightning.  Even though my app said the strikes were more than 25 miles away, they looked super close and I did NOT want to get stuck in a storm. I am so glad i went back because 2 minutes after I started running on the mill, the bottom fell out.  As I am typing this, it is STILL storming like crazy and roads are flooding everywhere around us. Later on we had game night.  Screen time for all of us has been a little out of control at night and i get it, everyone needs to zone out, but I feel like it has been a little too much lately.  We played Outfoxed, Sorry, Scrabble, Yahtzee, and Uno. I LOVE board games as mom and I played many nights just her and I, and I can't wait till Andrew loves it as much as I do.

stick a fork in me!
Thursday:  Easy 8.  Once again we were suppose to get morning T storms.  When my body woke me up at 3, it was already lightening outside.  The radar showed it going south of us, but the lightning was just too close for comfort. I made the decision to sleep in and run later.  This always makes my day not go so well, I am not sure why I always chose sleep because the whole day I am thinking about when I am going to run and stalking the weather.  Plus, normally if the sun is out and it's august, Stella can't go. When I finally got off work and ready, it was feels like 90 outside, but very low humidity.  I decided to try with Stella and have my hubby on stand by so that if she showed ANY signs of heat stress I could call him.  We were fine till we got to the turn around at mile 4 to head back.  We were out of water as I had frozen my hand held and Stella and I had drank all of the water that had melted.  The rest was still frozen solid and not melting for some odd reason.  I called the hubby to come bring us water and he showed up with my bladder.   Which is great.  Except, I had no pack on so no way to carry the bladder AND no hose LOL!!!!!  Great idea just didn't work, so I had him take Stella with him, and I managed on the little bit of water I had left.  I missed her dearly, but it wasn't worth her over heating without water to drink.

the aftermath of stella being in the hubby's truck.  Whoops.  

Friday:  Rest day.  I probably should have gotten my Sunday run in since we have a car race Sunday during the day, but sleep called my name and I enjoyed it.  The boys even went to a movie  so I could get into bed super early to get up super duper early.  My hubby is really rocking this training cycle by doing stuff with Andrew,  which means I can get in bed early, I really appreciate it!l

Saturday:  Tried to get in bed early and take some melatonin, but my body had other plans. I think I finally went to sleep around 9 something after some false starts of sleeping and then being awaken by noises/dogs.  The boys went to the movie theater, so the house was quiet, but the dogs swore they heard boogie men several times.  Up at 3 am as my body now automatically gets me up at that time anyway.  Fueled and got ready to head out.  Feels like 72 with 92% humidity. Sigh. I didn't know how much time i would get with Stella, as the dew point was already at 69 and suppose to get worse as the morning went on.

We did an out and back on my normal route (10 miles) and then hit the house up for a new cold bottle of tailwind, some more jolly ranchers, and a honey stinger waffle. I wanted to try alternating tailwind with something solid so I am not just sucking down tailwind for hours.  I quartered the waffle and tried taking a quarter at each walk break.  Stella also likes this strategy, as she gets a little bite now and again, so she says more waffles mom!  After our second out and back, I felt like the sun was out and it was getting to hot and gross for Stella. I was stopping periodically to give her fresh water and there was some water still on the road, but the cloud cover was spotty at best when the sun came up,  and I didn't want her to get into danger.  I dropped her off and headed back out to get the final 5 miles.  I know I need to vary my route and get more trail time, but right now to beat the heat, I have to get out on the road by 4 am.  The safest place for me to do that is on my normal gravel roads that are pancake flat.  I am doing hills when I can, but I am kind of glad my 50 miler is on a pretty gentle trail that is a 6. something loop.  
Yes I add syrup to my waffle, yes that's real butter, and no I did not eat the sausage patties because they tasted odd

Post running we had a nice brunch and hit up our local running store for me to order some new shoes.  Sigh.  High volume training = more than normal pairs of shoes.  The new Hoka Stinsons are out and I pray they haven't done anything crazy to them because the 4s are the bomb and work great for my weird feet and body.  Also, got the new tailwind Cola singles.  They said it tasted like drinking coke on the run, so I am pretty excited to try it!  Plus, it has caffeine and while I do like my Run Gum for a caffeine kick and actual coke at aid stations, it would be nice to be able to change up my flavors of tailwind and get some added bonus.  
it won't be long and he will be taller than me and that is crazy!
We also on a whim checked out the Hyvee Birthday Bash (our local grocery store we love).  It's their 10th birthday and they had all kinds of fun stuff including free bouncy houses, lots of samples, pony rides at 5 bucks a pop, all kinds of animals to pet and feed (feed cost money), and face painting/balloon art.  Plus, they had the most amazing shaved ice and food trucks including our favorite local food truck Smokin' Willies.  Just add a beer garden and we would have been set LOL!  

Sunday:  I had to get my 1 hour 45 minute run done pre race and that meant yet another early morning. I had volunteered to learn how to do computer work and the tower for the races and I was kind of nervous.  Other than the novice moms I hang out with in the stands, I really don't know any of the regular moms.  Plus, and I sound like a broken record here, the weather reports for the morning looked horrible.  Sure enough when my alarm went off at 4 am, there was lots of lightening and the storms were on their way.  I went back to sleep, even hit snooze when my alarm finally went off meaning no running pre-race.  I had a very full day learning tower stuff and I still am very overwhelmed.  The computer scores everything as the cars have transponders on them, but you have to have two hand scorers as well, because the computer can get confused.  I was super confused when cars got lapped. I have to get some sort of system down for accounting for every single lapped car.  It can get confusing because the oval is very short and lapping of slower cars for certain classes can happen very fast.  I also did not get any video of Andrew.  

I have alot in my brain about the day but I will keep it brief here.  He got 1st in qualifying with his fastest time ever, 3rd in the heat race (HE PASSED A CAR) and then last place in the feature.  I am not sure what happened in the feature other than he didn't want to pass, has lost total confidence in passing basically, so if he is at the back (fastest car goes to the back) then he will sit there and putter around.  I hated not being able to talk to him and see what was going on, but I had to work and work I did.  I even got to hand out awards at the end and talk in front of people which I LOVE!  The boys went to dinner and I hightailed it home to hit the mill.  I finally got on around 7 and finished close to 9.  Then I was WIDE AWAKE till 11:30.  Yeesh.  I don't like doing that, but it had to be done and Schitt's Creek and 4:1 run:walk intervals got me through.  

Thanks for joining me this week and see you next week when I will be in yet another wonderful cut back week!!!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Week 10 of 24: Training for the Run Amok 50 miler

This was a tough week for me.  Trying to get over viral mess, shuttling kiddos to the last camp of the year, and craziness in life in general dominated.  I am proud of myself for handling the ups and downs better than I use to, because the old me would probably be in tears 24/7 with the crap that popped up this week.  Enjoy my beautiful mess of a life right now.

Look at my V02 max!
Monday:  Rest day.  I woke up feeling much better, fever free and ready to get back it at sort of.  I had kids to take to camp in Manhattan and a full day's worth of work at the shop some of which I had planned on getting some done during the weekend.  Cue the fun that is Monday.  Tahoe wouldn't start which meant Tony had to hurriedly get dressed and take the boys to camp in Manhattan.  Got the Tahoe jumped off and to the dealership, was only a battery thank goodness.  Roofing nail in the tire of our shop truck.  GAH.  Then to work to deal with some issues.  AH the joy of owning your own business, you know all the things.  Sometimes I think I would like to go back to knowing nothing.  I am learning so much about the ebb and flow of business though and how to be patient.  Then, found out the bank I financed my Tahoe through still had my automatic payments all screwed up and I HAD to go to Manhattan to a local branch or pay a fee to pay my payment.  Sigh.  This is the third month they claimed it would come out of my account automatically and it didn't. I even had paper work to prove it was set up and set up correctly by said bank.  Oh well, patience is a virtue right?   Stress level through the roof but was able to get to bed early, read to Andrew some really good books, and read myself before getting to sleep.

The dogs laying on top of us AKA cuddling
Tuesday:  Rest day.  I honestly didn't know how many miles my body would allow. I had 10 on the schedule and I was cautiously optimistic while preparing my tail wind and Stella's water the night before.  I slept HORRIBLE.  I had nightmares all night about Andrew getting kidnapped and kept waking up with a headache and sore neck. I kind of thought I was just sleeping wonky or at least hoped that was the case.  I finally got up around 3:56 am before my alarm was going to go off and shuffled down stairs to get my coffee started, the dogs fed, and the thermometer.  My temp was 99.6 and quickly started increasing.  I quickly sent my running partner a message (who was out of town but mirroring my run where she was at), and asked her what should I do.  I was planning on immediately taking advil for my headache anyway, but should i push it?  It was PERFECT weather outside, low temps and not horrible humidity.  I went out and watched for meteors and contemplated taking another day off versus forcing a run. In the end I decided to not run and take it easy one more day. I kept my eye on the prize, the long runs this weekend versus getting the other runs done.  I hoped it was just the stress of the day that caught up to me and hoped one more day of doing nothing would help. I knew it wouldn't hurt for sure.  Who am I?  In years past I would be frantic that I didn't get my run in.  I think I am finally growing up and making smart choices LOL!!!!!

Wednesday:  I woke up well rested, fever free, and most importantly headache free.  I felt like an easy 6 with no hills would be okay.  I would just play it by ear and go back home if I was feeling bad or whatever.  I noticed my weather app said it might rain but the radar looked clear.  As I head out running east two things happened.  One a weird SUV that is NEVER on our road at that time of morning was out cruising around (not a cop) and two, there was HUGE cloud to ground lightening in the distance.  I don't take either of these things lightly, lightening can kill and so can not being up on your stranger danger.  I quickly checked my app and it appeared all of the lightning was at least 25 miles away.  Whew. Pretty to watch, but still super scary.  I also passed a male runner who Robin and I have been seeing out on our route coming back from where I was headed and stopped him to ask if he had seen the man.  He told me the man had not come his way so I was safe and that also there was a cop out on our route patrolling.  Whew.  We finished drenched in sweat and happy to be done!

Thursday:  Easy 8.  My body has this thing now where it likes to wake me up around 3:45 every morning.  I usually go back to sleep and sleep the hardest 15 minutes ever right before my alarm goes off.  Robin was back so we were ready to conquer the 8 miler together.  It was nice to run and talk and just get those miles done.

Friday Night Cudddles!
Friday:  Well....I had intentions of getting my 2 hour run done because Andrew has another night race and I knew Sunday would be a bust.  OR I could do 10 that I missed on Monday and still run Saturday and Sunday.  Either way, when I woke up, it was thundering and lightning so the decision was made to postpone till later.  Except it rained, all day long and the thought of doing 10 on the mill just never sounded appealing.  Even when it wasn't raining it was 100% humidity out and just plain yucky.  I chose to take a rest day, have a good dinner with the family and watch a movie.  No regrets.

Saturday:  Long run day and race day!  Based on the weather predictions, I fully expected to wake up to more storms.  I was surprised to wake up to very humid conditions, but no rain.  I had stayed up a little later than normal watching the movie The Upside with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston.  I kept thinking I would just go to bed and finish the next day, but it was very good! I honestly didn't feel too bad getting up at 4 am, as I thought I would.  We did a quick 3ish miles in town and then dumped the dogs off as the sun started coming up.  The humidity was kicking both of our asses and we were SOAKING wet when we got done.  Thank you 4:1 intervals for getting us through 100% humidity safely.  We were super lucky that the clouds hung around so at least we didn't have the sun to compete with too.  I didn't get any pictures because oddly enough I left my phone at home after a bathroom break we took.

After long run and clean up, we had to get ready to race.  We had our next night race and I was nervous/excited to see how Andrew raced after 3 weeks off.  We have had some one step forward, 2 steps back races lately, and I just never know what we are going to get because well, he's a kid and he's 7.  In practice it seemed his car was really tuned in and running great.  He had the fastest lap he has ever run in practice.  He was running a beautiful line until other kids got out on the track and then he started running their line.  Sigh.  Oh well, heat race one he got 3rd, wouldn't pass even though I felt like he had the faster car of at least the second place car.  Second heat race he was in the back and decided to just hang out there.  Double sigh.  There was a wreck and he thought they would throw the caution so he slowed down, let all the cars pass him and guess what, no caution!  Lesson learned, never assume.  Feature race was super late and super long.  They ran over 100 laps before the race was called due to cautions/time limit.  There was lots of upset parents and the flag man quit before the race was over.   I was a little shocked at how some of the parents were acting and kind of embarrassed.  Oh well, I am learning this is everywhere no matter what sport we do.  We finally got home around 1 am and crashed.

Sunday:  2 hour runAndrew and I slept till 10:30 when I forced myself to get up.  The dogs actually woke me up at 6:30 to feed them, but I quickly went back to bed.  Getting up early to get this run done was not an option, so instead I focused on a late afternoon/night run.  I use to be an afternoon/night runner for years so it would be quite fun to try again. The boys went to the track to practice with another restrictor plate (less restricting + more gas = faster), so i had the afternoon to clean, listen to podcasts, and read books.  I finally got geared up to go out around 6 pm, and it was feels like 92.  Surprisingly, the run went really, really well. I got almost 10 miles in, maintaining a faster pace that I normally do, go figure.  I have been listening to the podcast The Teacher's Pet so that took my mind off of the heat.  Stella didn't get to go but hoping this coming week will be nicer for her. 

We MADE it!  What a week!  One more week of no childcare and then school starts back EEEEK!  I can't believe this summer has gone by so fast!  Have a great week y'all!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Week 9 of 24: Training for the Run Amok 50 miler

Get ready for a crazy week!  With Tony being out of town a few days and Andrew being sick and then sharing, all plans of a scheduled week kind of went out of the window.  Can I have one week of just calm, cool, and collected?

Monday:  Normally rest day, but to avoid two days on the mill, decided to run Monday, move the speed work out till Tuesday (on the mill), and rest Wednesday.  We had a much needed break in the heat, meaning Stella could go again.   Back up though, I didn't get much sleep the night before.  Andrew was running another weird for no reason fever, and he was sleeping down stairs with daddy.  I just couldn't sleep not knowing if he was okay, but I kept telling myself that tony had it under control.  I guess his fever got as high as 103.5 at one point!!!!!  I started playing the game of if I go to sleep now I will get X amount of sleep.  When 4 am hit, I was in a deep, deep sleep and dreaming.  Why does that always happen?  I rolled out of bed, fueled and had coffee, and then met Robin to get our 8.  It was in the 60s, but the humidity was super high at 94% . Ick.  Add on to the fact that there was an interesting gentleman walking around at 5 am with a full back pack and a road vest (making him very visible), and just acting extra odd and you get the vibe of our run.   There was lots of wild life out too which made it extra spooky!

Tuesday:  Andrew was up at 5:35 am running another high fever. I let him have my phone to watch some cartoons while I tried to get a few extra Zs.  Our plan of him riding his bike and me running quickly went out of the window, since Tony was out of town by this point.  The next idea was a run on the mill in the afternoon.  As soon as i got off of work, I headed to the mill to watch some Schitt's Creek and run. 

I will be honest in that 6 miles flew by.  I tried to do two 30 second sprints per 4 minute run and then enjoy my one minute walk.  I think I made it through 3 episodes or so and really enjoyed it. I did have to hop off to pee a few times, but it was quite I dare say enjoyable.  Post running I had a PTO meeting.  We are in the home stretch of the Back to school Bash I am helping plan and my nerves are running high. I  know it will all work out, but I keep thinking i have forgotten something and that is driving me up the wall.  We only have 13 runner signed up for our 1 mile run, and while I know that number will increase as it always does, it makes it super hard to order T shirts and food.  Last year we had 112 runners in both the 5K and the 1 mile and who knows how many kiddos in the fun run, plus all of their families.  Our meal is free to runners who register and free will donation for those who want to stay and eat but aren't running.  So how do you plan numbers for that????

Wednesday:  Rest day.  Normally speed work day but with me moving things around we slept till 7 am and enjoyed our day.  Well, enjoyed our day as much as you can with a workman's comp audit and lots of financial stuff to do at work.  Finally got my debit card working post all the fraud issues in town so felt like a new woman being able to buy things LOL!!!!  I can't remember if I talked about the huge fraud issue that hit our little tiny town, but someone stole debit card numbers and pin numbers and took them to Wichita and had a field day.  I was only out around 600 bucks but others were not so lucky.  I must have turned my card off quick enough because some had theirs used at an ATM and got their accounts cleaned out!!!!  I was very lucky and my bank was very awesome about the whole process.  At this time they still haven't found the skimmer/individual.   I also got my new water bottle.  I have always wanted one of those bottles that tells you how much to drink and when.  When I saw this cute bottle on Etsy with the dogs and the dog paw I had to have it.  I don't have any issues getting this much in at the designated times, but I am in the bathroom every 5 minutes and and my pee is like water.  I know that drinking water and the amount is personal and can't be a designated number that everyone has to or can drink.  I will try this for a while and I think any water i get in is a win in my book, since I am probably chronically dehydrated.  Plus, it kept me from consuming my normal morning diet soda, something that I have gotten super bad at doing.

Thursday:  8 miles easy.  We found a leather chair that seemed in good condition on our route.  It had a crushed beer can in it, so someone had been using it.  We continue to get blessed with amazing weather and Robin and I are so loving it.  Temps in the 60s and very low humidity make it actually nice to get out and do longer runs.  I wish this would stick around for the rest of the year, but I know it won't.  Going to enjoy it while we can though.

Friday:  Usually rest day, but kind of liked getting one of the weekend runs done pre weekend.  I know there is a whole point to the back to back long runs, but I still think it serves a purpose the way I sometimes do the shorter long run first.  The shorter long run called for an hour and 45 minutes and we almost got a full 9 miles in, oh so close.  It was warmer than the other days but no humidity with a nice wind so VERY nice. I can only pray that it is this nice again for my long run.  The chair was gone, but the rigs were going full force, and it was fun to run through the cold water.

Saturday:  Long run day!  22 miles on the plan and the 3rd run in a row.  Decided to try going to bed around 7:30 pm and getting up at 3:30 am to hit the road around 4:30 am to beat some of the sun.  It was still hot, 70 degrees at 4:30 am, BUT the humidity was super low.  I had prepared my bottles and pack a head of time to save time and be able to get on the road as soon as possible.  I had planned to do an out and back and then some loops in the shade if at all possible when the sun came up. Of course i always plan something and then completely change it when I am running. I got 10 in the dark and headed back to the house to get ice cold tailwind bottles.  I had planned on going back out and getting another 10 stupidly on the gravel and full sun, but Robin sent me a message asking where I was.  I hooked up with her and we headed out to do some town miles in the shade.  We caught a break with the sun, so got out and did some hills  west of town before coming back into the flatter part of town.  I had trouble with my water bladder not wanting to squirt into Stella's bowl which was hugely frustrating.  I have no clue what I was doing wrong and occasionally could get it to work, but finally had to resort to sucking on the tubing and filling my mouth up with water, and then spitting it into her bowl.  I know dogs aren't picky but still. 

We got back into town and tried to stay on as many shade covered tree lined streets as possible.  Robin ended up doing 8 miles with me which was a very nice distraction on how I was feeling.  I was hydrating like a boss, taking big sips of my tail wind every time i had a walk interval and going through my one bottle per hour plus some jolly ranchers for pick me ups.  I was feeling very sore (i guess not use to that much pavement miles) and just not great.  I hit up the house for another ice cold bottle of tail wind and some coke, plus a honey stinger waffle to chew something.  Cued up some music and headed out to finish my last four.  Stella did two more with me before she was getting pretty hot and tired, so took her back to the house.  At this point I was just crisscrossing around our side of town getting as much shade as possible.  I am sure the neighbors thought I had lost my mind as I ran by their houses again and again. Finally finished and sat on the porch for a bit just trying not to puke or pass out.  I was having weird pains shooting through my toes and fingers and was feeling very nauseous.  My hubby brought me some more regular coke so I could sip on it for the nausea.  Needed to run to work so post shower grabbed a sweet tea and some french fries from McDonalds.  Got to work, took my temp and hmmmm, 100.9.  No wonder I was feeling like pure dog doo.  I really feel like it is probably the virus Andrew had earlier this week and not anything heat related but honestly I do NOT have time to be sick right now.    I am hoping this is also why this run really sucked in so many ways. The heat was not really that bad till probably my final four miles.  Spent most of the day in bed, which honestly was nice post 22 miles, but could have done without the achy body and the chills.

Sunday:  Rest day.  Foreshadowing that my body wanted me to run on Friday maybe?  Either way, super glad to have two rest days to get over this mess, yet again.  I really don't want to miss anymore runs like i did last time. The fever got as high as 102.5 and I finally had to take some advil to get rid of the headache.  That knocked it down to the 99s so I could get some sleep and rest.  The rest of the day I just took it easy,  As I type this, I need to make a decision about a concert I was going to attend in KC.  Part of me wants to go and just take advil around the clock to control my fever.  The other part of me wants to stay in bed today again and rest and get better and not drug myself all day.  We shall see what happens.

It was a hectic week but got it all done! Pray that this stupid virus only hangs around 2 days so I can get back to training next week!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Summer Runfessions

Okay I haven't done one of these in a while, but I need to get some stuff out so here it is.  Diving right in now to get this stuff off of my chest!

I runfess I am so fed up with the house we live in.  We were SUCH naive new homeowners and we really didn't look past the pretty-ness of the house or the enclosed privacy fenced back yard.  Since living here we have taken out one leaky skylight completely and put a patch in, repaired two more multiple times, re roofed the house, replaced three skylights totally, replaced the plumbing from the downstairs bathroom all the way to the back alley (80 feet of pipe to dig out and replace plus a second mortgage to pay for it all), completely replaced two floors, re-finished one (and all three need to be refinished again),  am needing to replace two sections of dry wall now due to leaks (not excited to see what is behind said dry wall), put in a new furnace,  new bigger AC unit, and two water heaters, and are constantly pumping water out of the basement.  I have had it and don't know what to do.  I feel like we have put WAY more money into this house than what it is worth or will sell for, so do we just stay and let more and more things fall apart or run away screaming?  Next up after we take dry wall out and re install and paint will be fixing the crumbling foundation that leaks ground water in our basement and settle our house making giant cracks in our dry wall.  Fun right?  I do runfess I love the location, within walking distance of the K-2 school (and shuttle bus to the other schools) and the high school, plus a couple of blocks from the city aquatic center, our cute Oz themed down town, and all of the festivals our little town has to offer in city park.  Sigh. I am done adulting for a while okay? 

totally enjoying our city's new aquatic center
I runfess we have had a great summer and I am NOT ready for it to end.  There is something so nice about knowing that we can do whatever the heck we want if we really want to for the day.  Yes, we still had a schedule as I do work, but we played hooky a few times and we had fun doing so!  Plus, Andrew had a ton of fun doing a variety of camps this summer.  I was really worried about him making friends with new subsets of kiddos but thus far he has really enjoyed everything we have thrown at him!  I also runfess that we haven't done much in the way of schooling and it shows.  We have just enjoyed our summer and not put a ton of effort into his work sheets and reading.  Most nights I collapse into bed exhausted and we don't even get one book read :(  He has had fun at Boys and Girls club as his reading teacher during the normal school year taught Kid's lit this year, and they did do a lot with the library, so there is that.  He did finally started tutoring post baseball and my parents being here the first week of July, and while it isn't the tutoring he had last year (x2 a week for 2 hours a session), it's something and more than most get.  I still feel a ton of mom guilt especially when I look over and see all of the work books we were suppose to do this summer still sitting on the shelf un-opened. 

Last runfession, I runfess I am pretty scared about my upcoming 22 /24/26 mile runs in this heat.  I have been quizzing my distance friends and basically short loops is the answer.  If I short loop from my house and use my house as an aid station and use lots of ice, that might work, but I might loose my mind as it would be all out and backs on road and gravel or all road.  Trails would be ideal, but my typical 3ish mile loop at Clinton is underwater, and not sure about Fancy Creek.  The distance doesn't bother me at all, but this heat is kicking my ass.  I want to stay safe because heat exhaustion is real and not to be played with and high heat makes me generally sick for more than just a few hours post run, but I need to get this mileage done!!!! 

And there you have it, good to let it all go.  You should totally runfess, it's kind of fun!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Week 8 of 24: Training for the Run Amok 50 miler CUTBACK WEEK!!!!

YES!  Made it to another cut back week and it honestly couldn't have come soon enough.  We have high temps on the docket and of course 100% humidity at 5 am.  Bleh.  Hello summer!  I did the most miles I have ever done in a week last week with a trail run thrown in for good measure.  I am still looking at tweaking my plan a bit because I honestly don't need to do the high mileage it suggests to get to my goal.  I also need to get my tired hiney back in the gym to do some sort of lifting because the lifting and the cross fit is what is or was keeping me injury free.

our shop toad Frogger
Monday:  Rest day. I had two back to back rest days and I needed them!  I will admit, I kind of liked getting my long run done during the week and my second long run out of the way so I could have one weekend day for resting and then another to start off the week.  Might have to try that again this week!
This is  "I won't look at the camera and you can't make me" face
Tuesday:  5 easy peasy miles.  I was pretty sore from running 5 days in a row and I needed to take it super easy and we did.  My watch was dead when I woke up so I had to manually time our 4:1 and I only screwed up a few times by not hitting start.  I also learned taco salad is not a great thing to eat before any type of run.  Lesson learned.

Wednesday:  Well, the heat is finally on us.  We only had 3 miles on the plan so we decided to sleep in since it would still be hot no matter what time we went out.  I left miss Stella at the house since most of the road puddles have dried up.  It was HOT and just doing 3 miles was TOUGH.  I dread the rest of the runs this week because it is only suppose to get worse.

Thursday:  Feels like 87 and 74% humidity = no go for Stella.  There was a south wind, but I don't think it would have been enough to cool her down.  I took water for me and drank almost all of it.  The walk run intervals kept us from totally overheating and we were SUPER glad when we were done.   We did take a couple of breaks to take pictures and one for me to go visit the corn field for an emergency pit stop, but other than that, we got it done minus the dogs.

Friday:  Normally this would be a rest day, but I needed to shift everything around to accommodate next week's crazy schedule.  We decided since we just had 10 on the schedule that we would get it done at 5 am and then get a bike ride on the weekend.  Cutback weeks only have four runs, so I can get away with this and so I shall :) I was up at 4 am to fuel and we hit the road around 5.  Feels like 85 degrees, but the irrigation rigs were out in full force and there was a slight wind, so even with the high humidity we were staying reasonably cool.  Didn't bring the dogs and I am glad we didn't.  As soon as the sun came up it became an oven.

Saturday:  Rest day.  We had a no agenda day and it was amazing.  Slept till the dogs made me get up, spent all morning outside grooming them and doing toe nails on both them and my child, cleaned ears including my child's ears (LOL), and then headed to Manhattan to tool around and have some family fun.  We hit up Rock a Belly deli for some amazing steamed sandwiches and summer beer.  They make theirs with vodka, mic ultra, and lemonade.  Plus if you want, they add strawberry puree and that just makes it super fresh and super deadly.  You really do not taste ANY alcohol. On a hot day, i could sit and drink those all day (and probably pass out).  Andrew didn't like his grilled cheese so he ate my sandwich instead, which makes me super happy because it was roast beef on sourdough with lettuce and tomato plus Swiss cheese.  He usually won't eat "salad" on his sandwiches.    We also had pretzels and hot mustard and chili con queso and chips, so I was super full from the chips anyway and didn't need my entire sandwich.  A MA ZING!!!!  Post lunch we headed over to Varsity doughnut, another local favorite to have doughnuts and play games.

We had a mean game of apples to apples JR going on where there were many laughs had.  They also had the ping pong table out so Andrew and Tony attempted a game of ping pong.  While in Aggieville (Manhattan's bar/shopping district) we also hit up the local bookstore that carries used and new books. I scored three used books that I had been wanting to read for 5 bucks a piece.  You can't beat that!  

Sunday:  Active rest.  The plan called for active rest instead of a 5th run and Robin and I wanted to hit our bikes for the first time of the season.  Yes, we are a slightly behind in our bike riding adventures.  I didn't get any pictures during since we were gabbing away, but post riding the whole family came out and got our ride on plus we got some coffee.  

I really, really enjoy cut back weeks and am really really glad I went with this plan.  I am going to tweak it a little going forward but mostly leave the week day runs the same.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your week!

Monday, July 15, 2019

The Snake 10 miler 2019

Okay get ready.  With two photographers taking lots of amazing pictures, this is going to be a very picture heavy post :)  You are warned.

My most favorite picture from last year's race
What can I say about The Snake 10 miler? I did this race last year and was SUPER hot. I almost pulled Stella at mile 3 because she was SO hell bent on catching up to all of the others she just about gave herself heat stroke.  The last few miles got super humid and we were basically having to power walk it in to stay cool enough.  I decided to try again this year since the water was up everywhere and some of the trails were underwater, which isn't good for running, but great for cooling puppers off.

I decided to dog out and go all paw print for the race.  I also got a new bladder for my pack that would supply water for Stella during the run.  I got the biggest one they had and I probably could have gone smaller but oh well you live and you learn.  I also broke the rule of nothing new on race day since I hadn't technically tried it out.  It was delivered 5 minutes post me getting done with my long run and i had planned to do another mile with Boom later to get an even 20 and try it, but it just didn't get done.  The good news bad news is:  good news, it keeps my pack from bouncing in the front which causes pain and chaffing, so eliminated that problem; bad news, it's like running with a 10 lb weight in my pack and i didn't burp it enough so it sloshed the entire race.  Oh well, lesson learned, still glad I got it and glad I asked some of the Trail Hawks how to make it less sloshy.

Let me back up and say we had done 19 miles the day before for our long run.  We had a busy weekend planned with my race Saturday morning and then Andrew's car race Saturday night into the wee hours of the morning.  I knew there was no way I would want to finish my long run post race or pre race for that matter or run Sunday after being up all night at the car race.  To say I had dead legs is an understatement, but for me, most races aren't really "races" because I am a back of the packer and I just enjoy being there.  My plan was to get to bed around 7 pm Friday night and get up around 3:30-3:45am Saturday morning to get to Lawrence.  I was able to execute said plan because the boys went to a Royals game and got home super late and slept downstairs. I was also SUPER excited because this had gone down the day before:

Cindy had reached out to the RD Gary to see if they would allow us with dogs to start an hour early.   We were not there for awards or placements, we just wanted to have fun but keep our dogs safe.  He not only replied YES but made a division for the K9s complete with awards!  Well, all the dogs got a box of dog biscuits for finishing, but the top dog got a gift card!  For those of us who are always at the back and always last this was SUPER cool, plus it was safer for the dogs to get out an hour earlier since the course was partially on roads and exposed fields.  Truly the best part of this all was that when I got lost, instead of being last and not having anyone to help me, I ran into the faster runners that were catching up with me and they got me set on the right way!

There were four of us starting in the K9 division with Miss ziva and Mary Ann leading the way with me and Stella in the middle, and Cindy and Miles and Beqi and Domino bringing up the rear.   

We started out heading  through a grassy field that was wet with dew (good for dog paws to stay cool) and then quickly dumped on a nice hilly road.  

From there we got on some dry trail before hitting the first big water crossing at mile 4ish.  I was able to hang on to Mary Ann and Ziva till we got to the trail. 

I am just not a fast trail runner when it comes to root and rock, so Cindy and Beqi were able to catch up to me at the water crossing.  This is where things get comical.  I had unhooked Stella so she could swim and I could use the rope to cross Mud creek.  I started out and thought she would follow me.  She did until she decided to quickly turn back to shore to try and cheat and not swim.  

She got caught up in the brush and brambles and then tried to get back in the water and stay close to the shore which wasn't possible.  She finally took off the other way back up the trail with me frantically calling.  I was already across and then the other two dog runners crossed hoping she would follow.  

She finally decided since we were all across that she would join us and she swam straight at John the photographer who was standing in the water (God bless him).  Finally got her completely across and buckled back up.  

We dumped from the trail into the camp grounds were the first big aid station was.   We had dog water complete with ice, dog cookies, and many many aid station volunteers there to greet us and take care of us.  Stella got her own personal attendant as Sherri cleaned her up and gave her much love.  We headed along a grassy field before crossing the road and heading up and around Bunker hill.  I really wish I had my phone to take pictures, but decided against in just in case I fell in the water crossing.  I had no room for it in my pack to keep it high and dry.  Luckily Mary Ann is taller and took her phone and got pictures!  
picture borrowed from Mary Ann and Ziva!
This is about the time the faster runners caught up to us and started passing.  This was kind of nice, Stella got pep in her step and was ready to finish giving me a gentle pull.  We meandered up and around Bunker hill and then back down and back to the road.  We went up a massive hill and then back through a camp ground road. I totally spaced out and missed the turn back into the field and continued down the road, but saw the flags off in the distance and back tracked back to the flags, where I found a fast runner headed the right direction.  He did tell me a missed a turn, so I turned and started following him for a bit and got back on course thank goodness.  We had another short stint on trail and another water crossing named Cry Baby canal.

Cry baby canal taken by the RD

This crossing wasn't as deep, but I wanted to keep her on leash just in case.  She wasn't interested in drinking, so we kept going on.  A side note, all of that water I brought wasn't really needed but I am glad I had it for her just in case.  I did have one small section of road where I felt like she was getting too hot and I stopped and fixed her up a bowl of water, but that was it.  

Of course there were several hikers by this time and one told me about an aggressive German shepherd she had crossed up the trail that tried to attack her.  GREAT.  Probably that same one I had run into before that the lady said was leash aggressive so couldn't be ON leash.  Sigh.  Lucky for us we got off the trail and back onto our mowed fields for the finish.  

Finish photo provided by timer.  Add an hour to my time since we started an hour early.  

We were greeted with the blowing of the horn and cowbells and Stella took off like a SHOT!  She loves hearing cheering!  Of course we had to finish with our snake and finish we did.  Oh yeah, we all had snake names and my is Red Aussie Snake LOL!!!!!  We had some finish line food, beer, and drinks and I took that time to rest, hydrate with some coke zero and chill.  This race is so much fun and we LOVED the alternate course even if it wasn't all trail.  I love the variation because the trails at Clinton to me are hard to just let go and run, so it was nice to get to runnable sections where we could really stretch our legs and let go.

Stella loved all the attention she got and of course the dog biscuits and love.  I love an RD that thinks about their K9 participants because if we would have started with the regular group we would have had pretty high heat to deal with.  I loved having the faster runners to follow instead of being dead last and freaking out about being lost.  

Stella and I left tired but happy.  Seriously look at all of this swag!

A field guide to KS snakes, a really cool original medal, a beer stein that is SO awesome, a snake name, snake tattoos and a box of dog cookies.  Plus all of the amazing photos from John Knepper and Gary Henry the RD.  WOW.  I seriously want to frame all of them.   This is why I love the Trail Hawks and all of their amazing races!  We will be back in 2020 for sure!  

Enjoy one of the many videos people made with their GoPro here: