Sunday, December 9, 2018

Week 3 Training for the Rocking K trail marathon

Ordering some new shoes this week.  I need some road shoes, as my Bondis are about done with their mileage and usefulness.  I am going to try an ATR version from Hoka, the Stinsons.  They seem to have the same amount of cushion as the Bondis and no rock plate.  The lugs seem aggressive enough to deal with trails, yet not too aggressive for the road/gravel.  I haven't tried my Hoka Torrents again on the trail with the insert in, so stay tuned for that as well!  I am hoping the inserts help and that they can be my dedicated trail shoes and the Stinsons can be my road shoes.

Monday:  Rest day.  Still sore from those dang lunges from Thursday!  OUCH!

Tuesday:  Easy 5 with a few strides thrown in/Cross Fit.  Took a different route thanks to the creeper (see my post from last week about the guy who followed me).  Makes me mad that I have to change up what I do to keep away from craziness.  I also tried out my new jacket that I got from my Mercury Mile box.  It was feels like 21 so I thought it might be cold enough.  Number one, there was only one pocket (a fact I must have missed) and it was barely big enough for my phone and placed on my chest (which I thought was an odd place for it).  I was able to jab my phone most of the way down in there, and yes my phone has a mophie case, but i have found in winter in KS you really need a back up battery because the wind and cold drains cell phone batteries.  The jacket was nice and snug and did ride up a little bit, so had to be pulled down, but I like jackets to be fairly tight.  I did notice when I took the jacket off, that I had several soaked spots with sweat, but I never felt cold and wet.  I would like to try it when we are a little colder for sure as it does seem like a 0 and below kind of jacket.

Cross Fit was fun! I worked on my front squat, but yet again my wrists gave up before my legs did.  Damn wrists!  I tried a wrist wrap and it did help, so coach is going to bring me some for the next time.  For my EMOM, I did shoulder press with dumb bells, kettle bell dead lifts, and air squats.  I tried with each cycle to get more reps in, and it was once again hard but fun!

our Elf peanut.  He isn't very good about finding new spots or being very clever.  Not sure why :)
Wednesday: Rest day. Work two jobs day.  Fun.  Yes, I am still trying to be a scientist sometimes.  I am still taking care of my beetle stocks at KSU, and still dealing with an occasional customer for our genome sequencing/physical mapping.

Thursday:  Easy 5 and Cross Fit.  Again, I tried a different route to avoid creepers and was delighted to see police presence out on my route.  I did a route with a couple of hills, and I really need to do that more!

It was worth each and every calorie!
I also had peanut butter chocolate pie with home made whipped cream at lunch.  Wow.  YUM!  I need to get my nutrition under control, but not today :)  Cross Fit was later and fun as always.  Erin had me work on my hang cleans more to get my elbows up in front rack position, and also had me work shrugs.  For my AMRAP I did 12 hang on the bar/knees up, 12 weighted step ups (12 lbs, 6 per leg), and 12 kettle bell swings (44lbs I think).  After that was all over I had to 300 feet of farmer's carry with one kettle bell, so I had to do 300 feet per side.  My grip was toast by that time so while i felt like the weight was nothing, my hands were done gripping hard metal and I had to give them a break every 100 feet or so. 

Friday:  Rest day.   I really need to coordinate another cross training like getting my bike on the trainer (or Santa needs to bring me a Peloton hint hint).  Since I run and do Cross fit on the same day, I have way too many rest days on my schedule.  Or maybe I need them?  We also got to see our pictures from the Santa Experience.  One word.  MAGICAL! 

Saturday: Easy 5 or long run.  Hubby had to work, but as usual had no clue how long he would be gone.  Kind of hard to plan my long run, so figured I could always pop on the dreadmill if he worked late.  We also had our very first gym Christmas party later on in the day.  He ended up coming home in time for me to eek out a 5 miler outside before we had to get ready.

The dogs were super happy that we got outside as it was cold but gorgeous!  Then home to clean up and head to get some dessert to take to the party.  We brought something naughty and something nice for dessert, some fruit for those counting marcos and some really yummy cookies for those who weren't.  The spread was AMAZING and we both got to play flip cup (me with water, the hubby got the good stuff).  We also had a white elephant gift exchange that had some really awesome gifts!  We brought biofreeze and a hot and cold pack because I figured people could use that.  A cooler of Stella beer and gift cards also were in, but I ended up with some sweat pants.  They actually were cute and a guy got them originally, so I stole them to let him be able to get something else :)

Sunday:  Long run day!  I needed to get to trails and while the weather is nice and I can still drive to trails, I decided to either hit up fancy creek or Clinton.  I sent a FB message to a lady who I ran with a little at Saunders Saunter and she was up for doing a few miles with me and showing me the lay of Clinton Lake.  I feel like I have done enough races out there that things look familiar, but I still am very scared of getting lost.  Enter in miss Mary Ann to the rescue.  She is a long time trail hawk and SUPER nice.  She helped me figure out a nice 4.75 mile loop that took me to the trail head almost every hour, so I could re fuel and not have to carry all of my bottles with me. I still took two bottles just in case, but it was nice to know that I could just take one at a time.  There is also a camp toilet up there which would be nice to use if needed.  The miles just flew by as we talked and got to know each other.  While Stella wanted to herd her dog, the girls got along as Ziva is very laid back and just ignored her being bitchy. 

The trail got softer as the sun came out and warmed everything up and Mary Ann had to leave me around mile 8, but Stella and I got it done and then grabbed some popeyes (chick fil a was closed since it was sunday BOOOOO) and headed back to Wamego.  As predicted, it took me around 4 hours to get 14 miles, and my watch read short, but the mileage of that loop was 4.75 so I ended up probably closer to 14.25 actual miles with 3 loops.  Other than some chaffing between my legs (thanks ill fitting pants) the run was perfect!  PF stayed quiet thanks to new inserts in my torrents and heel cups.  Foot hurt in another spots, but I think I can loosen the laces and get rid of that pain.  

What a great week of running!!  Have a great week and hoping the weather is as nice where you are as it is here!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

A year in racing: Stella style

Okay so you know mom and I run races together right?  We have had a big year and mom asked if I would put together a post with my races that i did with her and some pictures.  Mom always writes these big long race reviews, so mine are super short and simple!

First race of the year together was a mud fest.  Pyscho Wyco took us quite a while to finish because well, MUD.  I pulled my mommy up those muddy slick hills, steadied her when she was stuck, and licked her face when she did fall.  She laughed a lot so I think she lost her mind about mid way through the race because it wasn't funny!!!  I had to have a BATH afterwards and I did NOT like it!  I kind of liked my mud dreads!

Next mom and I did a trail marathon together!  It was kind of fun because it is very similar to what we train on anyway.  Lots of hills and lots of gravel and rain, rain, rain.  I got to run loose from mommy most of the race and I just would tuck in behind her to keep the rain out of my face and to let her block the wind.  She would see a crazy person with a camera up ahead and make me get out from behind her to take our pictures.  I am no dummy, I let her do all the work and I just draft most of the time!

Fast forward to summer and we did a little race out at Clinton Lake called The Snake 10 miler in which mom and I ran with Cindy and Miles.  It was H.O.T. so we took lots of swim breaks and took it easy.  See how sweaty mommy is in the picture?  Ew!  We also got into a bed of seed ticks.  While I am covered by my flea and tick meds, mommy was not, so my best running friend and mommy's best running friend Mel came and helped her pick them off one by one.  Those suckers are TINY!  I also got another bath (NOOOO) to get the the dying seed ticks off of me too.

Mom was told by her chiro that she only had a limited amount of time left in her body for running so we didn't do a 50K or a marathon this fall, but instead several smaller races.  We did a new to us race called the Flatrock 25K, and boy they weren't kidding about the dang rocks!  I got to meet a new running friend and she loved me and I loved her, PLUS we got to see Cindy and Miles!  Mom and her new running friend Kris conquered those rocks together!  I needed help getting down from Devil's Buttcrack, but I had no issues getting back up.  Thanks to all the trail sisters we met that weekend that were big helps in getting me through!

Next mom and I did a trail 5K called Trails for Tails right in Manhattan KS that benefited a local rescue group called Purple Power Paws or PPP!  They are taking over the shelter in our home town.  There weren't too many people,  so I pulled mom to a podium finish.  This doesn't happen very often, so we kind of enjoyed it!  While there were people with dogs who haven't really run or people with flexi leashes, we still had fun and it was cold, but beautiful!

Mom and I decided to do a new to us trail half on a new to us trail called Randolph's Revenge.  We train across the bridge from these trails, so going to have to hit these up sometime soon as well for some training runs!  We got lost a few times and had to do some back tracking, but the trail was challenging and the weather was nice.  We finished dead last, but we kind of enjoy bringing up the rear!

Since we love all the dog themed races, and mom wasn't so tired from doing big distances, we signed up for yet another dog themed 5K.  This one was in Topeka called Tails on the Trail.  I don't really have a tail, so it was more like nubs on the trail for us!  Again perfect weather and not a huge crowd, so mom and I got yet another podium finish.  She should appreciate me pulling her so hard!

One last trail race for the year was the Sander's Saunter 25K.  We haven't ever done this particular race, so we got to see some new to us trails out at Clinton lake, including Sander's mound and the famous White trail (which we were on part of I think for The Snake).  Once again, I did all the work and pulled mommy most of the way and even had some company on the trail with miss Ziva the white wonder pup trail dog. I think it is funny when people ask mommy if i am going to run the entire race.  Why wouldn't I??? 

Our last road race was the Manhattan Turkey trot.  Last year we did this race with Mel and Pat but they were out of town (BOOOOO).  I pulled mom hard last year and she got a 5K PR!  This course is flat and fast and the weather is usually perfect, so it's perfect for PRs.  There were TONS of people there this year and lots of people in front of me walking or barely running. I had to dodge and weave and that took a lot of our energy.  We ended up finishing in 27:27, which is good for us, but not good enough to break our dog assisted PR of 26:55.  Mom and i needed one more mile for the day, so we headed out to get it  on the KSU campus before heading back to the family.  I celebrated in my own way by eating not one but 2 pies while the family was out playing in the park.  Don't worry, in true stella fashion, I didn't even get sick!

So there you have it, my 2018 races that I did with my mom!  This year I got to do 10 of the 15 races she did!  Mommy says she likes this trend, so we are going to continue it next year and add a 50 miler in (GULP).  I think we can do it and I am excited to go back to TN with mommy and run there!  Have a great 2019 and see you at a race!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Week two: Rocking K trail marathon training

It's week 2 and it's a low week! I could totally get use to this type of training!  I sure hope it works because I am actually having fun with this training cycle.  It's nice to not just build, build, build and never get a break.

Monday:  Rest day.  Snow day and no school, so no coaching for GOTR.  Booo.

Tuesday:  4 easy and Cross fit.  I put on my Hoka Torrents, since I thought my gravel roads may be too snowy to run in road shoes.  I was wrong, most of the gravel roads were down to a thin layer of ice.  Luckily most of the regular road was okay, but there were some icy spots that I had to walk very, very carefully.  My feet definitely were ouchy, but adapted quickly.  Why do I have such weirdo feet???  Cross fit was fun later on in the day.  Erin had me work on split jerks and then we did a work out that included dead lifts, hang cleans, and split jerks.  As always I walked away feeling very strong!

Wednesday:    Rest day.  Right as we got ready to walk to school, Andrew yanked a tooth out that had been literally hanging by a thread for weeks.  This is tooth number 4!!!!!  He of course had to take it in a ziploc bag to school to get a tooth necklace, which is basically a plastic tooth on a string that he wears all day with the tooth inside.  Apparently this is a thing now.  I am just glad the dang thing is out of his mouth.

Thursday:  Well suppose to be running day, but we had a new employee start that is going to be with me a bunch in the office, and I needed to spend all day with him.  He is the addition to our service program we are trying to build.   I am so excited to have more people in the office and more people to knock out service calls, so we aren't booked so many weeks out in advance and having to turn people away.
Later I did Cross fit and Erin tried to kill me as usual.  The work out wasn't horrible, but afterwards I could barely walk!  I worked on back squats for my strength portion and then for the work out I did an EMOM with 50 meters of stella lunges (walking lunges holding stella the sand bag), 100 meters farmer carry (i think the kettle bells were around 40 something pounds each), 15 leg levers, 15 good mornings with the trainer bar, and 10 glute bridges with a 20 lb dumb bell.  Those lunges KILLED me!

Friday:  Easy 4 miles and DOMS!  I had to get out and get my run done and post cross fit, I knew it would be tough.  Stella and I headed out as always with the plan of getting some walking in for recovery.  We had something kind of odd happen.  As we were running through the neighborhood, a guy smoking in his front yard.  This is normal thing so I just kept running but he said something to me. I  had my aftershokz on so I could hear that he said something, but not what he said.  I just said to him "Good morning" and kept running.  I could hear him say something post me saying good morning, something along the lines of "So your going to be that way?".  I kept running and when I got about a mile out and was on my normal gravel route, I turned around to let stella loose and there he was!!!!!  He was behind me a ways, but he was coming my way.  Full on work boots, jeans, carhartts, and  carhartt jacket with hood pulled up.  As I got to the end of one road, I had to make a decision which way to go.  While he was still a ways behind me, I didn't want to be out in the middle of no where with no one to help me.  I decided to call my hubby and have him drive out and check the guy out and maybe possibly come pick me up.  I continued to head out  and he was still pretty far behind me, but still coming.  I guess between seeing my hubby drive out and me not allowing him to gain on me, he decided not to follow me anymore but instead head back to town.  Now I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, that in that moment he just decided a nice long stroll in full work clothes would be fun, but I guess I will never know his full intentions.  I have a friend that lives near this man's house, and she saw him head out after me and then come back.  She said he appeared to be impaired in some capacity.  She didn't think at first he was following me per se, till she saw him come back.  Next time she will call the cops if she sees him following out after me.  I was a little rattled but I am a hard target to take since I am mostly tethered to my dog.  I am going to change out my running route for a while just so I am not running past him because my hubby is not always around to come out and check on me.

Post work the family headed out for some Ralph Wrecks the Internet at the dine in theater in Manhattan.  I love having a theater where you can eat dinner and relax in big plushy recliners!

Saturday:  Girls on the Run 5K!!!!  Well, not the weather we had been hoping for, but we made it work!  We were hoping the rain would stop by the time of the run, but nope, cold and rain were the story of the day.  I was allowed to run this year with the girls, and happened to get to run with one my girls Bethany.  We had so much fun splashing in the puddles and laughing!   All of my girls rocked it so hard and I am SO proud of each and every one them!

Even I as a hard core runner would have thought twice about racing in this and I never heard one complaint!  They were fired up and ready to go!  We even got sent the wrong way, so got some extra mileage thrown in for fun.  

Sunday:  Easy 4 miles.  Back up to Saturday night, I went out and had some beers at our little local bar with my BRF and several others and I knew by doing this that Sunday may be iffy.  I don't regret going out at all and having fun because it is something i never get to really do anymore.  I got in bed at a decent hour, nothing ridiculous, but of course much later than my normal and of course my kiddo woke me up around 8 am ready to go.  I thought I could rally and get my run done by my stomach had other ideas.  I spent most of the day on the couch resting and like I said, I don't regret it.  

Have a great week!  I am looking forward to another high week and am going to try and get some speed work in.  I am also going to change up my routes so if the gentleman that i saw the other day is still around that he won't be tempted to follow me again.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November Runfessions

I have a lot on my mind right now, so heading to the runfessional to get some stuff off of my chest!

I really do have a problem when it comes to outwear and running. I have a huge collection of wind breakers and coats and I keep getting more :)
 I runfess that I tried the Mercury Mile box that everyone is raving about and I wasn't blown away.  Maybe I filled out my quiz wrong?  I was so excited to see what they would send me, and while I did get some nice stuff and will be keeping three items, I was kind of hoping that i would be like others I have heard raving about it and like everything.  Again, don't get me wrong, it was SUPER easy to send back the pieces I didn't like, so there is that.  My box had a new Craft running coat (much more substantial than my running jackets, so kind of excited, plus a new to me brand), an ear cover thingy from Asics that I really liked, a pair of capris from Ribbon (never heard of this brand?) that have POCKETS, a tank that did not fit and was super shear, shorts that had some compression to them but weren't my style, and a super cute tech T.  I am keeping the coat, the ear cover, and capris.

I like the fact that this ear cover does NOT have fleece yet is seems to be very warm
I kind of wanted to keep the tech T, BUT it wasn't anything super special, and I have a closet full of tech Ts.  DO I need new running clothes?  Well....not really.  But it was fun to try this new service, and I would like to try it again at some point.  I do really like the fact that it is NOT a subscription service, so I can get a box whenever and am not locked in to a time period.

I runfess that I think my Torrents may not be my dream shoe.  Let me explain.  This always happens to me, I swear.  I try a shoe and it feels wonderful at the store.  Then I run in them and again they feel wonderful for about 2 weeks.  Then BOOM, my body adjusts or whatever and then the aches and pains start.  Y'all, I freaking LOVE this shoe.  I can't explain it because they hurt my arch and sometimes my big toes for some weird reason, but they are so awesome on the trails.  I only paid about 100 bucks for them, which is a steal for running shoes, so I am going to try to make them work for trails for now by putting some insoles in them. I think I will get either some more Bondis for the road or potentially some Stinsons or some Challengers that should work on road or trail.  The search continues......

I runfess that i am kind of sad.  While Andrew is having an amazing school year, more people are noticing his lack of focus.  He even told his teacher who he dearly loves, that some days he just can't focus.  The school is rallying and trying to find ways to help him, but again the push is to have him tested for other things, namely ADHD or ADD.  I am at the point where I just want my kiddo to be successful and happy at school.  He is on grade level in all subjects and LOVES his teacher, so I want to meet her half way and do whatever we can do to help her out.  Just like his kindergarten teacher, she is really trying all the tricks to help him.  I am really, really hoping that medication does not have to enter this picture, but I runfess that I am scared as hell that it may. 

And there you have it, my runfessions for the month! See ya next month!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Turkey Trot week and week one of training for the Rocking K trail marathon

Last "race" of the season.  Since Stella likes to PULL on this one, I kind of let her and just see where we are at the end.  I think last year I got my 5K PR as we got in the 26s for the first time.  To be fair, yes she does pull me the entire way and yes this course is pancake flat.  Dog assisted PR I guess it should be called?  Anyway, ready to tackle this week and start my marathon training.

Monday:  Rest day.  Finish cleaning day and get ready for my parents to get into town day.  They broke the drive up into two days so they wouldn't be driving at night, and while it killed Andrew and I to know they were so close, but not really, it was for the best for them.  Andrew was very excited to see them at school pick up and we had a mini tail gate at home for the KC football game.

Tuesday:  Easy 4 and Cross fit.  I little side note, I haven't said too much about my new Hoka Torrents as it takes my feet a good month to really be affected by the shoe.  While they feel wonderful on the trail, on the road not so much.  I hate to have to get a different pair of shoes for just the road, but I am going to have to since these are technically only trail shoes.  I am having a lot of pain in my arch area of my foot any time I wear them and Clayton at MRC that gave me great suggestions on which Hoka's to buy in the first place suggested an insole.  I am going to try that first, because overall I LOVE these shoes even though they hurt me.  I can't explain it exactly but when I run on the trails, they feel magical!

The dogs and I did an easy 4 out on our normal route and then later I got to do cross fit with Kate, who is their resident kettle bell guru.  We worked on technique with the kettle bell dead lift and kettle bell swing and then did some core work including slow mountain climbers and side planks.  The WOD was 5 deadlifts, 5-10 swings, 10 box step ups (5 on each leg), and then farmer carry for 100 meters.  It was an AMRAP for 10 minutes and I enjoyed it and was drenched with sweat afterwards!

Wednesday:  Rest day.  It was a beautiful day in Wamego so we tried to spend some time outdoors.

We had a yummy lunch at the Friendship house and introduced my step dad to beirocks.  Granddaddy also got to spend some time hanging out with little red at the park while mom and I went shopping in downtown.  

Then we got our turkey and ham from Smokin Willies and had to get it chopped up and in the juices for overnight.  Spoiler alert:  both the ham and the turkey were amazing!!!!

We also celebrated my birthday later with cake made by Andrew and hubby, dominoes, and a nice shot of crown in some diet coke.   I could only do one though since I had a turkey trot in the morning.  

Thursday:  Thanksgiving day and Turkey Trot 5K.  Okay going to be honest here, I got a PR for the 5K from this race last year.  It is a SUPER flat and easy 5K and stella pulls like crazy.  The weather was perfect and I had a glimmer of hope that I could at least be around the same time.  

We were close but not close enough.  Our mile splits were 8:25, 8:56, and 9:11.  I wanted to stay under 9, but I just got a little tired and hot and hello, no speed work lately.  I knew wearing a long sleeved tee and tights was too much, but I didn't want to be cold waiting and no one from the fam came to hold stuff for me, so I chose to be warm at the beginning and get hot during the race.  It was kind of funny, my glasses were SO fogged up at the end that I couldn't even see the finish line.  The announcer did call my name and I did some sort of funny pose, so I can't wait to see if they got any photos.  Afterwards Stella and I did close to a mile cool down up and down the hills of KSU campus and then headed back for lunch.  My hubby had been up since 5 am cooking and he always does an amazing job, so I was super excited to sample his food!  

Minus the turkey that was warming up in the oven

Here was the spread without the smoked turkey.  WOW!  I tried to be a little aware of portion size and not gorge myself, but I did have a piece of pie.  Everything was amazing as always and made from scratch!  The rest of the afternoon was spent playing dominoes and board games and playing at the park.

Friday: Black Friday!  Except we don't do black Friday, so it was another lazy day!  I had a decision to make.  The weather men were saying that Sunday was not going to be a good day for running thanks to snow and ice, so I decided to do my easy run Friday to swap with Sunday, and to recover from my race.  I did use the Turkey Trot as a tempo run, even if I didn't exactly hit my speed that I wanted all three miles.  Post run, we decided to hit up Widgets and let little man play before we were stuck in the house due to bad weather, and then later on hit up the Festival of Lights in downtown Manhattan.  We had never been to the live version (always watch via FB live) and I wanted my mom to see the tree before she left.  We got there super duper early to have coffee and sit a while and ended up snagging seats on the Radina's patio.

The tree is supposedly the largest lighted tree in Kansas and the largest pixelated tree in the US.  We usually visit the tree multiple times before Christmas, but the weather was way to nice not to be there in person for the lighting ceremony.  

we mixed it up today and did mostly gravel and then some hills in town
Saturday:  Long run day!  I wanted to get everything running wise done just in case this supposed blizzard hit our part of KS.  My parents were heading out and I had a massage at 10 am with the magic miss Trina at Rising Phoenix Wellness.  We didn't have set in stone plans other than that, but I wanted to get as many miles pre-massage as I could.  I headed out as soon as my parents hit the road, and got about 11 done before my appointment.  Stella hung out with me while Trina worked her magic and then we headed out reluctantly to finish, mainly because I was SO relaxed.  I also should have grabbed some fresh clothes because putting old stinky wet clothes on to finish my run was not fun.  I also didn't have exactly 12 on my watch, but I had run some with my watch off and so I counted that in for my 12 unofficially.  I did have the issue of peeing constantly and also my teeth hurt post run again.  I need to figure out either a different type of fuel that doesn't hurt my teeth/make me pee like a sieve.  Maybe do my honeystinger waffles in the winter and stick to tail wind in the summer?

Post run we headed to a little town called Alma for some good Mexican food and antiques and then on to Manhattan for some small business Saturday at the SOS record store and Varsity doughnuts.  We ended the day at City park and had a GREAT day!

Sunday:  Rest day.  Blizzard day.  Andrew and I slept for 12 hours!!!!  I guess we both needed it.  I got up once to let the dogs out and no snow and no wind.   Woke up 4 hours later to several inches of snow on the ground and super wind!!!!  We had no plans for the day other than lay around so we were good to go. 

Have a great week!  I am excited to start marathon training and praying my body keeps it together for yet another crazy idea! 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

A week of recovery

I have exactly a week to do whatever I want until the next training cycle starts in.  I know I will be running, just not sure how much.  I am back to 2 a week cross fit training, since no snow is in the forecast (YIPEEEE).  I would like to hit the trails again this weekend if at possible for maybe a one looper with the girls out at Fancy.

Monday:  Rest day.  Schedule change.  Usually I coach Mondays and tony takes care of Andrew's schedule, but Tony had a very important meeting at 4, so I went ahead and took off from coaching to take Andrew to music since he missed it last week.  I got the delight of listening to his rock band play jingle bells one hundred million times and I loved every bit of it :)

Tuesday: easy miles.  Since I am technically not on any type of plan or training cycle just yet, I get to choose what I want to do.  My body has felt really, really good post my last race, thanks to salt baths, cross fit, and proper recovery (thank you to almost 12 hours of sleep).  It was really cold, but this type of weather is my favorite, so I headed out in some new gear.

The coat is from last year (Brooks), but underneath I had a winter running shirt from Academy, their (BCG brand) and some running tights also BCG brand.  I am happy to say they worked very well in those temps.  Of course my butt got cold, but even in my mizuno tights my butt gets cold.  Easy fix, just wear a running skirt.  I swear Kansas totally forgot fall this year.   I like having a cheaper alternative to some of my more expensive gear.  While there is a difference in quality for sure, these tights and shirt seem to work just as well.  I will keep you posted as to how they handle this winter running this season.

Back to my Tuesday cross fit session with Erin.  I did some  cleans with a new sand bag that Erin brought in that weighed about stella's weight.  We named it stella and my EMOM was every 2 minutes, 15 kettlebell deadlifts and 200 meters sandbag walks.  I ended with some dead bug exercises to trying work my core and mid line.

Wednesday:  rest day.  Poor boom had to go to the vet.  He had been having accidents all day the day before and i suspected crystals and or pH issues, and I was right.  Went through these with stella ella and it wasn't fun, so hoping since we caught this early, we can get it fixed quickly.  Poor guy seems his normal self just full of pee.  

Thursday:  Easy 4 miler and some Cross Fit.  It was kind of funny, as we crossed the rail road tracks headed out to the gravel, a big truck pulled up and a guy got out and started building a sign.  The sign said road closed, which I thought was odd, but I had just started my run so i kept going.  When I came back, they were working on the railroad and the road was definitely shut down.  

Poop.  Went to the next crossing, shut down, and the next.  Oh well, extra mileage is good right?  Ended up going through the park and had to stop and get a stella selfie.  

GOTR was easy as the girls were working on their service project so no running.  We are almost at the end of the season and I can't believe that the end is in sight!  Cross fit was not easy, but it was fun and I really enjoyed my AMRAMP.   I worked on finding my max for the bench press. and then I worked on some reps at different percentages.  I then did an AMRAP that included sled pulls, ring rows, box step ups, and dumb bell snatches.  I was dripping with sweat when I finshed and felt like a bad ass doing those sled pulls with that big rope!

Friday:  Rest day.  We headed to the dine in movie to see the new Grinch movie.  It was cute but I sure was glad I had beer.  I think the story has been told enough and while Andrew loved it, I was pretty bored.  I think I prefer the Jim Carey verison the best.  Andrew is all about the Grinch right now so we headed out post movie to find a grinch Funko Pop.  We never did find one but we did find some of his favorite characters at Hot Topic which cracked me up.  Haven't been in that store in YEARS!

Saturday:  Rest day....again.  We had plans for the day and I just didn't get up early enough to get started pre plans.  After we got done, I was just not in the mood to run.  Andrew has shared his cold with me and I was not feeling great.  SO far neither of us have fevers, just lots of congestion.  

We did a lot of this and I am fine with that.  It was super blustery outside and yucky and after some lunch in a little cute town named Alma we just took it easy.  I am going to write a separate post about what we did Saturday morning so stay tuned.  It was called The Santa experience and it truly was magical!  One of the mom's from Andrew's t ball team does these photo sessions with Santa, and she had asked if  I would come and then talk about my experience on social media and my blog.  We will definitely be back next year and for years to come!

Sunday:  After an 8 pm bed time and then sleeping till past 9 am, I had to get some things accomplished for the day.  We HAD to get Thanksgiving dinner shopping done.  We are getting our turkey and ham (trying something different this year) from a local small business called Smokin Willies.  The rest my wonderful hubby is cooking, so we had to get all.the.things along with most of Manhattan/Wamego!  I knew the weather would be pretty nice later on in the afternoon and I only wanted to do 6, so running could wait.  After some shopping and some good coffee, we headed back to put up all.the.things., and got ready to run.  Even though it was feels like 30s, it was still chilly out and for once, I under dressed and was not very comfortable.  I seriously contemplated heading back home after the first mile to get some gloves and my Brooks jacket, but I decided to tough it out.  My feet have been bothering me on and off during the run and today was much the same.  I hope that it is just me running on the roads/gravel more than trails and not my new shoes.  I can't get to the trail during the week so my body is just going to have to deal.  

And with that, recovery week is over and marathon training begins!  I am so excited to try a brand new type of training cycle (low week/high week) and try to get my love back for speed work by incorporating some fun short sessions in my easy runs as well as getting back to hill repeats!   

Have a great week! My mom and step dad will be here to celebrate Thanksgiving and I can't wait!!!!!