Sunday, January 1, 2017

The in Between Week 9

Merry week after Christmas!  Hope Santa brought all that you wanted and more!  My hubby and I actually exchanged gifts this year and I got set of wireless head phones and a foot massage/PT thingy by Moji that I have been begging for!  Little red got more than enough which is why I am glad i am off Tuesday to cart some stuff he doesn't play with to Good will while he is at school :)

Monday:  Rest day.  Last day with family and last day off for little red to play with his toys all day.  I am kind of excited he is getting so into hot wheels now as that was one of my favorite toys when I was a kid.

Stella started the morning out with some diarrhea.  I thought, no big deal, bland diet, some pumpkin and some rice for a meal or two.  By the afternoon, things had gotten way worse and she could barley walk.  I don't think the two are related as we had played some ball when she was feeling good earlier but still.  Glad we are headed to KSU Tuesday for her blood draw.  

Tuesday:  Planned 6 miles.  Didn't get much sleep so when the alarm went off at 4:20, I was half tempted to tell Melly I was not going.  Stella luckily slept all night, I think thanks to the Codeine, but she still could barley walk.  I am pretty sure I woke up every hour on the hour and touched her, as she was sleeping next to me on the floor.  No accidents during the night, but while I was out running, she had a few blow outs on the hardwood.  No big deal, it was pretty much rice and brown water.  

Wednesday:  You know the drill.   No accidents in the house when I got home so I thought, wow, we beat this!  That was easy!  Then she had dinner and had a blow out outside.  Poop.  Literally.  She had one accident overnight but her mobility is much, much better.  Got to Facetime with my brother as he was visiting my mom and step dad last night.  He isn't the best with keeping up with communication, so it was really good to have a full hour or so of his attention.  We talked about my addictions running and racing and little red and little red even colored a few pictures for Uncle Al.  Got to watch a little bit of the KSU bowl game together before mom's phone was about dead.  I sure do miss him and wished we lived closer.  Maybe we should both move back to Denver (he played for the broncos for years).  

Thursday:  Planned 5 miles.  I had heard on the news that the wind chills were suppose to be in the teens with some pretty stiff wind.  I bundled up accordingly and was hot and sweaty the whole run.  The wind was out of the west and north, so we really didn't have it till the end of our run, and honestly, it wasn't bad at all.  I even took a pack of Hothands with me for my hands and really didn't need it.  Oh well, was nice to have toasty hands I guess.  

Stella had one accident overnight, which I decided to clean up post run, because I don't have the strongest of stomachs first thing after I wake up.  She didn't want her canned food, which honestly kind of scared me, but then she wolfed down the kibble they gave me.  While I was running, she had another explosion.  I have no clue how that much comes out of one little dog.  The vet I am working with at KSU emailed me last night and suggested that the Azathioprine was messing with her tummy, and while her blood work looked great, that we should probably go ahead and move her to the maintenance dose immediately.  I have mixed feelings because again, we have changed our thought process.

Friday:  Well, that dreaded cold that everyone has been passing around finally visited me.  I woke up with my head totally congested and a low grade fever.  My rule is I don't work with a fever, so got my student to handle what all was going on in the lab while I tried to rest as much as possible.  I am NOT good at resting.  We also has our lab Christmas/New Years celebration to attend Friday night.  I took Tylenol, something I never do because I feel like fevers have a job, and hoped I could go.  I ended up going, against my better judgement, but I was fever free.

Stella has solid poop! YIPEEEE!!!!

Saturday:  Again, I woke up with a fever and horrible head congestion.  I for a fleeting moment thought about trying to do a long run, and quickly decided getting better was my number one priority.  I know a few days of missed work outs won't hurt.  I wanted to end the last day of 2016 with a long run, but it wasn't meant to be.  Oh well. I ended the year with about 1200 miles, which is pretty much the amount I got in 2015.  Maybe someday I will be able to make that number greater.  

my nurse when I am sick

Sunday:  We were party animals and barely stayed up till midnight.  I was probably in bed 2 minutes post midnight.  I woke up a few times for coughing and completely congested nostrils, but other than that, slept in till 10 am!!!!  I think I needed that for sure!  Still feeling pretty bad, so not running today either.  Won't hurt to take a few days off and completely recover.  I am jealous of all that got in new years miles today, but I want to be healthy in 2017, so waiting.

Have a happy New Year!!!!  I have had such an up and down year with stella, so kind of ready to see what 2017 brings!  I can't believe that 2017 will be Andrew's last year in Preschool and his first year in Kindergarten!  Slow down time, NOW!  I had a great year in running, despite some minor injuries and one big fat DNF.  I completed my first Ultra and can't wait to do many, many more.  Bring on the year of the Ultras and Marathons!  Andrew Jackson and Chicago here I come!  50K here I come!  Still undecided about the fall as of now, but thinking some more 50Ks are on tap for me and maybe a speedier marathon (ehem Chicago, might be coming for you).  Have a great day today and eat all of your lucky foods!

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