Monday, December 18, 2017

A year in pictures: Andrew 2017

I loved doing this last year, so I thought I would do it again for 2017!  Big changes this year so enjoy!

Our favorite coffee shop Arrow.  Kid coffee here (hot chocolate) is the bomb here!

First wrestling tournament as a Wamego Red Raider.  Fourth place in our bracket due to all pins, but no tears!


Our first IMAX movie.  Lego Batman.  We all gave it two thumbs up!

Our first time with the Flu
Last wrestling tournament.  Finally got some points!  
A trip to the zoo to see a real baby giraffe after waiting and watching one be born on the computer

and a trip to TN to watch mommy run another marathon and help Grandaddy at the shop
Blue Icees are the bomb!

Pickachu at the Tulip Festival
Deep in thought

Preschool Graduation:  Bittersweet!
Fist time at Gooney Golf
Arrow Coffee for the win

Hanging out at the KSU gardens


First Mud run at the Children's Discovery Center, Topeka

Day at the Thomas 2017

Birthday Party at Catt's Gymnastics with friends

Cars 3 with daddy!

Summer Haircut time!
First Day camp!  Camp Invention 2017

First 4th of July Parade: Walking for the Wamego Wrestling Club

First time at Widgets in Manhattan

Met Pete the Cat at the Toy Store in Topeka KS

Riding the carousel at the Topeka Mall

Helping mommy at work
Kindergarten Round up

First day of kindergarten.  Tears but overall pretty good.

Racing at the Back to School 5K


Walking to school together


Huff and Puff Festival 2017 Topeka KS

LegoLand, KC

My little minion kindergartner
Another year of soccer.  Go Silver Sharks!

A little Varsity Donut Love

Cheering on the KSU Women's Soccer team.  GO lady Cats!

Pumpkin Patch Annual picture
Really enjoying having art classes at school!

Besties again

School pictures

Halloween!  Who are you going to call???


My little red head

My two reds
Annual cutting of the curls for wrestling
I love you tiny human!

My little Elf

Matching Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I would love a Thomas Super Station, please :)

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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