Sunday, August 30, 2015

Training week 13, 7 weeks to go till Chicago

Monday: Mile repeats at a goal pace of 9:50-10:00 miles with a mile warm up and half a mile cool down.  400 meter recoveries between each repeat.  Decided to do this run at night, so that I didn't have to wake up at 4 am to run.  As the runs are getting longer during the week, the wake ups are getting super early.  The weather has been slightly cooler, so night running has been a possibility lately, plus the humidity is so much nicer at night.  I had great company in Mel G.  I am going to be honest, I was struggling even to keep that pace, but with her talking about their cruise, I was able to focus on her voice and stories and not think about the struggle.  Ended up with almost 8.5 miles total. Thank God for speedy friends whose slow pace is your fast:)

Tuesday:  Strength training.  A little secret here.  I was suppose to strength train sunday and I opted to do over an hour long bike ride instead.  I was not excited about doing this either and kind of even thought about bailing again and doing another bike ride.  I decided to go ahead with the work out and maybe just do two rounds instead of three.  See the above picture.  I was actually smiling during my work out and very glad I pushed through and did all three rounds.  It was tough, I was tired but I got it done.
I had expert supervision during all exercises.  Her idea of helping is much like andrew's idea, smothering me or sitting on me.  I guess they just don't think I have enough of my own body weight to deal with.  

Wednesday: Tempo run.  1 mile warm up and cool down.  6 miles with 9 minutes at MGP and 2 minutes at easy pace.  I recruited the speedy Mel G for this one again as I figured it would be a tough work out and why not share the fun?  Again I am SO glad she went because I am pretty sure I would have quit.  One interval in and i was wanting to quit.  She kept me talking and laughing and kept me from throwing in the towel, even when I was out of my target MGP during a few of the 9 minute intervals.  I was able to stay in the 10:20s but it was not my target.  I would like to blame it on the heat since it was in the high 80s but I just felt like my body ran out of gas.  I think I am going to have to start fueling on these 8 mile jaunts of speed work.  My brain wants to go but my body is just giving out.  I had nothing left in the tank and had to walk on the 2 minute easy portions a few times.

Thursday:  A day off.  THANK YOU!!!!

Friday:  A very hot and humid 5 miles.  Got up early to run and it was storming.  Decided sleep was more important than running on the mill.  Boy, did I screw up.  It was in the high 80s and super humid after work with dark clouds threatening storms again.  My pure hatred of the mill forced me out.  Let's just say it normally takes me 13 or so miles to drain my 24 ounce bottle and tonight, it only took 5.  Since the dew point was over 70 and it was a recovery run, I took walk breaks every mile for a tenth of a mile.  I was glad when this one was over.  Of course the last mile a huge storm cloud blocked the sun so at least that mile was tolerable.  5 miles and not a tenth more:)

Saturday: 13.1 miles.  I had signed up for a race, a very tough 10 K.  After what happened post the brew to shoe 10 K, I decided that I wouldn't race and just run my long run as planned.  I can't afford to have aches and pains at this part of the game.  I was sad, but I didn't miss that super tough, no shade hill at all this year.

Anyway, got in bed early-ish like I normally do, plugged my phone in to charge and for whatever reason, it didn't charge.  I woke up at 5:19 am for some odd reason and jumped out of bed running.  It takes me several minutes to down my UCAN, so I try and plan to be up and hour before I need to leave.  Whoops.  That wasn't happening.  Then I had to hurriedly get some sort of charged up phone before leaving, because I always run with my phone.  Finally got out of the door a few minutes after 6 and to 90% humidity.  YIKES!  I wasn't even sweating due to the nice cool temps, but I was drenched from the humidity.  I walked every three miles versus every one that I had been doing.  I fueled at mile 8 (full three chomps) and took just one of three I am suppose to take at mile 12, just in case.  Overall, the run was okay, not great, but the humidity is doing a number on me mentally.  I saw some 12s on my watch today, and it is just driving me nuts that my pace continues to get slower and slower and slower.  I can't wait till fall and NO HUMIDITY!!! 13.1 miles because, well, you have to get the .1 in after you have run as many halfs as I have:)

Sunday: strength training

Total miles for the week: 34.6

I may have to switch back to running in the morning.  It has been pretty hot at night past monday and it appears the temps are going to go back to their normal late august 90s self.  Boo.  Kind of liked getting my sleep built back up.

Have a great week!

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