Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Random photo dump

I always have random pics that I download to put into blog posts and then just don't find a way to weave them into the story.  Here are some from recently.

We like coloring, finally.  I LOVED coloring as a kid so I have been anticipating the day when he loves it as well so I can color again.  I am tempted to buy those new adult color books, adult as in, the pictures are for coloring and much larger and not quite as cartoon like as kid's coloring books are:)

They are so attached.  I love them both so much.  My red babies.  So weird that they are so much more so my shadow than my other red babies.  That is why i have so many pictures of them now versus my other red old men.

Cow cookies.  How cute are these?  They were delish!  The friendship house in wamego has the best frosted sugar cookies.  

Love the photobomb.  Silly girl!

Stella thinks strength training is boring.

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