Sunday, August 16, 2015

Training week 11, 9 weeks till Chicago!

I feel like a broken record.  Instead of having a scheduled rest day, I am having to change everything around every week here lately to fit my life.  Oh well, life happens but life, can you stop being so difficult?

Monday: Strength work out.  Had planned on running 5 easy miles but when I woke up, this just wasn't meant to be.  The dew point was at 76, which I have never seen.  It felt disgusting outside and the thought of 5 on the mill just wasn't pleasing.  Plus, Andrew and i had both fallen asleep around 7 pm the night before and both woke up at 4:30 am ready to go. I normally don't do strength first thing in the morning but we were both up and I was feeling like doing something.   I do like doing a strength training work out after a long run as it it kind of a forced stretch:)

Tuesday:  Let me back up and finish Monday.  After dropping a warmish and whiny toddler off at daycare (in my defense i had taken his temp numerous times and he was below normal every time), I headed in to work only to be called a few hours later to come and pick him up. While he ate and acted fine after he got home, I do know something was off and he was not feeling good.  Then fast forward to later in the day when I started feeling bad.  I was super nauseous, had a headache that wouldn't go away, and felt like i had horrible indigestion.  I finally threw up and had to lay down for a while to recuperate.  I had visions of waking up Tuesday morning and feeling 100% better, and that just didn't happen.  While I got a good night's sleep, I never was able to stomach anything for dinner, and couldn't eat anything for breakfast either.  I decided to go ahead and go back to bed after feeding the dogs and taking this day as a rest day knowing that i could do strength on Friday after back to back days of running Wednesday an Thursday.
Wednesday: I was bound and determined to get my 5 miles in even if it meant puking and running.  When I got up, the nausea hit immediately.  All i could think of was dear god, this is kind of like being preggers again.  I am not preggers for the record:).  I had forced myself to eat diner the night before so I would have something in my tummy, so I could just get up and run first thing.  I admit, I had second thoughts about getting up but made myself and got it done.  It wasn't pretty with me burping and farting the whole way, and I did have to make a pit stop in a corn field, but I got it done.  It was SUPER humid out though.  Stella ella looked like she had been running in the rain she was so wet and fluffy.  Plus it got super duper foggy, so I felt like we were running through a fine mist. I had to walk a few times and will myself several times to not throw up, but it is done and I am glad.  5 miles total.

Thursday:  I was pretty excited for this work out for two reasons.  One, I had to skip my speed work last week, and two it was the peak of the perseids meteor shower.  I knew even at pre dawn that I could potentially see a few meteors and that excited me!  I am a star geek for sure.  I woke up hungry, which was a change, so I had to scramble to find something light i could eat and make my tummy happy pre run and not angry during my run.  I decided two belvita crackers was the way to go with my coffee and headed out into the dark.  The run was smooth, other than my watch being a dork. I had loaded the run work out into my watch the night before to avoid any snafus, because I was on a huge time crunch to be done and be back.  Well, for some reason, even though it said it loaded and updated, it was still my old tempo run of 7 min at tempo and 3 minutes easy for 4 miles with a mile warm up and cool down.  My new work out called for 8 and 2 for five miles with 1 mile warm up and cool down.  I also forgot to start the work out when I headed out and was probably over 3 tenths of a mile into it before I realized this.  Oh well, the loop i was doing was going to be close to 7 miles so a little extra would help in giving me a cool down.  The work out worked out well LOL.  I had no problems hitting pace and getting my mileage down. I saw several pretty meteors and got a nice runner's high post run.  While I didn't do the exercise exactly, I did get the full 7 miles in with 5 miles at tempo.  I was so happy my body cooperated.  Unfortunately the rest of the day, my body rebelled.  I got progressively more nauseated and tired as the day unfolded and ended up in bed at 8 pm.  

Friday:  Decided to take the day off from work and just rest.  It was probably the best decision ever because my body decided to throw a new curve ball and give me awesome diarrhea.  

Saturday:  Race day decision made to run. Woke up with diarrhea but other than that, felt good.  Even was hungry so had some light breakfast.  Read the re-cap here.  3.1 miles

Sunday: 17 miles.  It was super ugly.  Since it was cooler outside, I felt like I shouldn't be taking walk breaks.  Told myself I could walk a tenth of a mile every 4 miles, which turned into every 3, which then turned into every mile.  Then i found that mythical wall that i have heard so much about.  I think it is probably from not being able to eat enough last night and then having indigestion issues all night and not getting good sleep.  Whatever it was, it totally kicked my ass.  Even when i was running strong, I was seeing 12s on my watch.  I hit mile 13.5 after refueling my water bottle and just couldn't go anymore. It was the wall and it was tough. I decided I had no choice but finish but I wanted to finish safely.  I decided to head back towards the house and just run loops in the neighborhood so if I felt like i was going to pass out, I could so safely at my own home.  It wasn't pretty but i got it done and stella and deuce both got a chance to run with me.  Stella did 12 with me and deuce did the final painful 5 miles. 

Total miles for the week: 32 miles

I am so ready to feel better.  Every time I think I am, it comes back with a vengeance.  I beginning to think this isn't a viral thing but maybe something wrong with my digestive system.  I hope this doesn't mean I specialists but i think a trip to my GP may be in order.  This  has been going on a week now and is affecting my sleep now.  I cry foul when I can't sleep:)  I seem to be okay in the morning but as the day goes on, it seems to affect me more and more.  I am adding some vitamin C to my diet in the form of airborne chewables after my  long runs or hard runs.  I am still kind of unclear on the dosage (you can take 1-4 but no more than 8 in a day) so just going to plan on taking 4 spread throughout the day.  

Have a great week everyone!

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