Sunday, May 28, 2017

Recovery week

The best part about doing multiple races?  You get multiple recovery weeks!!!!  I took it easy this week yet again, with some biking and some walking before I got back to some low mileage.  After much thought I have decided to take the plunge and make my goal race the 6/12/24 hour race in wichita in November.  To get the 50K belt buckle, I will have to run my 50K in 6 hours or less.  I really think I can do it on an easy course and this is a 1.33 mile loop.  While mentally I think it will be challenging,  I am hoping with my hubby's help as crew, I can get it done.  SO this means chicago will just be a dress rehearsal for the timed race.  I need to maintain an 11:35 mile per mile pace the entire 6 hours to finish and get that buckle.

Speaking of sports, we are done with T-ball clinic for the second year!  Next year, we get to do the real thing!  Overall, much better this year with him staying on the field and participating.  If a drill was not the best, he would get very distracted, but who wouldn't.  I really liked that they did more game specific drills this year to prepare them to really play.  I have indicated that I am willing to coach next year and i hope tony agrees to coach as well!

We also celebrated Tony's birthday this week with some cake (hello 540 calories in one little dessert).  It's always fun when we are the same age for a few months!  Andrew and I got daddy a new Royal's shirt.  Hoping it will bring them luck!

I did attempt a sort of long run saturday morning.  I had no clue it was suppose to storm and I woke up to this radar picture above.  It appeared to be heading due north and looked like it would completely miss us.  I was hoping the radar tracking and timing was right, as I fueled and got ready.  I spoke with lindsey in manhattan to see what it was doing there.  I also made the executive decision to go ahead and run earlier than I normally would post eating.  I got about a mile and a half out and looked back to see this.

Let's just say my easy long run turned into a mad sprint for home post picture of course :).  As I was walking in the door, the bottom fell out, and I finished up the 2.83 with 0.2 on the dreadmill and called it good.  

I tried for my sort of longish run again on sunday.  Luckily, I woke up to nothing on the radar, BUT I totally forgot I was out of my breakfast fuel for long runs.  Oh well, another experiment I guess.  Other than the humidity, it was a good run.  The dogs enjoyed the giant puddles left over from the rain the day before.

We also had our new normal of arrow coffee pre grocery store and then walked around the university gardens.  I wanted so many of those roses and irises for my house!!!  So beautiful!

No filters just pure beauty!

Also for some final news, I am going to get to pace my first race with a professional group!!!!!  I have paced people individually in races before, but never as part of a group.  My good friend Lindsey over at has been pacing for a couple of years now and has been trying to get me to throw my hat in the ring for pacing.  After having so much fun at the Bill Synder and seeing so many of our local runners as pacers, I decided to just ask and see if it was too late for fall races.  Low and behold, I got chosen to pace the KC half marathon in the fall! I also am a back up for another half in Lawrence in the fall and am SO excited!!!!  I am pacing the 2:45 group and can't wait to help people finish their race and finish strong!  Pacers have helped me hit my goal for my half marathon PR and got me to a respectable time at my first marathon in Chicago and I am excited to give back.

Have a GREAT rest of your weekend and Memorial Day!  Remember the Fallen!  I may not run Monday since it is a rest day but I will more than likely bike some miles in remembrance.

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