Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week 2 of the in between. Goals for Chicago and a confession

I am really at a loss as to what goal for Chicago and my coach is pressing me to decide.  While I do want to run a 4:30 marathon someday AND Chicago is the place to do it, I know I really, really struggle with speed work in the heat and humidity of Kansas summers.  Quite honestly, I like walking during my run too.  I like walking a tenth of a mile every mile, especially when the humidity is high, and i know in doing that, I am not going to get to a goal of a 4:30 marathon, so decisions, decisions.  I also have a confession and need help with accountability.  My weight has spiraled out of control.  I have a number that if I see on the scale or a size I reach in my clothes that causes me to immediately cinch down on my eating.  I for the most part eat healthy, but my weakness is sweets post meal, and lately I have been partaking at work on my coffee breaks, before sports, and sometimes even after dinner or ALL THREE!  These are things that I am not eating because I am hungry, so easy to get rid of.  Hold me accountable next time you see me picking up that piece of chocolate or getting whipped cream on my coffee.   I am going to track my food for a week and see where I am at macro nutrient wise and calorie wise, and then figure out a strategy.  I am also buckling down on my mindless sweet eating this week.  I knew it was getting bad by the way my clothes were fitting, but seeing that number on the scale snapped me back to reality.  I want to be a successful ultra runner (successful = finishing LOL) and I can't do that as well with extra weight.

Monday:  Rest day.  T ball week 3.  The best week thus far.  Other than bumping a smaller boy a few times and then actually pushing him down, things went well.  All the boys in his rotating group were being handsy and pushy, and while I wanted to go out there and fuss at him for being too rowdy, I kept my mouth shut and let the coach deal with it.  They got to bat, run the bases and work on throwing.  No tears = success!

Tuesday:  5 miles.  Well, this was a weird day.  Woke up to storms bearing down.  Thought they would be done by 6 am, so went back to sleep and woke back up to more storms.  Instead of getting up and on the mill, I went back to sleep.  I figured I could go out post my first PTO meeting post working.

Well, we met at the bar and rest is history.  I am not going to turn down beer if it is right in front of me.  Decided to not feel guilty, but instead enjoy the company and take and extra rest day this week.

Wednesday: Cross training and strength.  See above day for explanation :)  Got in my five that I was suppose to do Tuesday morning.  Hello humidity.  96% at 5:45.  Bleh.  

Thursday:  4 miles.  Whoops.  So i accidentally looked at the wrong week and thought I needed to do 5.  Ended up doing 4 because the race is this weekend.  

Friday:  Suppose to be shake out run, but did it early and 2 more miles than was suppose to be done.   Since Coach Jenny changed my plan during the week, I think that the emails sent out and the stuff on my final surge calendar actually got mixed up, which takes my brain off the hook for going haywire.

Saturday:  The Bill Snyder Highway half!   Recap here.

Yep that is me being silly. I just saw the photographer right after I had taken a huge bite of my honey stinger waffle

Sunday:  Recovery.  Not as sore as I thought I would be.  Ask me if I am sore monday though.  Part of me really wanted to go for a short run today, but I am technically still in recovery mode from the 50 K and now this race.

I am really excited that I finally got to run the Bill Synder as we all call it or "The Bill".  I really enjoyed one of very few point to point races that i do.  I am looking forward to taking a few weeks to relax and run some slow and easy low miles before Chicago training officially kicks in.  I also am pleased at how I did for the week eating wise.  Yes, I did have a beer a couple of times this week, but not the every night that I have been doing with dinner.  Yes, I did have some chocolate candy, but no mindless eating of sweets during the day, at home, and then after dinner.  I am getting way too much fat in my diet and not enough protein, so need to work on that. Overall though, stayed under my calories and have a plan moving forward to work towards more protein and less fat!  

Have a great week! 

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