Sunday, June 4, 2017

Chicago Marathon Training 2017 Week 1

I think we have officially started our training for the Chicago Marathon, as we are 20 weeks out. Summer is here and humidity is here to stay.  BOOOOO!

Monday:  Rest day.  Well, I woke up to a glorious day, which meant I couldn't not do anything.  I headed out on my bike and got over 13 miles in as well as my MYRTL exercises.  I need to be more diligent about doing these exercises on top of my strength training and my cross training.  I feel like I am doing really well with my cross training but the rest, well,  I am a work in progress.  Just doing 12 minutes of MYRTL kicked my butt and felt so good.  In fact I could feel my hip kind of release during and felt much better the rest of the day.

Later we attended andrew's best friend's birthday.  These kids are party animals!  Just in case you were wondering, they are frogs in a pond AKA a water table :)

Tuesday:  My first speed work session of the training cycle.  1 mile warm up, 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy x 8 and then one mile cool down.  Coach gave me lee way on what hard was.  I didn't program a number on my watch, but just went by feel and just let whatever happen, happen.  Post running, the 2 minute hard was kind of all over the place.  I had some as low as 8:51 minute miles and some as high as 9:33.  I will take it because the humidity was high and was affecting my breathing.

Wednesday:  Real rest day.  I went to bed Tuesday night feeling VERY tired after a full day of running, coaching the kids at track practice, and then driving back to town for something tony needed for work.  I had decided since I rode my bike monday, to skip my bike ride, get some extra sleep, and strength train with the kiddos at track club.  We had SO much fun talking about the exercises and what they do for your running.  I am so going to miss these track kids!

Thursday:  5 miles with 5x30 second strides.  This was the morning of no good.  I had a beer before bed that was a huge bad idea.  My tummy was off from the minute i woke up, PLUS my stupid iphone decided to die and play possum the one morning i didn't have a running partner.  I seriously considered not running, but it was cool (though humid) and I just needed to get my run done no matter what my tummy and or phone wanted.  Got through the run, but it was tough.  Bleh.  Of course my phone isn't on any plan and is 6 months away from an upgrade so I guess I will be buying a phone off of someone and or using my mom's old iphone for now.  You don't realized how connected you are to your phone till you don't have one.  Mark my words, my damn van will probably break down now, since I won't have a phone. (p.s. it did not and my phone miraculously starting working normally again although we do think it is a bad battery and are leaving it out of the case for now meaning I probably will shatter the screen soon).

Friday:  Cross training.  I had taken the day off to take Stella in for her one year visit post IMPA.  I am really happy to say that she is disease free and off of all meds other than allergy meds.  I am holding my breath and praying this sticks!  I am really enjoying having her back with me running and being pain free.  After getting done at KSU vet med, I headed out on my bike and got a nice long bike ride with Rocking Robin and finished up with a full three rounds of my strength training.  I have to laugh, strength training gives me extra calories since I am tracking calories, so it is a motivator to get that done :) . Whatever it takes right?

Saturday:  4 mile recovery run.  Well, was suppose to do my long run BUT hubby had to work.  I am not going to complain, over time is a great thing and steady work is a great thing. I can adjust my schedule no problems.  Saw a beautiful sunrise that made me forgot for a few minutes how horrible the humidity was.  Came home and did my MYRTL exercises.  Post running, andrew and I kidnapped my grad student and showed her the lazy river/splash park in front of the discovery center,  the insect zoo and KSU, and the KSU gardens.  We also had lunch at subway at Andrew's request.  Daddy worked most of the day but we did get to go to the street dance post work.  Our little town has a band come in and play and blocks off the downtown area for everyone to come down and put their chairs and blankets down to watch.  This year they had kid's activities and art and more food and a bigger beer garden.  We had so much fun but i had to watch it since I was heading out for a long run the next day.  The band played some great 80s and 90s classic rock and I could have hung out all night but had to head back so I could get in bed at a decent time.

 Sunday:  10 miles.  I knew this would be tough because i just didn't get into bed as early as I had hoped.  Plus, I had 2 beers because it was just a perfect night for a beer.  I had drank 2 bottles of water post street dance, and then had some more water when I got home, so I had hoped I would be okay.  I woke up later than normal, fueled with coffee and food, and promptly went back to bed to wait out digestion.  I then drug myself back out of bed an hour later, and headed out way later than normal.  I was blessed with some nice cloud cover that at least kept me from baking in the sun, but the humidity was ouch.  I had decided since I am still not acclimated yet and it really affects my breathing, that I would allow myself a walk break every 2 miles.  I also decided to just carry stella and not drag deuce along, as the humidity was so bad and she typically handles humidity better.  The run went well with walk breaks intact.

Post long run, we got ready for our very first mud run.  The discovery center in Topeka KS was holding the mud run at their place and it was called the Seriously FUN Mud Run.  I will do another post with pictures and the low down.  While Andrew would not do ANY  of the mud themed obstacles correctly (he just ran through the mud versus crawling or rolling), he RAN the whole time and left me on the trail part.  Maybe I have a trail runner on my hands?  I pretty much was covered in mud from head to toe, but the fire fighter's hoses got us a with a little less mud on the ride home.

Great week of training!  Gaining calories is helping me get ALL of my work outs in but whatever it takes!

Have a great rest of your week and next!

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