Sunday, June 11, 2017

Andrew's 5th Birthday party

Most of this blog will be pictures:)

This year Andrew wanted a party so we decided based on recommendation from other parents, to rent the local gymnastics gym and stay indoors and cool.

The gym was rentable for 2 hours and you could have 16 kiddos with supervision provided.  They could do pretty much anything in the gym and the upstairs could be used as a party room.  Andrew had decided to go with an angry bird's theme so we got all of our decorations off of amazon and from the dollar general store.

The cake came from Hyvee and I am so glad we got the bigger cake because it pretty much got all eaten!

We never actually played the game but it was a cute option :)

We let the kids play for about 30 minutes after arriving and then rounded them up for cake, juice, and presents.  We had kiddos from his class come and most all of them showed up.  I was super worried since it was summer and many of them had plans, but they mostly showed up and had a great time!

They all worked together to un wrap the presents and they all know him well because he got legos, pj mask, Thomas, and pokemon stuff :).

After unwrapping, we headed back to the gym.  Let's just say these kiddos left super hot and sweaty and tired!

I didn't get as many pics once the kiddos were playing, one because they wouldn't sit still and they looked like blurs in photos, and two because I was having so much fun talking to the other kiddo's parents.  We let them play till 5 minutes before the party time was over, and then took some very tearful kiddos out to cars with goody bags.  No one wanted to stop playing and I hated for it to be over so soon, but those were super tired kiddos.  I hope he will never forget his 5th birthday, not because of presents, but because of the awesome friends he has and what a good time they all had!  I love renting a facility that provides supervision so that we can hang out and get to know each other better!  Till next year!

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