Sunday, June 11, 2017

Week 3 of training for the Chicago marathon

Okay so I wasn't paying attention to exactly when my plan started.  I guess I started two weeks ago with "official training", so this is week 3, yipeeee!  This week is going to be a bit cray cray.  Andrew's first ever big birthday party is Saturday and our probably last time at Day at Thomas is Sunday.

Monday:  Rest day.

Tuesday:  Speed work, 1 mile warm up, 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy, 1 mile cool down.  I for some reason was a little slower this week versus last week with lower humidity and lower temps.  It is what it is, and I am not going to stress about it.  Most of my repeats were in the 9:30 range and I will take it.  Okay, so found out that our algal lab got funded Monday for the next four years.  Our PI wanted to celebrate Monday night, but i pushed him back to Tuesday night, so I could actually have a drink or two.

Wednesday:  Strength and cross training.  I had plans of getting up early and biking, as I had been doing and consistently I might add, but a celebration the night before and getting in bed later than normal made that not happen.  No biggie, no sports to do post work, so grabbed Rocking Robin and we headed out.  We are both now (thanks to her) addicted to the podcast My Favorite Murder, so we talked about recent episodes and documentaries we were watching on Netflix. After our hour or so ride, I headed home, took my mat outside and did my MYRTL, and strength training.  I was one tired puppy before bed!

Thursday:  5 miles with 5 x 30 second strides.  Melly had a long night the night before, so I got about 45 extra minutes of sleep, and headed out around daybreak.  The sunrise did not disappoint.  It was so amazing that I had to stop a couple of times and just stare at it.

Friday:  Cross training and strength.  I actually managed to get up and get on my bike early morning and get my strength training in to counteract my log run meal of pizza:).  I still am at 5 lbs for lost weight, and still not fulling hitting my macros, but getting closer.  I do like getting those extra calories, even if I don't use them.

Saturday:  Long run 10 miles.  Up early to fuel and poop.  Seriously considered going back to bed post eating, but made myself stay awake.  The temperature was already 70 when I got up with humidity in low 80s.  Sigh.  Right on the borderline for it being too yucky to take the doggies. I decided to take Stella only, and warned Tony that I might be calling him to come and get her.  We made it, but it was borderline too hot and humid for sure.  I stopped every 2 miles and made her drink from her water bottle, and as soon as we got back, she got to play in the hose and cool down.  It makes me sad that they will be taking a hiatus from running with me, but that also means I get to go up to Konza lots more now!

Of course post long run, we had to get ready for the big party!  I will do a separate post for the party because my hubby took a thousand pictures and some of them are really cute (and that way if you want to skip over, you can :).  Andrew was so confused that we were celebrating his birthday on not his birthday, but he had so much fun and most of his class that we invited showed up!  I had 12 party bags made and we had 11 kiddos, whew.  We got invited over to a class mates house for some slip and slide post party, so we headed over to grill and chill.  Let's just say when we all got home that we were VERY tired!  I decided to not set my alarm clock and try and get some sleep and dread mill it the next day.

Sunday:  4 mile recovery and DAY AT THE THOMAS!  This was our third year at Day at the Thomas, and while we were weary from the festivities the day before, we were excited as well! I decided to sleep in and save my run for later and I am glad I did (even if it was feels like 100 later).  We had 10 am tickets for thomas and 12:30 tickets for percy.  I will also keep this for a separate post but we had SO much fun.  I was so worried he wouldn't like Day at the Thomas as much this year, as he has been moving away from Thomas toys and Thomas stuff in general and more towards legos.  We loved it and hopefully will get one more year in next year.  I had to run post the trip back and I just couldn't do the dreadmill, even with the feels like 100 temp outside.  I decided to take it easy, walk when I needed, run slowly when I could,  and just get it done.  I also ran with a sack of ice so if I needed to put some in my bra or on my head under my hat, I could.  Of course it melted after mile 2 so just had a bag of semi cool water to tote around but it was the thought that counts right?

I only went 4 miles and I kept it close to the house just in case, especially since I couldn't take any dogs.  It wasn't pretty but I did it and I don't want to do it again :)

What a great week!!!  We made it through Andrew's first big party that I had to throw without my mom's help (she did his first and second party) and another Day at the Thomas.  Not looking forward to the high heat we are going to have this coming week, but it is summer and there is nothing I can do about it.

Weekly mileage:  24

Have a great week!!!!

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