Thursday, June 22, 2017

16 Getting to Know me Things

Okay, I am a sucker for lists and quizzes and question and answers.  When I saw this post on Happy Fit Mama's page, I had to do it!

1.  What Brings you the greatest joy?

Seeing my kiddo smile and be happy because of something I did for him (my love language is service:).  Seeing Stella get back to doing the things she loves disease free.  Seeing my hubby at the finish line of a hard race and getting that post race hug.  A beautiful sunrise or sunset on a run or ride.

2.  What is on your night stand?

Usually whatever book I am trying to read, a bottle of water, some chapstick, andrew's toys and andrew's books.

3.  Do you have a secret talent?

I can still play my trumpet and love to play. If I had more time in my life, I would totally join the community band.

4.  What is your greatest indulgence?  

Going to bed early.  Having a great craft beer post work.  An occasion deep tissue massage at Body First.

5.  What should everyone try at least once in their life?

To run a race, even if it is just a mile.  The feeling you get after finishing a goal race is amazing.

6.  What makes you laugh?

Pretty much anything that comes out of my 5 year olds mouth.  He has been saying the word shit lately, and while it is a horrible word for anyone to say, having him tell adults to not say shit when they slip up and say it in his presence is pretty funny.  

7.  What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I have a brother who was adopted (sort of long story) by my family when I was 13.  He won the national championship with the UT Vols and went on to be drafted in the first round of the NFL draft and played for the Denver Broncos for 8 years.  I love him like a blood brother.

8.  What is on your bucket list?

Run big Sur and the New York marathon.  Do a 50 and a 100 miler some day.  Own a horse again and do dressage.  Disneyland and Epcot with Andrew.

9.  What is on your feet right now?

Well, Stella's head and my flip flops.

10.  How did you make your first dollar?

Babysitting my two cousin's on Friday and Saturday nights while their parents  tended bar.

11.  What superstition do you believe in?

Knock on wood!!!  If you spill salt throw a pinch of it over your shoulder.  Don't let black cats cross my path and DO NOT walk under ladders!!!

12.  What items in your closet do you wear the most?

My gypsy runner gear (although that is normally laid out in the bedroom downstairs since I run so damn early in the morning).  My lularoe julia and classic Ts.

13.  What is the best gift you have ever received?

My son. I honestly thought God didn't think we were parent material, so having him was a HUGE blessing.  I thank God every day for him, even when I want to go insane from the whining/crying stage we are in right now.

14.  What is on your liquor shelf?

Probably some Jack Daniels and some Crown.  Maybe Patron, Titos, and some Captain too.  I am a craft beer kind of girl though.  Look in the bottom drawer of my fridge:) . There you will see the goodies!

15.  What is on your kitchen counter?

Too much stuff!  My hubby is the cook and when he is in the kitchen, the place looks like a tornado went through, so we will just leave it at that!

16.  What would you NEVER leave home without???

My phone.  I live and die by that stupid thing. I wish it wasn't so, but my life is on it.  Plus, my habit of buying older used cars puts me in a place where I might always need a phone for triple A.  Sigh.

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