Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day with Thomas 2017

Okay super bittersweet post here.  Check out my previous posts about Day at the Thomas here (2016) and here (2015).  This will probably be our last Day with Thomas as Andrew seems to be outgrowing his Thomas toys and videos.  I honestly didn't even know if he would want to leave his birthday presents and go.  I was prepared to give our tickets away if need be, but he woke up and was super excited to go!

Our first ticket was for the 10 am Thomas train ride, so we headed out around 8 am to have time to catch the bus and get to the rail yard.  As always, the free parking was great, and the buses were plenty.  

We quickly said HI to Toby and got in line for the Thomas train ride.  We were too late to get onto the open air cars, but we rode in the regular cars with no issues at all.  It certainly was hot out, BUT there was a breeze that kept things manageable.  Let's just say when we headed back to the depot, and the engineer asked us to start yelling for Thomas to pull, I may have shed a few tears. I know, I am a super sap.

We did post- Thomas ride pictures and they got some super cute pics with the professional photographer.  We always buy a set of pictures, because they are so nice to allow us to take a million of our own.  

As always, we try and get our four stamps, so Andrew gets his free Thomas prize at the end.  We started out by getting a stamp at the gift shop, because I am an idiot and forgot a backpack or bag to put all the goodies in.  Our second stamp was at the Sir Topham Hat picture center.  Previously, Andrew had been pretty scared of Sir TH, but this year, he gave him a high five and a hug at the end!

As per previous years, there was tons to do including a petting zoo, the tattoo/play tent, video tent, and the magician/singer tent.  We visited the food trucks and supported the local concession stands there and played in the bouncy house.  It was so hot, even with the breeze, so we didn't linger any longer than we had to post riding Percy.  Again this year, Percy's cars were air conditioned and this year they even punched our tickets on Percy, just like on a real train.  

Leaving was hard because like I said earlier, I am afraid that this will be our last year.  It was fun looking at all three years of pictures and seeing how much Andrew has grown up.  

Thanks for all of the memories Thomas! Thanks to Midland Rail way and ALL of the volunteers that make Day at the Thomas possible!  Maybe we will see y'all next year!

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