Sunday, June 5, 2016

Day at the Thomas with Thomas and PERCY 2016

This blog post is going to be mostly pictures:)  We went last year and I posted my tips here.  We felt like old pros this year.  Get ready for the pictures because we took a lot!

We got there around 9 am, an hour before our first ride on Thomas was scheduled.  Andrew got his wish, a wish to ride on a yellow school bus.  Parking was super easy, and riding the many buses that come through was quick and efficient.  
School bus rides are super cool.
One of the many picture ops with bubbles.  They know how to make parents very happy :)
Thomas and Percy were there this year!  Complete with moving eyes and lips and real steam!
The cool part of the character photos is that you can take your own pictures, or they have a professional photographer that also takes pictures.  We usually take our own, and buy a couple of the professional shots.  Andrew still isn't too fond of mascots and or large dressed up creatures, but he is getting better.  
Having Percy there this year just made it more fun!
There was also a petting zoo, complete with baby animals of all shapes and sizes. For four dollars you could buy a cup of sweet feed, and feed the babies.  We fed the goats and the cows.  
They also had a balloon artist that made what ever balloon things you wanted.  Andrew saw a kid with a sword, so he had to have a blue sword.  It was free, but we did tip the artist.
We rode Thomas first.  It takes about 30 minutes of standing in line and then getting to your seat and waiting before the ride starts.  Since andrew is older this year, this whole process went much smoother.  While standing in line, we had some snacks ,which took his mind off of the waiting aspect.  Plus, they had a magician/puppeteer tent right next to the boarding tent, so the kids could watch and listen to pass the time.   
After the 30 minute ride (15 minutes out and 15 minutes back), we had an opportunity again to have professional pictures done, but we could also take our own.
Sigh.  My baby isn't a baby anymore.  

This was new this year.  You could go in and interact with the parakeets.  We bought a seed stick and this little blue guy loved it!  The seed sticks were 3 bucks a piece, so not bad at all.  That is what I love about this event, you never feel gouged.  All prices are very reasonable on anything that has to be paid for, which isn't much.  
Another photo opp.  
It was hot, but there was a breeze blowing.  We brought sunscreen and they had free water everywhere.  I am glad we went early though because at 10 am, there were hardly any crowds, and we got through most activities with little to no lines.
Our Percy tickets were for 12:30, so we boarded about 12.  This was waiting in line to board.  The boarding area has nice shaded tents.  Percy pulled the dinner cars, which had wonderful AC.
Percy's ride was shorter, but we were getting a little tired and hungry so we didn't mind. 
After Percy, we packed up and headed to Lawrence, which is only about 15 minutes away, and had a Culver's butter burger.  I have had their custard but never their burgers.  OMG.  Amazing.  
We had so much fun this year and I so hope this isn't our last year, but my little baby is growing up so quick.  He may be out of the Thomas phase next year but I sure hope not!

A few tips for new to Day at the Thomas parents:

1.  Go early to avoid the major lines and crowded tents.
2.  Bring snacks, although the multiple concession stands had very reasonable prices that sponsored good groups.
3.  Do the gift shop at the end if you can ,so you don't have to tote all of that stuff around especially on the crowded Thomas train cars.
4. Bring a bag or backpack to store everything in as they constantly are giving you papers and stuff to tote that you kiddo will want to keep.
5.  Get all of the stamps on the map  you get at the beginning, so you can get the free present. Last year's present was way, better but this year was fun too.  

Please note, we bought our tickets super early.  There is a black friday special that they run in which you get a significant amount off.  In buying early, we got to pick our time for riding but I am not sure you have that flexibility if you walk up and buy tickets.  I am not sure if you can buy tickets just to come in without riding the trains or if they are cheaper.  

Can't wait till next year!


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