Monday, June 27, 2016

15 weeks to Go! Week 4 of 50 K training

I am hoping this will be a better week than last.  Stella seems to be much, much better and in fact we are in the whole her overdoing it because she feels so much better stage.  We are still dealing with some hind end weakness and some back leg soreness, but we are hoping there will be NO permanent damage.  I am hoping this week too that Deuce can get out with us some.  Last week had horrible humidity, too high for him to deal with.  Since it is pretty much dark when we run lately, and the sun usually isn't even up when we finish, I will be peppering this blog post with some random photos:)
Grapevine beetle on my roses.  Silly beetle, wrong plant for you!
Monday:  Planned Speed work (5 sets of 3 minutes at 10-10:15, 10 minute warm up and cool down till 5 miles hit).  I really like this type of speedwork.  Hard, but not too overwhelming.  I also like having a range of times, since it is so hot out right now.  When we got up this morning at 4:30, it was almost 80 degrees (YIKES), but the humidity was tad bit lower than normal, so the dewpoint was in the upper 60s.  Poor Deuce didn't get to go again :(  The irrigation systems were on this morning, and we timed it where we got to run through one as it sprayed across the road.  Yes, I still scream every time, even when I am by myself.  SO cold, but so wonderful!

Look at me take a selfie while I ride my bike.  WHEEEEE!
I also had another appointment with Dr. Needles.  I was very honest with him that I wore flip flops my entire Colorado trip, and that I felt like that might have caused issues with my foot, as it has been hurting pretty much non stop lately.  I also had not been faithful in doing my PT the week of my trip, but had been good the week after.  He took it all in stride and starting looking at lots of angles.  This is why I love this guy.  After looking at my shoes (i guess I have started dragging my left toe), my inserts, my legs, my hips, and my back, he decided that the root of the problem may be the fact that my left leg is shorter than my right, and not by a little, by a lot more than normal.  Through adjustments and working on my back and hip, he got that difference to be less, BUT he wanted an official measuring of my bones to confirm or deny.  I am ready for this.  I had a chiro YEARS ago tell me the same thing, but I honestly thought he was full of it.  If this is the cause of all of my problems or even the majority, and the easy fix is to put a lift in my shoe, I am going to kick myself in the butt pretty hard for quite a while.  Not going to lie, walked out of that office pretty worked over and pretty sore.
two cool dudes walking through menards
Tuesday: Strength and PT.  Not much excitement.  Didn't get on my bike as I had hoped, so only did PT.  Had a beer and watched the Royals.  Sometimes you just have to take it easy and listen to your body.  Getting up and 4 am 4 days a week and not getting any early bedtime is starting to wear on me.  I pretty much am a zombie most days and live on coffee.

Pretty sure the extra weight I have been sporting is because our little town has a doughnut shop now! YUM!
Wednesday:  Planned 6 miles.  Between both of us having icky tummies, and me having dead legs, AND the fact that it was 80 degrees at 4:30 am again, we managed to eek out 6.  It wasn't pretty, and I have NO clue why I had such dead legs.  Will blame it on ALL of the adjustments and crap that Dr. Needles did Monday, or perhaps that beer I had while watching the Royals duke it out with the Mets last night.  Either way, filing this one under the that sucked, move on runs.

Thursday:  Planned rest day and so I did.  My hubby is really into fixing things around the house right now and I am thrilled.  We have two ceiling fans in our vaulted ceilings that have issues, so he wanted to work on those last night, so I played baby sitter and kept andrew out of his hair while he worked.
Crazy girl was so happy to see me post hill repeats that she wouldn't sit still for an arfie!
Friday:  Hill repeats x 5.  We started out with a low number of repeats, with a total of 5 miles total.  We did about a mile warm up, and tackled a new hill that we haven't ever done.  It was a perfect hill though, took about 30 seconds to get up, and was tough, but not too steep that it killed us.  Had to make a pit stop at the gas station, but at least it wasn't my typical field potty stop.  It was pretty humid, but there was a cool breeze blowing that kept us cooled down.  Honestly, I am wondering if the new Nuun is hurting my tummy.  I hate to say that because I am an ambassador, but it seems that every time I takes a sip of the new formula, my tummy does flips.  I need to test this out by taking just water and seeing if my tummy still is hateful.  Morning running has never been good to my stomach, and I just can't get up an earlier than 4 am to get ready to run.

Saturday: Planned 12 miles.  Went out at 5 am so I got to sleep in till 4:10 yahoo!!!!  Sad that something like that makes me super happy.  As usual it was super humid and 77 degrees.  Rockin robin came with me, so we made a pact that we would walk a tenth of a mile every 2 miles.  It worked really well, even though we were drenched and hot.  My left shoe still is bothering my foot, and I think the size needs to be bigger, but I bought these puppies and I am going to get my mileage out of them no matter what.  Finished drenched, sore, and tired.  Would love to just sleep the rest of the day but not going to happen.  AH the life of a mother runner.

Sunday:  Strength and PT.  More like PT and biking.  12 miles on my bike.  I love that fact that even when it is super hot out, I can still bike and not die of heat stroke.  Plus I can hear my podcasts so I can catch up on all of the great podcasts I miss while training with my awesome running partners:)

28 total miles.

A better week for Stella and for I.  Looking forward to finding more answers as far as what is really going on with Stella.  Looking forward to upping my miles again and getting closer to back to back long runs.  What doesn't kill me makes me stronger and I am getting super strong lately:)

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