Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 2 of 50K training, 17 weeks to go!

Another week of summer running meaning getting up at the butt crack of dawn, living on coffee, and trying to survive.  I feel more adjusted this week after a couple of weeks under my belt of getting up at 4 am, but still, I long for the day I can run in the afternoon again already.  I am also super excited for this week, because we head to Colorado for a short vacation and Melly-Mel's wedding.  I look forward to some good food, some good company, some rest, and some wonderful Colorado views.

Just a quick update on Stella before I launch into the week of training.   The needle aspirate came back negative for any cancer cells.  All cells pointed to an infection of some sort, so are trying a course of antibiotics for a week.  She seems to be pretty painful, so I am continuing the pepto and buffered aspirin.  Poop and pee are normal and she is still eating, so that is good.  I hate leaving her behind when I run, but she doesn't even try to act like she wants to go.  It breaks my heart.  Deuce is subbing in, but he has only been running 1 day a week, so he probably won't be able to go as much as I would like till he gets up to speed.

Monday:  Planned speedwork switched for easy miles.  I was super tired/sore from Konza, so switched out my runs on my plan for the week.  I did my easy 6, which was still a ton for my tired body.  I even instituted a walk for a tenth of a mile every mile to let me body rest a little. I also decided why not totally kill myself and try my new shoes that the Chiro wanted me to run in.  They felt like bricks on my feet, versus my super lightweight Sacounys.  My foot honestly feels like a giant mess right now due to all of the things we are piling on it.  The spot where Dr. Needles needled last is still super duper tender, and I have all day pain some days.  Still doesn't hurt when I run, so there is that:)  I had another appointment with him Monday afternoon, and we discussed my foot pain that I think is being caused by the myriad of PT exercises he is having me do.  He agreed and changed a few of them up to concentrate more on my hip strength than my foot.  He also gave me a new one that is killer to replace the step ups, which I believe was the exercise really hurting my foot.  He did more manual manipulation and isolation of the adductor hallicus.  Man that is painful even without the needling.  He can hit trigger points that make my toes go nuts.  He also did some work on my leg itself that was pretty ouchy, but I walked out feeling loose and comfortable.  We had a really deep discussion about all of the aches and pains I have had over my years of running, and how my biomechanics cause all of them.  I really do love this guy, as he totally respects my curious scientific mind and fuels that fire with great discussions.

Tuesday: Planned Strength.  Well.  My parents came in Tuesday night.  They are staying here with Andrew and the dogs, while Tony and I attend Melly-Mel's wedding in Colorado.  Instead of working out, we headed out to the local bar to have yummy sandwiches and beer.  #Sorrynotsorry.  I did get most of my PT exercises done, so there is that.

Wednesday:  Planned speed work (5 miles total).   I took Deucey Doo today just to see how he handled speed work.  This was a gentle introduction of 10 minutes easy, 3 minutes at 10 min/mile 3 minutes at easy pace x 5 repetitions, and then a cool down to hit 5-6 miles total.  I had had a long night with Andrew not wanting to go to bed and stella having issues breathing.  Yes, stella is now having issues breathing and has discharge coming from her nose and eyes.  I have no clue what this means and I fear we are heading back to the vet.  We headed out to Colby KS, so we were half way to CO and could spend more of the day Thursday exploring.  I had a heavy heart leaving stella, but knew mom would take good care of her.

Thursday:  Drove another 4 hours to Estes Park and did some sight seeing.  We hit up the Stanley first thing and got a tour and booked a show for that night.  We had so much fun!  I think I will do a separate post just on the Stanley, but here are a few pictures.  Stella had a chest x ray to rule out blasto, since she wasn't getting better.  While her lungs looked clear, she had a bottle cap in her stomach.  We can't do surgery to get it out yet due to her fever not going down.  We are probably going to have to do an endoscope to get it out.  Can you say expensive????

Friday:  The wedding day.  I had delusions that I was going to get up early and run and that just didn't happen, yet I am don't feel bad at all.  We had a great day and night, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Melly-mel and Pat are a match made in heaven and I am so glad i got to participate.  The wedding was so gorgeous and perfect!

Saturday:  The plan was to head down to Golden and spend some time with the family I lived with when I worked in Denver.  Unfortunately, they had an emergency, and had to leave.  I was sad, but I know we will see them at some other time.  I was super worried about stella and wanted to get back.   She had been on one antibiotic or another for several days with NO improvement.   We ended up stopping back in Colby and staying the night, which was kind of disaster.  The hotel we chose was having AC problems, and after trying three different rooms, we kind of gave up and asked for fans.  We eventually slept, but not the restful sleep I had hoped for.
Sunday:  We got up and headed back home.  I didn't get a long run in, but I got to see my baby (who turned 4 on the 12th), and I got to see my stella.  I was shocked at how bad she looked.  She now not only had the discharge and breathing issue, but also swelling in her joints.  The odd thing is she is still eating normally, peeing and pooping normally, and only running a low grade fever.  Her tick panel finally came back, as that was the next thing to test, and she was slightly positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, which is transmitted via ticks.  While I have NEVER found a tick this year on any of my dogs, that is what the tests are pointing to.  The new antibiotics should help,  and the addition of prednisone will help as well.  Please keep stella in your thoughts and prayers.  I don't think we are out of the woods yet.

It was a low mileage week but I don't care.  I had fun on my vacation and while I was pretty upset about Stella most of the time, I did manage to distract myself and enjoy the wedding and the stanley.  Back to normal training next week!  Also pray for me as my kiddo enters the age of 4.  He is already starting to show me some new big boy tricks and words:)  Love all of my kiddos dearly.  Have a great week!!!!

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