Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ultimate Direction Clutch Handheld

I hadn't planned on getting another handheld, but you know when you get a good deal, you just have to go with it.  For that reason, I thought I would give a product review, since others might be looking for a similar product.  I have always been an Ultimate direction fan.  When I knew I needed hydration  for a race I was doing that didn't have cups, and I wasn't fond of the belts at the local store, I started looking at hydration vests.  I saw a review on a blog about the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta, made specifically for women, and I was sold.
The only problem, the bottles were pretty small.  At the time, the distances I was doing didn't need bigger bottles. I got use to the sloshing of the water in the bottles (that sit right on my boobs, but don't chafe:) but after the trail race was finished, I kind of stopped using the vest.  I went to using handhelds instead, since I could carry more water.

I would take my 25 oz bottle with the hand strap from MRC,  and then swap it out for the other bottle when I came by home for restocking.  Plus, stella could drink out of the big bottles way easier.

When I signed up for my 50K, I thought maybe I would re visit my hydration pack issue, and look at something from Orange mud or elsewhere, so I could have bigger bottles.  Then I noticed that Ultimate direction had new bottles that supposedly fit in the vest I had.  While they still aren't as big as I would love, they are much bigger than what i had (10 oz versus 17 oz).  I have a new collapsible bowl for stella that I can cram in my vest as well, so there won't be as much waste when I water her.

I quickly ordered the new body bottle plus to try them out.  Per the website, the body bottle plus had a wide mouth, so I could still add nuun and ice, but collapsed down, so I could fit them in my old vest.  I was excited to try this new type of bottle, but then I got my bottle and something wasn't right.  I was bummed, but they quickly sent me a replacement top for my bottle for free, and I was so happy! Great customer service! The new bottle fit in my vest perfectly, and even fit in my short's big side pockets comfortably.  BUT, i had only ordered one.  They are quite pricey in my opinion for just a bottle and no frills.
I was in luck because the Clutch came on sale for 10 dollars off, which was about the price of one body bottle without the handheld material.  I decided this could serve as my second bottle, and I would get a hand held for shorter runs.  Plus the Clutch might be a little more comfortable than my hard big bottle with the rubber strap that I had been using.  Today I took it for my very first test run, and while I need to take it on more, I was super impressed.  Here are my thoughts.
I love how comfortable the material is.  So much better than a rubber strap.  Plus, as the body bottle does, as you drink and empty the bottle, the bottle collapses, which makes it way nicer to hold on to.  My hand gets so tired of holding onto the hard plastic that I get hand cramps, and constantly have to change hands.  Not so with the soft body bottle.
The pocket is the perfect size for a GU or chomps or keys but not enough for a phone. I am fine with that because my beloved gypsy runner shorts have side pocket for my phone that are easy to slide the phone in and out of.

I should add that the bottle is very easy to clean and maintain.  I just rinse out and air dry and have had no problems with mold even using my Nuun tablets in the bottle.  I am just very careful to have the bottle dry completely every time.  I have purchased the camelback tablets for my other bottles and did use one the other day, but not because I saw any mold, just figured it was time for a good cleaning.
A little advice.  I am not sure the why the bottle tops are different.  The bottle top on the left came with my original body bottle.  It was the defective part that they replace.  I have not used this type of top before so I had to get use to using it.  The top is a bite valve that has to be turned on to use.  It does not leak when on and in my vest. I imagine you can turn it off and store your liquid and further prevent leakage.  The new bottle had a different lid, one still with a bite valve but without an on or off position.  

I can't wait to use this bottle all summer with my vest and with my clutch. I think UD products are well worth their cost and I will continue to buy their products.  Check them out, you won't be disappointed!  

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