Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week 1 of 50K training (18 weeks till go time)

Okay this is the first official week according to my plan email.  Getting super excited to start this journey!

Monday:  Planned 6 miles.  Decided since monday was a holiday that I didn't have to get up at the butt crack of dawn and run.  Even at 7:30 the humidity was still 95%.  Bleh.  Robin joined me and honestly, we had to do some walking even though the temps were low.  Doesn't matter, we got it done.  6 miles wearing blue and remembering those who have fallen defending this great country we live in!

Tuesday:  Planned Strength and Dr. Needles visit #3.  I was very adamant that I did not want any needling done.  I feel bad because I think he was pretty excited to poke my foot again, and even had a student observing, but I just couldn't handle another session, especially without my "support staff "as he called them.  He was able to get a similar response by digging in his fingers as hard has he could, so there is that.  I am sure the needles are way more efficient, but even as I type this, I get super nauseous just thinking about the pain.  I have read that most patients opt to have a numbing solution injected first for procedures in the foot, but I am not sure that he can do that since he is a chiro and not an MD.  I had another ultrasound treatment and some manual manipulation, which was pretty painful in itself.  Maybe I am just a big baby, but I digress.  He was not pleased with the shoe I brought him.  If you remember back, he had done a ton of research at our local running shoe store and found a shoe that he really wanted me to try.  My local running store didn't have the shoe he wanted in women's, but they had another version (New Balance 870s), but it wasn't up to snuff in his opinion.  I was able to order the shoe he wanted me to have and in a wide version, which is what I suddenly need. I can't wait to get them and try them out!  I did have to order a 6.5, which is what i have worn for years, but recently haven't been. I  have been in anywhere from a 7-7.5, but the running store kiddos think that was because I needed a wide.  It's kind of odd, because I have had many measurements lately at both my local running store and in San Diego, with varied results.  Yesterday I measured a 6.5 wide, whereas I had been measuring a 7-7.5 regular.  Who knows.  At least I can send them back if I need to.

We kind of had an impromptu celebration night Tuesday night as well.  Andrew's preschool moved him up to Pre K a little early, since they had openings in that class room this summer.  We celebrated his first day by seeing the Angry birds movie, and then getting an angry birds happy meal post movie.  It was a super cute movie, taking all of the different apps and incorporating them into the movie.  Andrew is ALL about the angry birds, so he was in heaven.  We even let him have his own popcorn and small drink which made him feel so grown up.  It was a late night but he had so much fun, and I really enjoy seeing him SO happy.

Wednesday:  Planned 6.  Happy Global Running Day!!!  We decided to start our 4:30 am runs, so our bodies get use to getting up at 4 am zzzzzzzzz.  Let's just say that fueling the night before with popcorn and then later Mcdonald's ice cream isn't the best of ideas.  I am still battling the worst case of indigestion ever.  Since we started in dark and ended in dark, no pictures:(

Thursday:  Planned Rest day.  I think doing an hour of physical therapy counts as strength training don't you?  After a play date with andrew's best friend, we headed home to get some housework done, watch the Royals play and get my physical therapy completed.  I also needed to wear out the dogs, since we didn't run that morning.  I noticed as we were playing frisbee that stella didn't seem into it, which is very odd for her.  She takes frizzers and running so seriously.  I chalked it up to the heat till I was giving her some lovings and felt a HUGE knot on her side.  I am not sure what is going on at this point, but I am trying not to think of the worst.  I had a dog at 6 years of age have a mast cell tumor removed successfully, and Stella is only five, so she does have youth on her side.  Sometimes knowing too much is a bad thing.  I am trying not to panic, but the tears creep up.  I am not ready to lose another dog right now, especially my crazy stella ella, and will fight this stupid thing whatever it is.  
Friday:  Planned 5 miles.  Melly-mel opted out on this run, since she has a very tough half marathon this weekend.  I got to sleep in a little, if you can call getting up at 5 am versus 4 am sleeping in.  Friday is usually a lower mileage day, so Deuce gets to sub in for Stella.  She was not herself at all as we left.  She seemed cautious and lethargic almost, but she ate her breakfast with gusto.  I called the vet's office as soon as they opened and got her an appointment.  While the knot doesn't seem to sore to the touch, it is impeding her normal activities.  I noticed as she went up and down the stairs she was being super cautious and taking them slow which is not the way stella ella does anything.  

At the point of posting this, I am still waiting the needle aspirate results.  If it is a mast cell, I am prepared to fight with chemo and alternative medicine, and if it is something else, I am ready for that too.  My parents will be here next week, so I am ready to biopsy if needed while they are here.  I just want her to feel better and be her normal crazy self.  

Saturday: Day out with Thomas!  Will write a separate post here for this. Too much to write here!  This was our second year coming and we had SO much fun!  We also attended a street dance in downtown Wamego Saturday night complete with BBQ and beer.  Andrew had so much fun dancing and playing with his friends.

She runs downhills like a BEAST!  

Sunday: Planned 9 miles on Konza with Rocking Robin.  I figured since Stella is on the DL right now that I should get my butt to Konza and get some long runs in.  For those of you who do not know what Konza Prairie is, it is a research area that has trails open to the public for running/walking/hiking.  I have done a 25 K our there, and it can be brutal, but beautiful.  We started out with chilly, but humid conditions, and finished with humid and warm.  I even got to try out my new hand held clutch that I got from Ultimate direction.  Very impressed, had I had the lid screwed on and it didn't leak all over the place because well, I can be an idiot at 4 am.  

Total miles this week: 26 miles

Bring on week number 2 and vacation week!  We are heading out for Colorado Wednesday night for Melly-Mel's wedding.  I am taking my running gear, but not going to stress if I don't get my runs done.  We don't get much time just tony and I so I am going to enjoy it.  

Have a great week!!!!


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