Sunday, June 25, 2017

Week 3 or 4 or what of Chicago Marathon training?

This is going to be an interesting week with Andrew starting his first camp and me dropping him off later and working later.  Okay, my final surge calendar keeps changing.  I guess this is officially week 3 now.  Who knows :) I just do what i am told by my coach. Maybe I should just start counting down to Chicago instead of counting my work out weeks.

Monday:  Rest day and first day of camp!  I was super nervous to drop him off, mainly because he has been in this cry about everything stage for a while, and i was super worried that would happen at camp.  Well, my worst fears came true, but the teachers handled him with grace and speed and helped him work through his issues.  I am SO very glad two of my running partners are there taking care of him this week!  I had to work late since i dropped him off late, which made for an uber long day, which turned into a stressful night since Andrew was beyond tired and would NOT go to sleep.  Hopefully the rest of the week will go better and I can get him into bed MUCH earlier.

Tuesday:  600 meter repeats x 6 with 400 meter recoveries (mile warm up and mile cool down).  Headed out a little later after a text from Melly that said she couldn't make it.  I wasn't really looking forward to running speed work by myself, but it was cool enough for stella ella to join me and that was a nice incentive to run fast.  Normally I walk recoveries, but today I tried to walk half of the recovery and jog half of the recovery just to speed things up.  I am pretty happy with my splits, even minus my speed demon partner who usually motivates me to chase her.

I know, super cheesy but I hope these brighten his day:)

Later, I got glowing reports from camp that Andrew was doing much better.  WHEW.  That made me feel so much better about the decision to send him to camp.  God bless those teachers and counselors!  Fast forward even further and I had a PTA meeting (at the bar, how cool is that) and got home rather late.  Andrew was complaining of a sick stomach, but tony said he had already gone # 2, so shouldn't be hurting.  I also found out that Andrew had gorged himself on mini m&ms secretly.  Sigh.  We had a long night ahead.  I felt so helpless because I knew his tummy hurt and nothing we did helped.  Neither pepto nor tums nor massage helped him feel better.  When he finally started puking, I was hoping that he might actually get some relief and sleep.  Two puke sessions and sheet changings later, we finally all got to get some quality sleep.  I decided to keep andrew home just in case this was a little tummy bug, but feeling it probably wasn't.

Wednesday:  Cross training and strength.  Slept in, had a phone in meeting with the lab, and got my strength done.  Got my bike ride in post grocery store shopping and saw tons of snakes.  Is it mating season?  Not sure why so many where out at that time!  Andrew was fine all day and ate and acted normally.

We had slipped in the hair place to make an appointment to get the crazy curls under control.  We had them take the sides down pretty short but leave the curls on the top.  I love it!!!

Every time he gets his hair cut, he looks more and more grown up, but those curls just keep coming back.  Katie, his hair dresser extraordinaire, thinks they will always be there.  She even taught me how to style and tame them.  Let's see how successful I will be!!!

Thursday:  5 miles easy with strides.  Melly joined me for this fun, even though she was headed out to Tuttle Creek for Country Stampede.  Her and her hubby work camp ground security, so she has a long weekend ahead of her.  For those who don't know, Country Stampede is one of the biggest country music festivals around.  They bring in headliners, old timers, and tons of drunk country music fans.  Most of us avoid manhattan, especially that side of town this weekend, as the drunkies like to leave the festival site and hit up wally world and the fast food joints.  It's kind of fun if you like to people watch.  This weekend is normally either the hottest weekend of the year OR we have hellacious storms all weekend.    

Friday:  Cross training.  I knew a skip day was bound to happen and today it did.  I slept in with intentions of biking post Andrew's presentation at Camp Invention.  Post presentation, we decided to head to town because I forgot I was out of fuel and didn't want to experiment.  There is a really good hometown brewpub on that side of town so we thought, why the heck not.  Two beers and some good food later, we headed home and all promptly fell asleep (including Andrew who had no beer but was worn out from camp).  Oh well, haven't skipped in a long long time and this was worth it.

Saturday:  Long run 12 miles.  Yeesh.  Why did I drink two beers the night before?  I tried hydrating as much as possible pre sleeping, but the sleeping won out over the hydrating.  The good news?  Lows in the 50s the friday night, so no getting up at the butt crack of dawn to beat the heat.

We headed out around 7 am and were met with glorious low temperatures.  Both reds got to go, and while we did go through their water stores quickly due to no puddles or irrigation systems being on, our trusty road side service of my hubby and son met us out on the road with re stock.  I really need to get up and plant bottles out on our route.  

Post running, we headed to town to snag a b day present for one of andrew's wrestling buddies and have a quick playdate with Lindsey and her kiddo at Chick Fil A.  After letting the boys play their hearts out, we headed to the b-day party for non stop bowling and partying.  Post the b-day party and some decompression time for me, we headed over to another play date to andrew's best friend's house.  Whew.  What a long day!!!!

Sunday:  5 miles, MYRTL and strength.  Well, I was suppose to do strength post long run, but it just didn't happen. I had to come in, hit the shower, and hit the ground running to get the day going and there just wasn't any time.  I decided to move the work out to Sunday.  I also decided to sleep in thanks to the wonderful, but oddly cool Kansas mornings this weekend.    

Post running I took my mat outside and did MYRTL and strength.  It felt good to get it done and get extra calories for the day :).  Post running and working out, we headed to town to waste time, and eat some good food.

We have heard great things about a restaurant in aggieville called Wahoo that had some amazing brunch items.  I chowed down on half of this breakfast pizza, and it did not disappoint.  We also walked around aggieville and had a doughnut at Varsity doughnuts for desert.  

We played a game called Picturika that was super fun and watched others play ping pong.  We also finally ventured into the new Academy Sports.  While I will still do my shoe shopping and most apparel shopping with MRC (our local running store), they did have some cute stuff in their brand name.    

Someone was worn out from the adventures of the day.

Total mileage for the week: 27 miles

Another great week of summer running!  Runs are still pretty low in number of miles, as we slowly build to closer till Chicago.  I missed one cross training work out this week, but it won't be the end of the world.  Have a great week next week!  Hoping for more cool  un-Kansas like weather!!!!

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