Monday, July 3, 2017

Officially week 4 of Chicago Marathon training

I think I have it right now.  Final surge says week 4 of 18, so we are going with it.  A confession to start out with.  Last week was a rough week with regards to diet.  I was at or over my calories almost every day last week.  I am vowing to do better this week, and not let myself plateau.  Another confession.  I have spent most of this week fighting off something with horrible fatigue, weird tummy issues, and headaches.  I chose to sleep in versus cross train and tried to get in bed super early every night I could.

Monday:  Rest day.

Tuesday:  800 meter repeats x 5 with 1 mile warm up and cool down.  Melly is back and her stories of working country stampede were hilarious!  From the idiots who tried to climb fences, to the people who literally waded through creeks of sewage to hang out in the camp grounds, I was laughing and running.  Alcohol makes people make some pretty bad decisions!  Afterwards, I tried to do my strength training as coach wants me to move them to my hard days.  While I got through almost three rounds, I felt very weak and honestly I didn't like it.  I could tell my body was super tired and not performing optimally.  I will try again after my long run, but I will be honest, I am not digging doing these work outs post hard run.

Wednesday:  Cross training and MYRTL.  Was woken up early by an Amber Alert going off on both of our phones.  Wind was whipping from the south around 20 mph.  Not really conducive to biking.  Was hoping that the winds would die down post work.  Nope.  Nada.  Still 15-18 mph with huge gusts.  I wasn't feeling very well (went to bed around 7:30 tuesday night and was out by 8:30) so I decided to make this a rest day and get to bed early again.

This happened today though!  Our very own Corpse flower at KSU bloomed!!!  I had been watching the live feed like a hawk, but the sucker bloomed in the middle of the night! Lucky for me, I work right across the street from it, so I was able to get my experiments started and head over to check it out.  The smell was not as bad as I thought it would be, but the green house was pretty ventilated.  I watched the one in Denver bloom on the live feed, so it was really special to see a real corpse flower in my own town!

Thursday:  5 miles easy.

Uh oh.  Woke up to storms and lightning and hail oh my.  The problem?  It was suppose to get super hot and humid for the rest of the day and possibly more storms.  I hate the dreadmill so post work, I put on my big girl pants, filled up one of my big hand held water bottles, and headed out with walk breaks being a possibility.  Feels like 99 feels like horrible, but not humidity so doable.  

A lot of my roads were partially flooded and looked like they had been completely flooded overnight.  Some still were all the way and for once, I had fun tramping through the puddles.  The water felt cool and inviting :).  It really brought back memories of my 50K, minus the rushing water.  I took it easy taking walk breaks every mile for a tenth of a mile and made it through. I totally wish I could be a hot weather runner, but sadly I am not.  Got done, had to take a super cold shower to cool off, and didn't feel well the rest of the night.

Friday:  Cross Train.  Didn't happen.  We had a late night thursday night and I slept in.  Actually woke up with a really unhappy stomach and again a stupid headache.  We had eaten at Old Chicago the night before, and something I ate did NOT agree with me.  Even with Tums and Zantac on board, I felt miserable.  Post work and post a little bit happier tummy, we headed to our little local 4th of July fair.

Melly brought Conner so I didn't have to ride all the rides with Andrew, which was nice.  We did hit up the tea cups a couple of times together and of course the carousel.  Daddy did the Ferris wheel twice and I tried to watch and tried not to freak out.  Conner rode most of the rides with him, since they both had wrist bands. Conner convinced him to do the big slide.  Funny, or not so funny aside.  We have been driving by the fair as they have been setting up all week (its a block away from our house so hard to avoid).  Pre-fair, Tony and Andrew drove by and Andrew saw the big slide.  In his little 5 year old innocent voice, he proclaimed, "I won't be doing the slide.  It would scare the FUCK out of me".  WHAT????  It was kind of funny but really not, so we had a talk about how cute little kids don't say Fuck.  Sigh.  First Shit and now Fuck.  Let's hope he doesn't do that at school!!!!!  He conquered his fear and didn't get the fuck scared out of him and wanted to do the slide over and over and over.  

Saturday:  12 miles.  The weather gods blessed us again this weekend with a cool start to the morning, which meant I got to sleep in and not get up at the butt crack of dawn.  I decided to just take stella ella with me, which did not please deuce.  While the run was pretty good, I am still not 100 percent and i could tell.  

We made it through, splashed through many puddles, and saw many other runners out enjoying the beautiful weather.  I still walked every 2 miles and gave stella water on my walk breaks.  I totally forgot to take my new water bowl I got for her, but she was content drinking out of her bottle.  

Post running everything went smoothly.  Till it didn't.  My tummy issues from friday came back full force and I ended up staying in bed most of the afternoon and night.  I am really not sure what the heck this was.  I had pain, rolling, rumbling, and some vomiting, but I vomited just to make it feel better and it didn't work.  I ended up eating crackers for dinner with sprite, while everyone went out and had cheeseburgers.  I didn't get my strength training done for the day :(

Sunday:  4 miles.  After being sick the day before, I really didn't know what I could do.  Coach said no running and I didn't really fight her on that.  By the time I got up, it was super hot and humid and just not nice out.  I decided to hit my bike instead and see how it went.  I managed to make 13 miles happen and then later, after I had finally eaten some substantial food, did my strength training.  

Total miles for the week:  22.65 miles

Not an ideal week but I am hoping next week will be better.  Hoping for a more settled tummy and a happier body!  Have a great week and a great  and a safe fourth of July!

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