Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 5 training for the Chicago Marathon

I am super duper double fingers crossed hoping for a better week than last week.  Hoping to put behind me whatever bug I was harboring and fighting.

Monday:  Rest day and sort of day off.  Took Andrew and melly's kiddos to the movie theater.  Was delighted to find out that we were in the theater you eat in.  I had never partook in this type of fun and I was bowled over at how cool it was.  The seats recline back and are super comfortable, and the tray has a cup holder and the food is actually good.  Tony and I split some lunch, and I for once actually enjoyed a movie (those of you who know me know I hate sitting still for that long). Despicable Me 3 is very cute and 80s themed, and super short, so perfect for the littles.

Tuesday:  Suppose to be speed work.  We had decided to sleep in a little due to the neighborhoods trying to blow themselves up till all hours of the night.  We knew that would be risky with the heat and humidity, but it appeared even at our normal 4 am time that it would be icky, so why not get a few more hours of sleep.  We were so right, it was 75 and 95% humidity making it absolutely horrible out.  There was this though:

They were everywhere!!!!  We decided to just do 6 miles with several walk breaks.  The humidity just kicks my ass and in such a bad way!!!

The rest of the day was spent partying, parading, and fireworking (is that a word?).  Seriously, if you haven't come to Wamego for the 4th, you are missing out.  For a tiny town, we do it RIGHT!  I got to spend the day with family and my family of running friends new and old.  The only problem?  Late bed time.  

Wednesday:  Cross training and strength.  I knew getting up early was not an option after a long late night, thanks to everyone trying to blow up the hood.  I ended up working late and not getting anything done  at home, but instead I chose to spend time with family before they head back to Tennessee.  I don't regret blowing off my work out at all.  

Thursday:  Speed work 1000 meter repeats x 5 with 1 mile warm up and cool down!  Woke up to fog and 96% humidity with 0 wind.  Yikes.  Got er done only because Mel was there, and I was chasing her and catching her up on all of the gossip.  Apparently we have possibly started a neighborhood war.  We have many rental houses around us, which makes us sad as homeowners, but for the most part, we have had good neighbors.  Well, we recently had some very young, very loud, very irresponsible kids move in behind us and they like to party.  They thought it was a good idea to FILL our garbage can up with their trash, and let me tell you, we have a very big garbage can to fill.  They had already left us many presents of glass vodka bottles (luckily not broken) in our yard.  My hubby decided to track down whose trash it was via finding mail in said trash.  He very nicely knocked on their door, spoke to them about the fact that we pay to have our trash picked up and that we need our can empty for our own trash, and then returned their numerous bags.  Anyway, they were none to pleased and later we saw the cops over there (we did NOT call them), so I have a feeling they associated us with the cop call.  Sigh.  Just what we need in our quiet perfect little hood.  On top of that, someone has been breaking into cars and they got into my van via an unlocked door.  While they didn't take anything (i honestly don't have anything in there other than my car seat of value), I had to fill out a police report and have them dust the various items for prints.  Fun times in my tiny town.  I hope there is no correlation to the recent move ins and the increase in crime :(

Friday: Strength and cross train.  I was determined to get strength in even if I had to do it at work on my lunch break.  I managed to snag my boss's yoga mat and some heavy bottles for weights, and got it done.  Got an 11 mile bike ride in post work.  

Saturday:  14 miles.  Had intended on getting up at 4 am and leaving by 5 am to beat the heat.  When my alarm went off, I hit snooze till about 4:30, and then finally got my butt out of bed.  My garmin says I was on the road by 5:49.  While it was super cool, it was super humid.  I planned on doing an 8 or 9 mile out and back with both dogs and then drop at least deuce off at the house and head back for more.  We ended up doing 10 as one big family, looping by the house and dropping off Deuce, and heading back out for the remaining 4.  I wanted to try and keep at or below my 50K pace for the upcoming timed race.  This was totally my idea, not my coach's idea.  I was happy that even with walk breaks, my overall pace was very close to what I need to maintain to do my 50K in 6 hours.  Hopefully the humidity will be lower for the race and I won't have to take walk breaks every 3 or so miles!  

Post running we headed to manhattan to tool around.  Target, Mr. K's cafe, and Widgets was on the list.  Widgets is the new play place out on highway 24 that has arcade games (think dave and buster's), laser tag, a cafe and a HUGE play structure that has slides, tunnels, and slides.  Once andrew got brave and really got in the play structure, he was good to go and we could just sit and watch.  Next time I am brining a book and just letting him play his heart out!

Sunday: 4 miles recovery + strength and MYRTL.  I slept in, missing the little bit of nice cooler weather we might have had.  I hear the weather is going to be super hot all next week and I am dreading it.  Anyway, I felt like sleep was more important and a little bit of suffering was okay.  I did a walk break every mile and just took it easy.  Got back and got my mat out, and ground through my work out.  While coach wants me to do it post the harder runs i.e. speed work and long run, it still is super hard after any run for me.  

Total miles: 30.35  

A much better week, but lots of bad eating and bad choices, so looking forward to getting this train back on track and loosing some more weight.  We got a new cool scale that tells us BMI and body fat along with water and bone mass.  I know it can't be super duper accurate, but as a numbers geek, it's kind of fun to see all the measurements.  

Have a great week and stay cool if you are in the Heartland!

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