Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 6 Chicago Training

Week 6, just in time for a major heat wave.  Yeah Kansas Summer!!!

Monday:  Rest day.  Home run derby and pasta:)

and time for finding massive worms in our yard!  Look at the dirt in it's digestive tract!

Tuesday:  6 miles.  HOLY MOLY Kansas.  Thanks for the heat and humidity.  77 degrees and 86% humidity at 4:20 am.  I had already alerted my coach that speed work would not be happening.  We had to walk several times just to make it through the mileage we did.

Wednesday:  Cross training and strength.  Post work of course, because I just didn't get up early enough.  I am really enjoying the sets that my coach has been giving me lately.  Short and sweet and to the point.  30 minutes or less and I feel good but not depleted.  I feel like the parts of me that need this are getting super happy.

Thursday:  Woke up to Mel not feeling well and then heard rain coming down.  Sigh.  I hate the dreadmill, so went back to sleep hoping that in an hour it would be done.  When my alarm went off an hour later, I just turned it off.  I know sleep is a good thing, but running post work or doing anything post work really throws everyone in the house off.  I had hoped that post work I could get outside but NOPE.  Still stormy/rainy/yucky, so to the dreadmill I went.  I needed to do speed work but I am terrified of going fast on the mill.  I am very honest in that anything over 6 mph kind of scares me to the point of me wanting to hold on for dear life.  This usually results in a ton of sore muscles and a very sore hip.  The good is that you can set the pace and just let the belt do the work. Coach had given me 1200 meter repeats with 400 meter recoveries.  I decided to set my mill to 6.5 mph with a 1% incline which was suppose to be a 9.09 minute pace, which was within my pace range.  Luckily I was able to complete my warm up and my 4 repeats, but cut the cool down short due to my hip throbbing.  I quickly got off and did MYRTL,  and then got in an epsom salt bath to soak while sipping my tart cherry juice.  Getting old sucks.

Friday:  A quick bike ride for Cross training.  Just a little aside here.  My hubby and I had a discussion about my training.  He had commented that he felt like I ran too much, and that I trained too early for races.  I have always had a coach since I started doing distances greater than 5Ks.  I have run anywhere from 6 days a week, to the now 4 days a week with two of cross and one complete rest day.  I think for anyone to say you run too much is crazy, but I do want him to be honest with me because this really effects him greatly.  He was talking out of frustration. so I will let it pass this time, but dang it was hard not to get super mad.  I think you have to find what is right for you, whatever that might be.  For my body, the sweet spot is 4 days of running a week.  Mentally, I would love if it were at least 5, but physically, that just doesn't bode well for me.  Two days of cross and strength also seems to keep me on the road and injury free.  While I am not perfect, and occasionally miss a cross or strength, I have been doing one thousand times better this training cycle with getting my cross and strength in.  I really think that is why (knock on wood), I have been able to avoid the chiro and massage table thus far.  Kind of scared to type that, but my injury prone body seems to be very happy right now and I like it.  So i guess what I am trying to say is you do you.  Don't let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't do, unless it is drugs or some sort of destructive behavior (does running fall into this catagory?), then listen to them:) #naturalhigh

oh weather app on my phone, how you lie

Saturday:  Long run day.  I woke up to 70s and 100% humidity.  Really mother N?  At 4:20 am, the dew point was at 73.  Sigh.  I had hoped to get out by 5:30 to avoid some of the sun with the heat and humidity, but didn't get out till 5:45.  I really am going to have to get out BY 5 am, as my mileage increases.  I tried to go two miles at a time before walking, but I ended up towards the end taking a walk break every mile.

The good?  I had a running scavenger hunt I needed to complete.  I needed to find something orange, a dandelion, and the number 11.  I found all things in rather quick succession, so that was a nice distraction for a little while.  The bad?  I had brought just some plain water as well as my Nuun grape water and was using it to dump on my head and the back of my neck.  Except, it was too humid, so the water was not evaporating off of me at all.  I was just one big wet and uncomfortable mess.  I decided I had to get out of my wet and hot clothes, so shucked my shirt and joined the #runbrasquad girls.

me not happy about the heat and the fact that I missed EVERY.SINGLE.IRRIGATION system being on

  This is my I am so over this stupid heat and humidity and it's only July face.  Looking at this picture, I am sure the guy that almost wrecked because he was oogling me thought I didn't have a bra on, since my pack kind of covers that area.  Serves him right for looking so damn hard.

Post run I felt horrible, everything made me super nauseous.  Thanks heat.  I was hungry but couldn't eat or drink. Kind of hard to do recovery when everything makes you feel like puking.  I had to feel better quickly, because we were heading to Topeka to see Pete the Cat at the Toy Store.

This place truly is magical. I find every excuse just to go here as much as I can.  I always find things I want as an adult and so does Tony:)

After standing in line and meeting Pete, we got to do Pete story time and Pete arts and crafts (which we skipped).  

Post Pete we hit On the Border.  I was STILL not feeling well, but that helps with portion control right?  I managed a few chips, and maybe half my lunch.  I did try Tony's watermelon margarita and it was SUPER good.  I need to figure out how to make those at home!

We also hit up the mall for some Old Navy and the carousel.  I never say no to horseback riding, even if it is in a circle.  Maybe some day  I will get my son addicted to horses like I was as a kid.  

I did managed to get my appetite back for this.  We met up with one of my co-workers, who is back from being away for years (previous grad student in my lab) and got to see their new house and let the boys play.  They have a son that is 1 year older and one that is 2 years younger than andrew.  They played non stop for hours and then we all piled in and went to this place called the Burger Stand. Holy moly.  This pictured above was the Smoke burger and had cheese, smoked bacon, and some sort of handmade special ketchup.  I also ordered the sweet potato fries, and they came with cinnamon and sugar on them.  Worth every single calorie, although I shared my fries.  

Sunday:  Recovery run 5 miles.  Slept in instead of getting up super early and running pre sun.  Kind of pointless getting up so early if it is still going to be in the 80s and 100% humidity.  Slept in and got up leisurely, did some stuff around the house, got my strength training in and decided what the heck, I was already sweaty, might as well hit the mill.  I can do the mill as long as I have very loud music motivating me, so listened to my Steve Aoki channel, and then upon request via Andrew, blasted the Trolls soundtrack (which by the way is really good to run to).  Felt good to get it done and start the day which included some grocery shopping, dog food shopping, and a trip to pick up some libations for Game of Thrones.  Yes, I am one of those people, I love GOT!!!!!  Here is to hoping this last season doesn't disappoint.  

We also celebrated National Ice Cream day!

While the heat and humidity has kind of made this week suck, glad to have a mill to hop on when things get too bad outside.  I think this week will be just as bad but it is what it is.  The dogs may go crazy without running and fetching so hoping these temps go down a little so they can join me or we can at least play in the yard.  

Total miles:  30.5

Have a great week!!!!!  Hoping you are surviving summer where ever you are!

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