Saturday, April 29, 2017

Race week! Heartland 50K, here we come!

This week was about taking it easy.  Since I already had a big distance under my belt, there was no need to try and over do it this week.  The name of the game was to have totally rested legs going into this race.  Basically I got a rest day, a 5 miler, a cross training day with the track kids, and that was it.  I slept well, ate well, stayed hydrated, and drank my tart cherry juice like a boss.

I kept checking the weather reports.  They kept getting worse the closer till the weekend that we got.

At least the thunderstorm was pulled out of the forecast later in the week.  I wasn't planning on racing this race at all, but I wanted to try and finish strong.  Oh well, as one other participant in another race this weekend in the same area put it, this is just going to be one big adventure!  I asked for tips for running in the rain on my FB page and most of the comments mentioned over lubricate with body glide or aquaphor to reduce chafing including feet and bra area.  Include new socks and shoes if possible in drop bags.  Wear a breathable jacket to keep warm with a long sleeved shirt under and put another shirt in your drop bag.  All good tips!  

Mel and I headed down friday afternoon to check in and get our packets. We got to the hotel and immediately started sorting our gear.  

We also packed our drop bags.  I am SO glad we went with boxes because of the rain.  A normal bag would have gotten soaked.

We also got to take a pic in cassoday in front of the prairie chicken picture when picking up our bibs and shirts.

We ate gambino's calzones for dinner and got in bed early to prop our feet up and watched the movie The Boss, which was super hilarious.  Check out my next post about how race day went!  It was quite an adventure for sure!

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