Saturday, April 22, 2017

Stella update, April edition

Just a brief update of her highness, princess Stella since I am getting a lot of questions on FB.

This his how she feels about going to the vet LOL!  We went in for our normal check up yesterday.  We were testing for protein dumping in her urine mainly and talking about her allergies and hair loss.   The two theories were that the apoquel was causing the hair loss or the combo of azathioprine and apoquel was causing the hair loss.  

Stella is pretty much a celebrity because everyone knows her name at Vet med.  She loves going and they love seeing her!  Here is where we are at in bullet form and how we are moving forward:

IMPA still in remission YIPPEEEE!

Increase mileage carefully, YIPEEEE!

Cutting aza dose down by half again, YIPEEEE!

Pending urine results, cutting down enalapril by half, YIPEEE!

Apoquel, while horribly expensive, seems to not only be helping her allergies but making her feel overall much much better so continue the course.

As far as the hair loss, we are going to ignore it for now, because she is doing so well.  I will take a healthy naked dog any day.  Someday, she will have a beautiful coat again but for now, we are going to call this her "summer cut".  

We will go back in a month for another recheck to maybe possibly get her off of the aza completely.  While I don't like the aza, I think it was the key to getting this mess turned around and helping her get off of the pred.  

We celebrated with a shared wendy's hamburger and fries.  Yeah Stella ella!  Onward and upward!

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