Saturday, January 27, 2018

Is it January or February Runfessions???

Okay I never know whether to runfess for the month previous or the coming month.  I guess this will be the runfession for the following month.  Grab your favorite poison (mine right now is from a local brewery called Kansas Territory) and cuddle up.

I runfess I am falling in love with the treadmill.  WHO AM I?  The convenience is trumping all things right now for some reason and I am SO thankful I have one in my house.  You can't beat a fan, a bathroom a few steps away, and your favorite hydration plus tissues in the cup holders.  I dare say I am liking the time I have with the mill the best for speed work!!!!  I can't believe I just typed that.  Seriously.  I think part of it is that I never really get to watch movies or tv unless it is education or a cartoon, since little man is so impressionable as of late, so this is my one and only time to binge.  One thing I can't do is watch This is Us on the mill like a ton of other runners.  I need to be able to feel all the feels in that one and running while ugly crying just doesn't work. 

Right now i am working through Ozark and then I think I will need some new suggestions on what to watch!

I also runfess that I am super excited that Coleman Electric will be moving out of my house/dining room table, and into a rental shop/office.  I am ready to get this show super organized and super efficient when it comes to the office work part of running the business. 

The fun of running your business from your dining room table
I guess I will be the official office manager and I look forward to learning this part of the business.  I have started doing payroll and working on the safety program aspect of the business, as well as helping my hubby organize a good filing system.  We are also getting a new snazzy billboard as drivers are driving into Wamego and I can't wait to see it!  I am so proud of my hubby for building this business up slowly and surely.  He is a super businessman and I am so happy that he is building a business that all of us can be a part of.

A few yellows, one orange OOOPS, but mostly greens :)
For my final runfession I will let you know that I am relieved.  Andrew seems to be catching up in all areas in school, just like I thought he would.  He is starting to read me one sentence per page books, and is starting to really get his sight word note cards.  While I tried not to worry, even when we had to have a parent teacher conference yet again, it was always in the back of my mind that maybe he wouldn't and we would have to repeat Kindergarten.  While I know it is better to repeat K than other grades, I was just dreading it as I feared he would be super bored with the repetition.  We are still up and down with behavior but overall he has more green days than any other color.  I think twice a week wrestling helps for sure!

Hope you had a great January! I am looking forward to February with a fun and hard trail run in KC.

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