Monday, January 8, 2018

Week 3 Training for Flint Hills 50 and Trail Marathon

Happy New Years y'all!!!!  Here is to the first week of training in 2018.  We are still in the throes of some pretty low temperatures, so the mill maybe where it is at yet again this week.  Expect random pics because I am either staring at a wall on the mill or too afraid to take my phone out in the cold.

Lucky new years dinner.  Ham, black eyed peas, and cornbread.  Just can't do the green stuff!
Monday:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We were complete party animals and barely made it to midnight, so Andrew and I slept in.  By slept in I mean we slept till 9 am, which in the olden days use to be "early" for me.  I laugh at how 4 am is normal now and not even truly early.  I will admit, getting back to a normal routine after this long break, thanks to Andrew being sick and then being out on break is going to be super hard!!!!!   Mel and I were hoping to get out Tuesday morning to hit the gravel for some repeats, but the wind chill advisory meant probably another week of treadmill runs for us.  I did decide since I had a plethora of time to go ahead and move my strength work out and my MYRTL to my rest day and make another day my rest day.  Felt good to be able to take my time, do the exercises right, and not rush.
Any time I do mat work, she is right on top of me.  Sigh.
Tuesday:  400 meter repeats.  As previously said, we had hoped to get out and pound some gravel, but the wind chill advisory and the fact that I woke up at 4 am with a puking head ache changed all of that.  My sinus's felt like someone was poking me with a hot ice pick from inside and the pressure was killing me.  I managed to keep some Advil down and get a few more minutes of sleep before Andrew woke up.   I waited till early afternoon to hit the mill and actually enjoyed doing my work out.  GASP.  Who am I????  I turned on Mind Hunter and actually had no issues completing the 6 or 7 miles (watch versus treadmill).  Again, I sound like a broken record, but my watch and mill were not jiving on the times.  I set the treadmill according to the paces coach wanted and that was not reflected in my watch times.  At this point, I had to let it go and just trust that I knew I was running the pace I was suppose to run.

Wednesday:  Last day of break! Since I worked out Monday, I took Wednesday as my official rest day.  Took little man to Widgets, our local play place for kids (and adults).  Think Chucky Cheese, but with a huge structure they can play on in the middle that is 10 bucks to play in.  I usually just bring a book and get a drink and sit in the cafe while he plays.

Daddy joined us for lunch and then played a few games and won a few tickets for Andrew in the process.  You can turn the tickets into the office for prizes, so Andrew had quite the haul after daddy scored 1000 tickets on one game.  

Where a kid can be a kid and an adult can be a kid too!

Thursday:  6 miles easy.  Feels like 6 out, but we headed out anyway.  No wind, so no wind chill, yet both of us were very cold from the start.  I wore my usual get up, breath thermo tights and shirt with my saucony jacket over, and my normal gloves with hot hands.  Oddly enough, both of us had cold spots,  with Mel and her hands and mine and my chest.  I am not sure what we did wrong, because no wind chill, but it ended up being not a pleasant run for either of us.  Post running I know both of us took a very long hot shower, in which neither of us could warm up.  On the other hand, the dogs seemed to have loved finally getting out after several days cooped up in the house, and had epic beard cicles that I didn't get a pic of.

Friday:  Strength and cross.  Cross didn't get done, but strength did, and I am so happy that I finally did 2 x strength in one week!  YES!

Saturday: Long run.  Hubby had to work, so I was prepared to possibly brave 2 or more hours on the mill.  Part of me was SUPER dreading doing a long run on the mill, but part of me was kind of like, well, it's warm, I have a bathroom a few steps a way, and fuel and water right at my finger tips.  I had had two runners want to go running with me, and I had to let them know I couldn't :( . Then my running partner's wonderful hubby said at the last minute he could baby sit for us, so we could get out together.  YES!  He is a runner too, so he understands how soul sucking a long run could be on the mill.  11 very cold but manageable miles. We had a nice stiff wind from the east that we managed to have at our faces on the way out and at our backs on the way back. Perfect!  We just talked, took our time, and had fun.  I only took Stella so we could have a girls run and got no pictures because I was double gloved. How many more days till spring???

Sunday:  5 miles with some strides.  Since Stella got the run Saturday, Deuce got the run Sunday.  I decided I was going to try and more accurately track the dog's mileage this year. I charged up my old Garmin 230 and attempted to attach it to Deuce's harness.  I have to figure out a better way to keep the watch on the harness and yet be able to change it out for the dog since they both have their own harnesses.  I am still not really sure how to create accounts for both of them since they use the same device.  Right now I am just recording everything in a spreadsheet.

As much as the dogs sprint back and forth, we were only at 0.07 a part.  Interesting.

Have a great week y'all!!!  I am looking forward to slightly warmer temps this coming week:) . 

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