Thursday, January 15, 2015

I want my routine back!

Do i ever miss this place!  
Getting back into a routine is so hard.  After two weeks of working little and being off due to thursday holidays and preschool being shut down and then adding to the chaos a week of being gone to San Diego, I am ready for some normal weeks!!!!  Other than last week, I have been getting my workouts done and venturing back into the world of cross training.  I had really hoped to get back to the pool this week and to start the kettle bell class at my local gym but late planes, dead car batteries, and recovery from whatever this stomach ailment is, has kept me from those things.  I did get to run Tuesday night, just some straight up time/miles and finally got the grocery store last night, so we could stop eating dry cereal (which honestly has been the only thing my tummy has wanted).  I am looking forward to a weekend of long runs and recovery runs and a new week of  solid routine.
Poor Andrew seems to be suffering the most.  While his schedule pretty much was back to normal last week, thanks to my mom being there, he seems to be suffering from some pretty major separation anxiety.  Any time he sees me put on a coat, he is putting on his coat, and if I manage to get out, he gets super panicked and cries till I come back.  He also does not want me to leave him at preschool in the morning so that has been a big ordeal every single morning this week.  I am hoping by next week that all things will calm down and we will ALL be back on a routine.

Just to end things, it has been a slow day in the lab.  The last few days were fraught with pouring over the newest protocols and catching up on emails to the clients, who of course post holidays all want to send their samples to me NOW.  I am kind of digging today, a day to take a deep breath and catch up.  I came across a few articles about three year olds that were SO funny that i had to share.  Andrew turns three in a few months and I am already seeing some of these actions on the horizons. Check out Three is More Terrible than Two and also Three Year Olds are A**Holes for a good laugh.   Andrew has really started talking in earnest lately and putting together some really impressive thoughts into sentences.  His tantrums and his volume of talking has also turned itself up a notch or two.  I think you really notice these things when you are gone for a period of time and come back.  While I was gone, he sidled up to my hubby while they were sitting down eating.  A side note, he no longer likes to eat in his high chair and wants to eat sitting next to you, he is a big boy of course.  He calmly walked over, grabbed my husband's roll off of his plate, started to walk off and then turned around with a pointed finger and told my husband to "finish eating his corn" in such a manner that everyone in the house was laughing.  Also last night, upon eating at the little sit down place at our grocery store, he learned the joys of sweet and sour sauce.  I usually get sweet and sour chicken and get the sauce on the side, as he enjoys just the chicken, and we can split a meal and save some money.  While watching me take my chicken pieces and dipping them into the sauce, he started imitating me and figured out he liked the way the sauce tastes (he is also suddenly into ketchup dipping as well).  Well, he was not happy just dipping the chicken, he wanted the sauce straight up and proceeded to drink the entire cup of sauce before I could even bat an eye.  Let's just say since I am pretty sure that sauce has a high sugar content, we had one jacked up 2 year old till about 11 pm last night.  Yeesh.  Let the year of the threenager begin!

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