Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stomach virus NOOOOOO

Well this is turning into an interesting weekend.  Got the call before 4 pm yesterday that andrew was throwing up.  A nasty 24 hour stomach virus had been going around the preschool, so I knew it was only a matter of time for him to come down with it.  He seemed okay by the time I got from manhattan to wamego, but definitely running a little bit of fever.  We took it easy and ate some crackers for dinner and drank some water.  Some time around 1:30 am andrew started getting restless.  His fever was up to almost 103, and he totally refused to take any medicine. I had tricked him earlier by adding it to his water, since he was chugging it like it was going out of style.  This time, he knew what was up, and refused to drink any water.  He seemed to settle back down after 30 or so minutes, so we though good, he will sleep it off.  Unfortunately, that was short lived as he started violently puking all over me, the bed, pillows and the poor dogs!  My hubby snatched him up and tried to make it to the bathroom, but round two started before he could get him there, and it got all over the carpet and the bathroom floor.  Kind of glad he wouldn't take the red medicine because that would have been icky and super hard to clean up.  I had immediately started stripping the bed and myself to get laundry started as I figured there would be more.  My hubby decided if he wouldn't take meds and couldn't keep them down, that they would take a nice cool bath, which worked great for his fever.  He dropped 2 degrees pretty quickly, and we got him back in bed and watching thomas.  I for whatever reason couldn't sleep and was wide awake till almost 4:30 am. I think that I was waiting for round three and or had some major adrenalin rush going on. I tried listening to podcasts to get sleepy again but that just woke my mind up even more. Andrew woke up around 8:30 am with a fever, but so far no more puking and the fever is pretty low grade.  It seems to be coming out the other end now, which is good and bad.  At least the diaper seems to catch most of it:)  Guess we will have to make a target run tomorrow as we have gone through a ton of pull ups today!
I had a long run scheduled for this morning.  I decided that postponing to this afternoon might be a better idea to try and get some sleep.  I don't like long running in the afternoon because it screws up my fueling, but the temperatures were actually super nice this afternoon and tomorrow is suppose be cooler and super windy (like 30 mph winds).  I would much rather do a recovery run and fight the wind versus the long run and fight the wind.
It actually wasn't too bad on me till i had to turn and head almost 3 miles into sustained 14 mph winds.  That took the winds out of my sails but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?
Thank goodness stella is like a barn sour horse.  Point her back towards home and she is all business.  Some times it's nice to let her just pull me along and let her do the work.
Glad that is over. Almost 7.5 miles and no pain!  Still being mindful of my ankle and will be icing it here shortly.  I actually ordered a new icing wrap from Dr. Cool.  Check out their website as they are having a big sale right now.  Also check out the review on Running With SD mom's blog site!  She is the reason why I bought mine.  I am so excited to have it and the flexibility of not being stuck in a chair while I ice.  I will let you know how it goes when I get mine.  

Have a great weekend!!!!

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