Thursday, January 1, 2015

Running by the numbers and Hello 2015

Happy New Years!!!!  This is how we spent new years.  Well, half of us that is. I can't believe we lasted till past midnight!  Most nights I am exhausted and ready to go to bed at 10.  
Little red skipped his nap so he was out by 6 pm.  Not sure if the fact that he got his flu shot yesterday had anything to do with it or not.  We were so proud of him, no crying or struggling.  Maybe it does get easier as they get older?  I was hoping he would be out for the night but that didn't happen.  He was wide awake at 9:30 pm till a little after 12 am.  
Everyone takes a bath with various thomas toys on new years around midnight right?
We rang in midnight doing Facetime with Grammy and Granddaddy.  Then we watched some Mater and hit the hay.  Party animals up in here!
I did have a couple of these. For a porter I thought it wasn't very full bodied, but still decent.  I don't regret buying a six pack of it, I guess.  It was a hard choice as they had the cranberry ginger shandy AND Blue moon has a new seasonal that has peach in it.  Next time my pretties:)
Now on to numbers.  I have seen so many cool posts about numbers and I am a number's geek so I just had to do one.  I promise this will be short and sweet!  I have been blown away by everyone's accomplishments and in the process, super proud of what I have accomplished as well.  Especially since I was told I shouldn't run ever and despite missing about a month of running, I am back.

Number of miles run this year=828

Biggest mileage month=100 miles in august

Number of races I did this year= 11 races
4 half marathons, 1 virutal half marathon, 1 trail 25 K,  2 10ks, 1 five mile trail race, a virtual 6 miler for 60 Feet (in support of STUFT mama and her 37 miles on her 37th birthday)and one trail 5 K with miss stella

Number of races I was suppose to do but couldn't because of this stupid injury=5 DNS (two trail 5 ks with miss stella, 2 halfs and an obstacle course race)

Half PR=PR in each half except Hospital Hill and finished the year with a half PR at 2:09:48 thanks to the most awesome pacer EVER.  I know I am super lucky to improve with each race and I totally understand that might not happen every race.

PR in the 10 K=with 59:08

PB= the Speedy PD course with a 1:01:24.  That is a hot beast of a course and I improved my time by over 3 minutes from last year.

No 5 K PR or PB.  Most of the 5 Ks I raced last year were on the same weekends as my bigger races in 2014.  Looks like that is going to be the same next year as well:(  I think that maybe that is just a sign from above and the 5 K isn't my favorite distance to race anyway.  For racing I think I like 10 Ks the best and then half marathons.  

So there you have it.  Some of my favorite numbers from the year.  I don't want to count up the days I didn't run because it makes me sad.  I did get one age group medal but it was such a tiny race that I don't count it.  I look forward to an epic year in 2015 and more importantly an injury free year!  

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