Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Goals/Resolutions for 2015

Been thinking long and hard about what my goals are for this coming year both running and in personal life.  Is it odd to say that I am pretty content in the direction that I am going?  No real big changes?
No this isn't from a meal we planned.  This is from our anniversary out but it is the only food picture I have on my phone:)
I like the fact that we are meal planning.  We have been for a few weeks now and I like controlling what we are eating.  We are cutting down on cost and on fatty fried foods.  We are getting one if not two veggies on our plate every night.  While it still isn't the healthiest of cooking, it is a huge step in the right direction and what our budget can handle right now.  I know the saying, the cost you save in the long run with healthy eating is worth the up front cost but I am pretty sure that was said by someone with a huge disposable budget.  I want to continue this trend and to continue to try new things and new recipes.

I like where I am going with running. I am for sure doing the Heartland series again and then more likely than not doing the Wicked, which is before that.  There is talk of a half in manhattan a few weeks after Running with the Cows (last race of the heartland series) and it is tempting.  Will definitely be a late call for sure.  I did four halfs last year and felt great but with this injury, I need to be careful, especially if I want to do a fall marathon, which I do.  I am adjusting to running for time versus mileage and am actually still hitting the mileage I would have been shooting for.  I am still doing some runs with walking breaks and I don't mind them at all.   We are just now starting to incorporate speed work back in and while I haven't actually missed it, I know I need it to get faster.  My time goals this year are a 2:05 for one of my halfs (to be determined) and to whittle away at my 5 K time (would like to be closer to 27 flat) and my 10 K time (would like to shoot for under 59 for the Brew to Shoe and under an hour for Speedy PD).  I am still not sure which fall marathon to do.  I am going to probably enter the lottery for Chicago and the Marine Corps Marathon and possibly New York.
I DO have to make sure I stay on top of my bio mechanics, so I don't re injure myself.  That includes everyday PT exercises along with some one on one time with Doug, the master of pain.  That also includes listening to my body and taking rest days when needed rather than pushing through the pain.  This injury has taught me so much and above all else, your body remembers, so don't freak out if you need to take some time off to heal.  While I did get on the bike and in the water fairly quickly after my diagnosis, I feel like I lost little to no fitness.  I also have been stressed the importance of warming up and cooling down.  SO many times I just head out because I am pressed for time.  Now I do a 5 minute brisk walk warm up and I am amazed at how easy it is to start my run from this warm up walk.  My body feels ready for running and my breath seems so much easier.  I don't feel like that normal fight I have with my body the first quarter to half a mile is there anymore.

I DO need to keep up my cross training.  One of the reasons I loved moving to 5 days a week running was to eliminate one cross training day (yeah I am naughty like that).  I have been really bad the past couple of weeks about not getting into the pool.  I need to make at least one day a week a pool day.  I like having it on monday as it works best with my work schedule.  Then I NEED to pick one more day and do SOMETHING else.  How many articles have a i read about cross training and its importance, yet I still skip it?  I have NO excuses.  I have a treadmill, a bike and trainer, a gym membership, and now a portable DVD player that I can pop my Barre DVD in and do upstairs.  Of anything I would like to change it is this.  DO MORE CROSS TRAINING and STICK WITH IT!

As far as family life goes, i am very happy.  My blogging is mainly done at work between experiments so that does not interfere.  I would like to get back to dog training and showing, but not until our finances settle down.  I thought we had everything under control, and we do but we keep having little blips that derail us slightly.  Like the fact that my brother in law's car exploded and he needed to use one of our vehicles to get to work and keep his job.  Like my hubby's weird eye infection that lasted for months and required twice a week visits to the  eye doctor's office and a second opinion with a specialist.  The good news is, Deuce's allergies seem pretty much under control now,  but we still are having to keep him on a limited ingredient diet, which is a bit costly.  He is my baby and I want him to be comfortable, so whatever it takes is what we will do.  I have really enjoyed having both him and stella on my runs and hope to continue bringing both when the mileage and speed is comfortable for deuce.

If I have to make resolutions, there would be three.  Number one, more cross training.  Number two, I would like for all of us to unplug more.  I am addicted to my phone, yes I admit it, and carry it everywhere I go.  My hubby has gotten into Clash of clans so now his phone or ipad is always nearby or in his hand.  I really don't want to teach andrew that this is how life is,  always plugged in, always in the know and always with a screen in your face.  That will probably be my most important resolution this year, to have phone/computer free time in the house so that our son doesn't start acting the very way we do with technology.  Number three would be to re connect with my dog friends.  It isn't that I have lost them, but I sure am not doing a good job in keeping touch with them since I am not showing.  I need to make more of an effort to pick up the phone and call rather than just liking FB posts or commenting on pictures.  I really, really miss them and the fun we use to have.  I would like to think we can stay connected, even if I don't show very much, as I am still a dog lover and a big fan of the sport of dog agility.

So there you have it, my goals and resolutions for the new year.  I am going to participate in the I Run This Year campaign for 2015 and I am going to make my goal 1000 miles again, even though I was short this year.  I really feel like if I hadn't been injured that I would have met my goal.  One whole month of no running really didn't help.  Happy New year everyone!!!!  Here is to a kick ass 2015!

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