Sunday, December 7, 2014

Santa Visit 2014

We had our second ever Santa visit yesterday.  I don't know if you read about last year's visit but go here to check it out.  Just to catch you up, the Local Union 226 brings in the most awesome Santa EVER to the union hall where the kids can take their time warming up to him.  Not only is he the best (not scary, not over dressed), he has cool stuff like a pocket watch and this year a cool book.  The kids are not rushed at all to see him and can play around him as long as they want.  This is such a huge advantage, especially for kids like Andrew, who don't really like sitting in stranger's laps.  I am happy to say that after about an hour of watching other kids sit on his lap (that were of course older), he finally ventured up and helped santa put an ornament on the tree and read a book with him (from a distance of course).
He walked in like he knew the drill.  I thought we were going to have success and cute pictures this year!
This was our first attempt.  He clung to me like a spider monkey.

We tried the pocket watch again and that wasn't cool enough this year either.

This was the extent of our progress BUT he went up on the stage by himself to help santa and read with him so I call this a success.

Afterwards we got to pick out a toy and eat a cookie.  That was a big hit of course.

They have a ramp for wheelchairs that is perfect for launching cars down and then running up and down.
We left with one exhausted and happy boy!  Maybe 2015 will be the year he finally gets brave enough to sit on his lap!

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