Friday, December 19, 2014

A little bit of christmas and snow!

I got super lucky.  The fever stayed around for four days and I only missed one day of work total (worked one day with a sick worker, don't come in sign on my door).  Unfortunately, my hubby is now sick, but with totally different symptoms, so I don't think i was the culprit.  I have been taking a class a few days now over essential oils.  I bought a kit this summer, but then just kind of got lost and couldn't figure out how to use them.  I get really caught up in how much and how often, so I was kind of worried about using them and just didn't.  The class has really brought a ton to light, and I am forming a strategy on how to use them in our every day life.  I HATE using drugs for anything so EOs really fit into my life so well.  I have been utilizing alternative medicines for years on my dogs so it is time to use them for my family as well.  We will be a sickness free household this winter!!!!
I am really glad this little guy hasn't gotten sick too.  He has had a very busy week at daycare including his first performance. He was really thrilled about the whole thing.
But he did go up there and stay up there.  
I think the lights and crowd kind of freaked him out.  He never did a have a full out meltdown but we got some pretty funny shots of his facial expressions.  One of the kiddos didn't even go up to the stage and one cried I want my mommy pretty much the whole time, so it wasn't just him.  
After watching the other classes do their thing, all of the classes went back up to do a final song together.  He went back up willingly and although he didn't sing, I think he got over his stage fright.  
We also got a snow day this week.  We had about 3 inches dumped on us and I think both cities really didn't get after the roads very aggressively.  Now that andrew is in daycare at a school, they close when the schools close, so I had to stay home.  Use to I just stayed home because I was a huge winter weather driving wuss.  Now I have a valid excuse:)
We made edible snow men.  Yes, that is my one and only attempt at being a Pintrest mom.
I also got to hop on my very unused and dusty dreadmill.  I figured while Andrew was sleeping that I would get it out of the way.  I would MUCH prefer to get outside.  This was my second run of the week.  Just a few more weeks of unstructured running and then Coach Jenny and I are starting up the real training.  My leg seems to be cooperating well and I am getting about 12-15 miles a week.  I am looking forward to training again!
Then this happened today.  Why in the heck does he like this santa over the other one we saw at the union hall?  Who knows.  They work miracles at the preschool for sure.  The report I got was no tears at all and he willingly sat in his lap.  Go figure.  
Well, looking forward to some weekend running.  Stella was pretty mad that I ran on the treadmill versus us going outside.  This is her HOW DARE YOU face.  Hopefully will get some snow pictures if it sticks around.  It was a very pretty snow, very wet and clingy and perfect for snow men making!  

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