Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014 Part two

Whew, part one done, on to part two!  Christmas morning dawned with some certain little red head not wanting to get up.
Santa had brought an awesome train table complete with all of the cool track and stuff.  Let's just say that Andrew played 13 hours straight with minimal eating and NO napping.
I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my mom, er Santa for finding this steal of deal in TN and for carting it out to Kansas and for Uncle Cayce for letting us store it in his storage shed.  
Uncle Cayce's RC car was a huge hit as well.  Little red is learning to drive it but mainly likes to chase the dogs with it.  The dogs were not impressed.
Both Grandmas hit a home run with the clothes they bought him.  He will be fashionable for some time in his batman, thomas, spiderman, spongbob, mickey, and ninja turtle gear!
He takes after me when it comes to picking up and cleaning up.  I will have a bag ready during the opening of the presents.  This year, he did all the cleaning up himself.  Thanks to the preschool for teaching him the pick up/clean up song.  It comes in handy!
Christmas was a huge hit all around. Both Grandmas found the perfect presents and Santa was spot on with the stocking stuffers.  We got some new Lodge cook wear and i got some yaktraxs to try out and a new running skirt for this spring.  The best part of the day and this week has been just being with family.  While I miss my family, it is really really nice to be with Tony's family.  I even have gotten two runs in this week despite the 20 mph southern wind yesterday.  I am looking forward to two more runs this weekend, one of 60 minutes of running and hopefully 6 miles in that 60 minutes:)  I also am ready for some time with my running buddy.  Our schedules haven't meshed the past few weeks so looking forward to some running buddy therapy!  

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

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