Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I am excited that this week I get to almost run a full mile up to three miles (0.75 running with 0.25 walking)!  My legs feel great and the aches and pains have minimized due to me running in compression socks.  I am still working on my PT exercises and going to two sessions a week.  Some of the exercises are going to be for life and I am good with that. They are easy to sneak in to a work day when I have down time with my experiments.
We continue to get a couple of days here and there of nice weather.  It's mean to tease mother nature but I will take it.  We not only got the yard finally raked (after a couple of inches of snow fall mind you), but I got to run in shorts and a t shirt!  We also got a nice long play date in the park with Andrew's newest train crazy friend.  
I wish this weather would stay but I am a realist.  It won't.  I love running in snow so I am ready for it but I hate running on ice.  I still need to invest in boots for miss stella and possibly some better footwear for me for ice.  I have seen some good reviews on some new products other than just YakTracs, so looking into those as well.  I am trying to keep a pretty tight budget these days that will probably carry on into the new year for a few months while we get through some things.  I am glad that we are doing well with our meal planning and grocery budget as well as our target budget for all other items we need.  Budgeting is kind of fun for type As like me.  It's all about controlling all the things:)

I am working on a post about my new running coach so stayed tuned!  I am so excited to have her in my life and help her start her business.  Have a great week!

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