Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving day

What a day!  I am so blessed to have a fabulous cook in my family who prides himself on making the holidays a culinary treat!  I am also excited that andrew is showing major interest in cooking as well.  Last night he was trying to show me how he "cooks" oranges.  This year we decided to do something different.  Even though we had an extra person (who can put away some major food), we decided to stay on budget, to cook less and to try baked turkey vesus fried turkey.
 I am honest, I am not a turkey fan very much at all, especially baked so this was a hard decision to make for me.  Last year we bought a smoked turkey and it was okay, so I was interested to see what baking might mean.  Well, baking meant that my hubby had to cook most everything last night and finish today with very limited room in the oven meaning we had thanksgiving dinner around 2 pm.  As usual, it was perfect and yummy and even though I tried to eat smaller portions, I still over ate.  I am still pretty full (it's 7 pm as I type this), so maybe that will mean we won't be hungry for dinner.  Heck we didn't even eat our dessert today so maybe dessert for dinner?
Then this happened.  Everyone and I mean everyone including the dogs passed out and took a long nap.  I kind of enjoyed just laying around and binge watching Orange is the New Black on my phone with headphones on, of course:).
I was super glad I did my mileage early in the day before motivation was lost.  It was cold but beautiful and I savored every mile.  Still running/walking per my PT's instructions.  I am now up to running half a mile and walking half a mile, rinse and repeat for four miles.  I am looking forward to what next week might be.  Solid running sounds like a possibility.  I did go in and get work done on my leg wednesday.  I had pain during my run tuesday and it kind of scared me yet again. I don't know if I can buy into this whole, once you have had an injury you will always have pain bit. I have pain in the parts of my legs that are being used that haven't been used before but I am still having pains in old places.  I am still trying not to over think it but it still bothers me.  I have taken it easy for over 8 weeks now, yet i know with dogs, soft tissue injuries are a bear.  I have been utilizing biofreeze and compression socks like no one's business.  I am trying to just deal with each pain and not freak out but as my PT says, I am a control freak and type A to the max so any kink in the plan throws me off.  
This was our post turkey trot four mile picture attempt.  They were too excited to sit still for very long so all of the pics were blurry!
Now, I need to talk about what I am thankful for.  For sure, my PT for putting up with me and my freak outs.  My mom for buying andrew's santa stuff (she got a GREAT deal on a train table in TN) and driving all the way to KS to deliver it.  My BIL and hubby for cooking all night last night and today and my hubby for cooking and taking care of us EVERY DAY.  Also my hubby for putting up with me going to PT twice a week at night and still letting me run and listening to my whining when I can't:).  And of course again to my BIL for baby sitting so the hubs and I can go on some dates and enjoy time alone.  I am thankful for FB so I can keep up with all of the Gordons, the Days,  and the Colemans, since we are so far away from our families.  I also have to say thanks to my Savior and Lord who provides for us everyday.  Even though I tend to freak out about the pile of medical bills that keep coming, I am very thankful that he always provides for us no matter how bad it gets.  I need to remember to trust in him, he has always gotten us through everything else and this is nothing.  Of course I would be remiss to not say a HUGE thanks to my running and dog friends who are always there for me.  My BRF is always there to listen to me and give me some good therapy and I am really looking forward to some long runs in the near future with her so we can get it all out.  I am also super thankful that other than deuce's odd allergy issues that we are still baffled about, that my dogs are healthy and alive and making my life interesting every single day.  I am also very thankful for my sweet little crazy red headed two legger that makes every day an adventure, sometimes challenging, but always full of blessings and of course exhausting LOL.  
I leave you with this.  I call this snow geese, please don't poop on my head!  The video really doesn't do the sheer number of them justice.  I am kind of like the double rainbow guy when it comes to cool nature stuff.  I tried to keep my calm.  I did however skype my stepdad so he could see them and he was freaking out too at how many and the noise they were making.

Okay time for apple pie.  Hope you had a great turkey day and that your life is full of blessings.  Have fun black friday if that is your thing and talk to you later!


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