Friday, November 7, 2014

A long odd week

It's been an odd week so let's re-cap.  I was suppose to have another PT session on monday but my kiddo was sick and he had given it to me.  Not anything bad, just a little cold, but I knew it was highly contagious and did not want to give it to my PT guy.   He got better, thankfully by monday so he could go to school, but I was sick sunday and monday.
I decided to take sunday and monday off from any work out activities to get better. If I have learned anything from running, I have learned that when you are sick, give yourself time to heal instead of killing your self running and working out hard.  I did get back to it on tuesday and have done two water work outs this week so far and had planned at least one more but oh well, life.   One was one of my killer interval sessions with my student and then a nice pace run  (I guess you could call it that) while talking to the older gentlemen who come every day and water jog while I am there.  I learned that one of the guys has been water jogging for 25 years!  He jogs for an hour a day every day with one of his friends (he was a retired professor and the other gentleman still teaches) and loves it.   He was a former runner who had to give up running on the road thanks to arthritis.  We had a ton of fun getting to know each other while we water jogged together.  His partner kind of swim/runs, but he has perfect form and just zooms around the pool and sets a blazing pace.  After about 45 minutes with these guys, I was one tired lady!
We had our annual safety run at the local running store to celebrate runner safety month.  They gave out free kick butt florescent shirts and raffled a ton of cool prizes.  It was funny, I got a ticket when I came in for the raffle and then lost it.  I got another one to replace the one i lost and then found the one I thought I lost so gave one of my tickets to another runner.  She won, I didn't LOL.  I was good and just walked probably a mile total out and back while everyone else ran a three mile loop.  They had a huge turn out and everyone had fun.  Afterwards I headed to my favorite place, Chik Fil A with another runner and had some yummy dinner and great conversation.  I just LOVE my running friends:)

I  have walked twice (not counting the safety run), getting a 4 and a 3 mile walk in (my phone died both times so recorded less than that).  My BRF is walking with me at nights and we get to catch up on everything.  This weekend is the Muddy Udder Run and we were going to be on a team.  Now I will just have to cheer on the ladies from a far.  My PT guy was very leery of obstacles, even if they are man made, and of course the whole idea of 5 miles of running.  From what I have heard, most obstacle runs are run and wait and run and wait, but I will follow his lead and sit yet another race out.  Sigh.
This may be one race where I get my friends to pick up my shirt.  It is just TOO cute to not get!
Then this happened.  The viral stuff reared it's head again and round two was much worse.  When we picked him up from school on Wednesday, they said he was coughing and felt a little hot.  I had another PT session, so had to go back to town and leave him with his daddy.  I knew we were in trouble when got home at 8:30 and he was already asleep.  We didn't wake him to try and get meds in and at 2 am he was up with a 102.7 fever.  We got meds on board and it took about an hour with the assistance of some ice water, Popsicles and ice packs to get his fever down.  Then we had to watch Clifford for another hour and finally were back to sleep by around 4 am.  Poor  hubs had to go to work and I stayed home on sick duty.  Round two not only had high fevers but it had coughing.  The fevers didn't bother me but the coughing did.  I made an appointment to see our pediatrician knowing that it was more than likely viral and there was nothing they could do, but i wanted the cough to be checked out.  His chest sounded good and his throat and ears were also good so at least I got piece of mind.  He slept better last night and other than the coughing, seems fever free today.
He was all smiles at the doctor until he spiked a fever and started feeling awful again. Poor guy!  He has been out of daycare for two days now and I am hoping he gets to feeling better soon.  

Now on to the good news.  I got re-tested at the PT this week and all the resistance band work is paying off!  My legs are now balanced (remember my right one was about 3 times as strong), so we can start working on other things.  I am going to continue the band work in a balanced fashion(equal exercises on both sides) and work on increasing the reps and the resistance band resistance.  I am excited to be moving in the right direction.  All of the exercises that have been uncomfortable and awkward are becoming easy and comfortable.  This makes me and my PT happy:)  I have been released to run a quarter of a mile a day during my three mile walks.  We will re-evaluate on monday.  It also appears my hammies are getting stronger too and I have upped the weight on those exercises as well.  We are moving in the right direction, just slow.  I am ready to run more, yet still scared of screwing up and causing injury again.  I am not signed up for any races in december and I am going to keep it that way.  I am signed up for spring races, so I need to keep my eye on that.  I want to do the Heartland Series three years in a row for sure and that needs to be my goal.  I will miss the obstacle race this weekend and the next half.  The 5 k will be questionable.  I am not sure I will be up to running that far yet, if I am only on a quarter of a mile now.  That isn't important anyway to me.  To be healthy is important and to run this spring is important.  
And to have this little boy well again.  He has been puking as I have been working on this post:(.   Stupid virus!

 Have a good weekend all and have some good long runs for me!


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